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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Bleu Star, Dec 3, 2006.

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    I thought that false start was going to come back to haunt us. we were going to go for a td before we hit that false start.

    (speaking of romo) he didn't have his best day but he got us down the field when it counted.

    (speaking in the 3rd person) this is a very important place in bill parcell's life. most of the great memories i have are centered in this place. the cowboys are adding to them. i want to credit the giant they really showed a lotta guts today.

    (on gramatica) 1st game back in the league. that kick.. you can't get more pressure than that. i told him he's making me look good.

    (on gramatica's miss) i just told him. just relax. i thought he just chunked it a bit. he had been hitting all of them in practice.

    (on the giants last drive that ended in a FG to tie) we didn't do well on that last drive. we didn't tackle well. fortunately they scored fast enough to give us a chance to come back.

    you can't play this league without being able to rely on your kicker. it's a crucial part of the game. that kick right there gets him on the team for sure. nobody's worrying about it. i'm very pleased.

    it was a good kick. a clutch kick. now if you'll just let me and my guys get out of here...

    it could have gone either way this game. we did have two drives in the last 5 minutes so you gotta give us credit there but i gotta give them credit too.


    it was called on the field to be honest with you. i didn't call that timeout.

    they had a minute and three to get the whole length of the field. they should have been stopped.

    i did not take the timeout. once the timeout was called..fine. as it turns out when they ended up with as much time as they did it's not something i would have liked but they go the length of the field so..

    what do you mean how do we recover??? we just have to regroup and win the next game. an awful lot goes into every game and that's the way it should be.

    i'm really not sure whether he was trying to switch his hands or what he was doing. he should have got on the ground and covered it up.

    the disparity in penalties was not good. we talked this week about being smart... about thinking.. about thinking.. keeping our poise. controlling our emotions.. those penalties were not what we needed at the time.

    i think you should focus on something else other than the timeout..really. the timeout was taken with a minute tweenty left in the game.

    (about romo's pass to witten) he threw the ball right between the two in the crease. we're frustrated and angry but there's a bunch of guys that wanna win and we'll keep working to get it.


    i think we'll be able to bounce back. i think when you play a game like this. you're playing good football. we don't have any time to get down on ourselves. we got carolina. we don't have a whole lotta time left so we gotta start winning soon.

    we had some bad calls. one was a cut block. i tried to argue that one a bit but it didn't work. you've gotta give credit to dallas. they performed and executed down there.

    (about the timeout that had coughlin fired up) plaxico called it. he thought he saw someone on the sidelines signaling for a timeout. it worked out. we got the right personnel in there. it's just the way it goes.

    i think it was a good time to throw. we got down there a few times and tried to run and didn't get it.

    obviously we left too much time on the clock. i gotta give credit to tony. he was running around and scrambling around all day. he's playing good football.


    it's exciting because it's a big win. we were kind sitting in the same place last year and we didn't win. hopefully this gives us some more momentum.

    it's a divisional game on the road and sometimes you've gotta battle through it. as long as we stay in the game i feel like we have a chance.

    (on gramatica) i told him it's the same as warmups. i had all the confidence he was going to drill it.

    i saw witten going up the seam. he actually turned over his left shoulder which is a great instinctive play by him.

    as long as we got time on the clock i feel like we have a chance.

    (about the pass to crayton) i saw him come down and i actually wasn't planning on throwing it that wide. it's dangerous but sometimes you have to put the ball in some tough spots.

    the great thing about this game is when you have two good football teams it always comes down to the 4th quarter. we made the plays that we needed to make for the win.
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    If Romo would have played lights out, once again BP woulda had something negative to say on the subject.

    He knows that Romo had a tough day out there and now wants Romo to keep his head up.

    Perhaps Romo needed a day like a sick sort of way. ;)
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    Yep. He was seen giving Romo what appeared to be some motivational advice on the sidelines. Bill is playing Romo perfectly. When it seems as though he's going to get too high he cuts him down a bit. When it appears as though he might be getting a little discouraged Bill is right there to tell him it'll be ok. Bill is coaching his butt off. :starspin
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    You can't take anything away from the Giants; they played a good game and gave Dallas all it wanted. Dallas was almost lucky to get out with a win. The Giants are no slouches.
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    I think this game will go a long way experience wise for Romo. He played well and looked like a veteran late in the game. I totally agreed with BP when they reported Romo was pressing too much. I thought he was trying to hard to impress. Once he settled in, he was alright.

    Romo is a true second half QB and I'll take that over the opposite.
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    Great recap, thanks man.
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    Thanks Bleu, good job on the recaps.
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    Thanks for the recap Sir.

    Tony will take alot of very valuable experience from this game. The Giant's D was throwing a few curve balls at him today. :)
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    YW. It's my pleasure. :starspin
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    Great recaps. You guys amaze me how well you do those.
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    I'm a fast henpecker.
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    thanks for the recaps,they are greatly appreciated!
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    No, but they are just a .500 team now.
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    Hey...thank you for the recap. Great job.
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    repost!!!!!!! Oh excuse me!!!!:eek::
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    Someone is up past his bedtime.
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    I'm wide awake......thanks to my Cowboys today.

    I'm still replaying that last drive & FG in my head.:D
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    just adding the transcripts
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    :D :D :D :D :D
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    I find that it's quite insightful to hear how Romo described these two plays as if he saw them in slow motion. I hear all the time that a QB gets it when the game slows down for him. Sort of like driving a car fast. An experienced driver ignores the 100 irrelevant things around him and just focus on straight ahead while is still able to do other tasks simultaneously. What is even more impressive is how he made last microsecond adjustment on the throw to Crayton. If he hadn't then that pass would have been picked off. The level of details that Romo saw live on the play and the ability to make the adjustment are what separate the greats from the rest.

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