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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by trickblue, Nov 13, 2006.

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    Staubach with Norm on The Ticket:
    • I see someone with ability. Someone who gets the ball out quickly.
    • He makes good decisions and knows where his WR are on thefield. He converts third downs. That is very important in this league.
    • He has moxie and I think he will be a good QB in this league. (yes he actually said "Moxie")
    • He got down in the Carolina game and it didn't bother him. He stayed cool and methodically brought the team back. That is an important trait in the NFL.
    • His team mates have great confidence in him. I don't really know him well, I've met him a couple of times, but his team mates speak very highly of him.
    • Owens seems to like Romo and that's good. I saw him sitting and talking with him on the sideline yesterday. It's well-known he doesn't normally like QB's so this is a good sign.
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    I just love all this ROMO talk........we just saved our draft pick for a can go to the best player available
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    crazy cowboy great point but we cannot pick the bpa it has to go to a tackle either right or left.
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    And we ALL know those draft pick QBs are never a sure thing, not to mention they take a couple years as well. Romo vaults this franchise ahead years!!
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    ...unless the best player available is a QB

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