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    Can someone please post the link(s) for viewing/listening to today's press conference on-line?


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    Theogt Recap

    JJ: First off, welcome to Oxnar. Another year for TC and as always we appreciate and have respect for you and who you represent. We want to continue and hopefully get better at helping you cover our team and get your job done. Tex Schram did a good on me, emphasizing the media and we appreciate you being here. We go to quite an extent to have you here. I'd like to ask Steven to give us an update. We've got some issues regarding timing.

    SJ: We've had 8 draft picks. Hopefully we can get those finished up signing before practice.

    - Will those guys be doing conditiongin[skipping]

    There shouldn't be any problem. We should get finished up with signing before practice.

    JJ: I know I've been accused of being too optimistic, and that's pretty accurate, but heading into this camp, this is a good time to be a fan of the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL. I'd like to share why. It's football season and fans are excited about this time of year. Football has become part of the culture of this country. I'm particularly encourage with DC; the mix of vets; and our cap situation--relative to other teams our cap situation puts us in a good position (no "credit-carding"). It's a great time to be an NFL fan. Out new commissioner search, which I cannot say a lot about; we are in the last days of that search and will find one within the next couple of weeks. We have some really top quality people that have shown interest, as well as people from inside the league. It will create some energy and is a historical moment for the NFL. We have benefited as fans and as clubs from an outstanding job by Paul Tagliabue. We have ever reason to strive for that in the new commish. It's a great time to be in the NFL. We're going to some games on the NFL Network. It's a credit to not only the fans' interest in the games, but a credit to the networks, satellite, and cable that we've added this to the mix. I'm particular pleased with the plans for the NFL network; it has the ability to have a special place with the fans. I'm pleased with the ticket.

    The NFL East is the most competitive and colorful division in the NFL. Reminds me of 1989. Our Hall of Fame; hats off to Aikman and Wright. What a time of pride for this organization. It's going to be exciting to see this organization represented. Can't help but look forward to 2009 with the new stadium. We want it to be the best. We have an outstanding team; Steven is QBing that team. That process reflects everythign we've come to learn over the past 18 years. We're grateful for what the community has done for the Cowboys. It never ceases to amaze me to see all this interest and fired up fans.

    One of the biggest reasons I'm excited is BP; his energy level, his leadership, his continuity. All of this has me fired up with what we have a chance to do. My theme is that its time to quit talking and go to the field and see what happens. THose are the things that have me uniquely exicted at this time to be out TC today. I'm not going to take questions now but I'll hand it over to BP.

    BP: Tremendous support from the organization and I look forward to the season as much as I've looked forward to anythingg in a long time. We'll see where we are pretty quickly. Everything is pointed toward that first game in Jacksonville.


    We're goingg to see what happen.

    BP: Most of yo uknow I've warned my players. This is the 2nd time he's had misfortune. ..... I think its a good thing to avoid situations that can result in something like that. I encourage all players to avoid that. He's pretty fortunate to ahve gotten away with that a second time.


    I don't know anything about what the police have said. You may have a more recent statement. I've been out here so I don't know. We're certain he's been on the victim side. He'll be able to participate. I don't know that he was at fault for anything, do you?
    Well I don't know that for a fact, but what I've been told is that he's been the victim in this case. I've had a couple players play with bullets in them.
    Well, uhm.

    What's your impression of him so far in mini-camp?
    You can see the talent. He's got some things he can improve. His big challenge now is learning the system. It's different than what he's been in.

    Have you read his book?
    No I haven't.

    There's been speculation that you weren't involved in bringing TO in? Can you elaborate?
    I've already covered this.

    How will you change your offensive philo?
    Only a fool would not use the talent you have. If you mean are we going to change to the west coast offense. [skipping] we could maybe take advantage of, but I think you would do that with every player.


    one position in the secondary. We're going to ahve some transition in the LB spots. You don't knwo whats going to happen in the course of camp that will cause you problems.

    Bill you said that youre more excited now than ever, why?
    I've got a good class of kids. Each year we've improved that; the talent level and quality of persons here. That's important to me as a coach. I look forward to that. When you get a good taletned player it inspires you to coach better. We have several of those now that are starting to become bona fide players in the league. Some of these guys have a good ceiling and haven't gotten there.

    How close do you think you've got the roster to where you want it?
    i think pretyt close. The quality in our division is pretty good. There's people on the other sid that know what they're doing. I have a good deal of respect for those guys. We have some good quality division to play. AFC and NFC south. We've got a lot of early games on the road. that's tough, we gotta be read.

    Back to Ellis, he's stated publicly that he's not happy, how do you deal with that?
    The league is full of those guys, but really it just comes down to whether you want to do your job or not and I'm certina he does.

    You've said that every year you stop and take stock, did you consider retirement?
    No, when the season was over I asked Jerry for a few days. YOu just need a little time to get yourself removed when you're doing things in an emotional state. I just asked for a few days to think it over. I like it here; he's been supportive. He's done everythin ghe can to get us winning. and I really do want to help him do that. I don't know if I can, but I'll try.

    Woudl you be here now without that extension?
    Yes, I told him I would without it.

    When will you know its time to retire?
    When I don't look forward to the process. hey I'm; I've told a couple people that at age 50 there was a period of time that I wondered if this was all I was going to do all life. I had a health issue that woke me up a little bit, and you know theres other things I wanna do. Once you get through that (and I am) you get to know you're close to the end, chronologically. It gets a little more precious to you; this is my life's work and its something I've enjoyed doing. Longeviity is not a common thing and I've been fortunate. It sounds corny but thats the way it is. I do look forward to it now. When you don't have the energy is when...I've been fortunate financially and I'm fortunate to make those questions.

    Have you made the decision to come back next year? is the time of year that you keep the blinders on. You just pay attention to whats going on now. Pay attention to those 53 guys.

    You ahve had other high maintenance players in you past; what's the secret?
    I've not had succes. I would say that all of the players you're referring to: they respond to competition. If they don't respond to competition I don't do well with them. But those guys, once you show them competition, most of them respond favorably. They try to help you as a coach. That's really the only thing it was every about. Lawrence, show him where it was and he would go for it. I always had that with him and he would respond.

    Do you treat him the same or purposely different?
    I try to treat them all differently. I get to tknow them and talkto them. If I treated them liek lawrence they would go into a shell. Some don't respond, so you have to figure out what's what.

    What does TO respond to?
    Well, I hope he responsds to copmetition. I think he does. I hope he does.

    Have you had that chat with him?
    No. I've tried to communicate with, but we haven't been around each other a lot.

    Is he a guy that seems lik eh'ell need a little bit?
    I hope.

    After the money commitment and your eternal optimisms is there a point of success?
    JJ: Yes, we want to getot the playoffs and have a chance to get to compete. No that wouldn't be enough. Certainly its obvious that the decisions would indicate that we are trying to be very competititve this year. We're trying to respond to competition. DOing with any tools that I can bring we're trying to do that.

    Do you think this team needs to win a playoff game to have success?
    BP: This time of year is not the time to be talking about that. I don't know whats going to happen between now and Oct. 1. My job is to get the team to play to its potential. If that happens we'llb e successful.

    Are your expectation higher now than before?
    There are teams that have expectations. Its the ones that pay the price to achieve that have succes. Every coach has to find that out about his team. Talking about it in July is really not important. We want to do something positive and go forward, but we'll see.

    Because of the signings, you've talked about time running out, do you feel pressure?
    You feel pressure all the time. There's not one coach that doesn't feel the pressure; I don't care if you one the super bowl an hour ago.

    You say this isn't the time to talk about it; is that to us or the team?
    I said this morning, I don't care how many lemons you got or the quality, you have to make the lemonade.

    Have you ever talked to them about stuff down the road; longterm?
    I've only had time to talk about camp policy. When we're wearing pads, etc.

    Veteran players who were leaders positively are not back, who do you expect to be leaders?
    I don't expect anybody. That develops as you go. We've got some young players that are starting to take leadership roles. We've lost guys that I rely on for that, but somebody's gotta do it. The players figure that out.

    Who are the young ugys?
    Newman, James, Williams, and some other guy.

    TO has been targeting Oct. 8, does that concern you at all?
    JJ: I know his focus has been retaining as much as BIll has said this morning. His focus will be on what he does right out here. In genearl I've never though much of what a player says and how it affects the influence the outcome of a game.

    A lot of people are concerned with the OL?
    BP: THe OL is a vital part of any football team. THe ability of that group translates to other areas of the team. If we're not good there, we're not a good team.

    I felt like that cost us 3 games last year, so that's very important. We should be stronger there. Our punter will be better. Our snapper wlil be better.

    Drew, can you put more on him?
    I think we have to direct drew properly, not let it get too helter-skelter for him. We'll try to do everything to play within what he does well.

    From an owners perspective, how has fantasy affected the league?
    JJ: It benefits interaction and benefits interest in teams around the league. It creates a focus on who is on the field. Every study we do is that FF is a real plus to the NFL. No, I've never had a team, but I've consulted with members of the family.

    How do you see the coaching as an ongoing process, what's going to be different about this camp?
    BP: I think we're going to have more firepower and more depth in skill positions. We're goin to have more than we had.

    That involves depth. You have to have more than one runner.

    More firepower, do you look at the league and how big plays win games?
    I look at the champs of the league and they were the teams that threw the fewest passes. This league doesn't change that much. There's more spread, and that creates more excitement and ability for you QB. We'll have more firepower.

    cowboyjoe recap

    Stephen Jones said had some details to work out to get to NFL before Carpenter and Watkins and Green could play.
    Jerry said Tex Schramn told him treat fans and media with ease, and good conduct because of fan base.

    Jerry talked about high profile,, new commissioner search, cant talk about in last days to elect new commissiiner in next couple of weeks. Qualified people in search and among nominees, while Tagibleu was outstanding guy with skill. Great time to be in NFL with NFL network, they are going to have a 8 game package with NFL at end of year last 8 games.

    Particullary pleased with plans for NFL network, have special place with fans and excited about our flag ship station. IN 17 years Ive been in NFL, we can mazimize our presentation. Our pro football hall of fame about a week away with hats off to Rayfield Wright and Troy Aikman to them and our fans with them reprsenting us in hall of fame, with players that built the league.

    LOOKING to our new statium in 2009, with outstanding team like Stephen Jones leading that team effort for stadium with our staff and our fan base.
    Great to be back in Oxnard, never ceases to see all these fan interest.

    Landed in Detroit, while a music producer fan wanted to meet Bill Parcells, so he could meet him in Los Angeles, he told him he would arrange the meeting for dinner.

    I am pleased with Bill Parcells, with our draft, our business with what we have a chance to do, and time to quit talking and go to field and see what happens out on the football field. Not going to take questions, now to bill.

    Bill says i appreciate Jerry, stephen and staff, couldnt ask for anything else and look forward to season, as much as i have looked forward to in a long time towards what we are getting ready for our first game with Jacksonville.

    someone asked something, dale, couldnt hear ticket cut in, enjoyed ride to dallas with plane ride with to i think.

    signing of to with top 10, dale question.
    reflection to see what happens on field to warrant enthusiam.

    davis question, bill says ive warned my players, but bill says seems like he was a victim, but he said his father said its not your fault, but you were there. I think he was fortunate to get away with that 2nd time.

    question about police lie what davis said, bill says he hasnt heard, compared to what police said, but we in nfl security office think he is a victim. He is in process to play,

    question about discipline, about police saying he lied, bill says he was told he was the victin in this case.

    take on greg ellis about complaining on his situation
    bill says players get unhappy with their situation, we dont have to do anything, he is going to have to play here or retire, thats his 2 choices.

    to history, bill says ive seen some things, each year some things different but my approach with players is to tell them what i want and go with what i see. thats in case with some players that were problmatic, and in my case its been a good approach,, has worked out for some, but not all.

    Ive seen his skill level, and learn within the system, not basic offense he has played, so he has mental challenge to learn main thing. ive havent read his book.

    specualtion that youdidnt give full scale endorsement to to, ive said, i have always been in aggreance with jerry jones and staff, we work out what we think and go from there in aggreance something like that

    i had to put a sticker on and lost about 5 miinutes talking

    greg ellis not happy, how to deal with that, it just comes downto whether you want to do your job or not, im sure he will do his job

    before u signed your contract extension, to see where u were, were u thinking about retirement. No, at last game, you need a little time to get your self away from game and thinking, i like it here, and jerry has been supportive to get us winning and stadium to help the cowboys to win, i dont know if i an or not, but i want to do that. i told jerry he didnt have to do that contract extensioin.

    when will u know its time to retire, when i dont look forward to doing the process, at one time certain age about late 50's health issue, when i got through that, u realzie your close to the end, and you get more precious to you since its my life work and to see if thats what i want to do, and longetivity, is not common thing in nfl, so when u get near end, each season, like had discussion with my friend dan henning, it gets more precious to you, when u know its time to go or results dictate that, or financial decision

    are u coming back next year, for next 5 weeks, you just try to keep blinders on, not pay attention to outside the team, but get right 53 guys on the team, the right 53 as oopposed to most talented.

    players like high maintenance like to, no i have had not success with them, no, they had one common trait, competition, if a pl;ayer doesnt respond to competition, then i have a serious serious problem with them. if they do respond i try to help them like lawrence taylor, then i showed him here it is your going to get your butt kicked if you dont play

    i try to play all players the same, some kids if i treated like i did with lawrence that would drive them in a shell, so u have to figure out whats what or what buttons to push, to challenge them

    chat with to, no i havent talked orr said to him, ive tried to communicate wtih him, but we havent been aroudn each other much, i would hope i can needle him

    money, and success, question to jerry, yes, we want to get to playoffs and compete, no no, that wouldnt be enough for something question

    way were structured, its obvious what we the decisions not what we said, but decisions show you were trying to be competitive, yes i have high expectations

    need to win playoff game to be there
    no, i dont think we need to state that this early in the season, my job is to get them to play their best, if it goes that way

    higher expectations this year, then before; all teams have expectations, if someone wants to pay the price to achieve them then they will, so each coach has to find that about their team and players, we alll want to go further then we have

    siignings time running out pressure for u bill than 50; when your a head coach, you always feel pressure, i know ive been there u feel it whether you just won superbowl, yougot to still make the lemonade, i will talk to them as i go, havent had time yet with them but what to do for treatment, exercises, working camp, exercises, etc.

    veteran players who were leaders in locker room not back with you, whom do u expect; i dont expect anyone that goes as you play, weve got some young players now i think will do it, someone has got to do it, players have to do that

    i think ive got some young guys on defense james, williams, linemen in 2nd year, newman, example

    jerry jones, his focus is on retaining as much, my guess is, his focus is what he does out here, in general ive never thought what a player says or doesnt say, i think their talking about to but not sure, the book

    bill play of offensive line, its vital, it will transcend to other team and toughens up defense, if were nto good there we wont be a good team

    kicker, i thought get a good kicker since it cost us 3 games last year, our punter is going to be better and our snapper he was a rookie

    approach well i think that we direct drew properly, not too helter skelter, do everything to play what he does well

    fantasy football to jerry jones, ;yes interraction to game and our teams and players to some degree from the interest in teams around, focus on whose on fiield, its a positive, every stats we see is fantasy real plus for nfl

    ive consulted with 3-4 members of my family and drafting parties, ive had some succes, ive game them some hot tips on julius jones, laughing

    league, changes, whats be different this year, more firepower bill says then last season, more depth in skill people, than just to, yeah more than we had, inclucing julius with barber, youve to to have depth

    league is going question? big plays win most of games, yeah u know, i look at champions team that threw fewest passes, this game doesnt change that much, but spread out team does but have mroe firepower and can make bst of that,

    thats the end hope u guys like, best i could do
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    What time exactly is the PC?
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    Noon Pacific.
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    It'll prolly be live on it should be at 3est.
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    Someone please post a recap of the PC. I don't get streaming anymore since my workplace put a block to it.
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    If you want to get around your company block use http port 80 in Media Player.

    In Media Player go into Tools | Options | Network | Uncheck everything except HTTP

    No company blocks port 80 (Internet Browsing) and very few companies know how to truly disable streaming :)
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    I am not saying don't do it, just saying know your IT policy first.
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    And we have such good posters who contribute to recapping the PCs, that I know I'll get enough info that will hold me until I get home.
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    Nope it is open by default.
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    Is anyone getting any audio from any source for the upcoming press conference?
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    They'll be playing it on the Ticket live in 8 minutes. Ticket is coming in fine online for me.
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    I'll work on one. I'm sure several others will as well.
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