Redskins already interested in Strahan

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    Strahan's holdout has Giants looking elsewhere

    By Adam Schefter
    Special to

    (Aug. 2, 2007) -- Typically, the position that attracts the most attention at training camp is quarterback. Yet in a rare summer curve, at least for the time being, this year the focus is falling on defensive linemen.

    From Albany, N.Y. to Terre Haute, Ind., to Nashville, Tenn., questions persist about defensive linemen that have stolen headlines from quarterbacks.

    None have been any bigger than whether or not perennial Pro Bowl defensive end Michael Strahan will retire. Some think he will, others think he will report, but an option that has gone overlooked is the option that could be most viable.

    In the end, the New York Giants could decide to trade Strahan. As unthinkable as it now sounds, it should not be ruled out. If Strahan declines to report but has a desire to continue playing -- and those who have spoken to him know that he does -- then New York could decide it is better off getting something instead of nothing for Strahan.

    The Giants are showing strong interest in Simeon Rice as a possible replacement for Strahan. The Washington Redskins already have expressed an interest, and other teams also would if the Giants decided to entertain offers. Over time it is expected that they will, but they have made it very clear that they will not restructure Strahan's contract, which could help end this stalemate.

    Now, the only thing certain is this: The longer Strahan's unholdout holdout lasts, the less likely it is that he will remain as a New York Giant.

    Elsewhere along the line, free-agent defensive end Simeon Rice was scheduled to arrive in Nashville on Thursday night to undergo a physical with the Titans on Friday. The Titans have been looking for another defensive end to pair opposite Kyle Vanden Bosch, and Rice could be an ideal choice.

    Rice already underwent one physical with the Giants earlier this week and met up once again with New York head coach Tom Coughlin, who once recruited the defensive end to come to Boston College. Coughlin didn't nab Rice back then, but he could now. The Giants have a legitimate interest in Rice, who is thought to be about two weeks away from being cleared to play.

    Yet even before then, if his price is not too prohibitive, the Titans and Giants would like to add Rice to their roster. And if the Giants signed Rice, it would give them even more ammunition to trade Strahan.

    And the other lineman with questions about his future is Corey Simon, formerly of the Indianapolis Colts. Those close to Simon think there will be a multitude of teams interested in him. However, teams do not have any recent videotape of Simon playing, and there are questions about his weight.

    If Simon is in shape -- and no one knows if he is -- then he would be able to help some team.

    The team perhaps most in need of defensive tackle help is the Buffalo Bills, which dealt defensive tackle Darwin Walker to the Chicago Bears last weekend for a fifth-round pick. Buffalo needs a defensive tackle and Simon, if healthy and if in shape, would work well there.

    But wherever Simon lands will create more headlines -- along with the ones that are generated from Strahan and Rice.
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    Anywhere but Cleveland.
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    they've been interested in awhile now
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    He fits in well with Washington's philosophy to overpay over the hill veterans.
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    i doubt the Giants would trade a player like Strahan to a division rival. If Strahan goes anywhere, it's to the AFC.
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    I agree with this. Plus, I don't think Washington has the depth to offer much in return.
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    They still have next year's #1 draft pick :laugh2: Plus, I think we have already started to see the decline of Strahan, so it would be a perfect fit for the Skins.

    If it happened, I could hear ES now...The all time sack leader was the piece that put us over the top. Now that we have Strahan, the skins are a lock for the Super Bowl. I predict our GW defense will have 70 sacks this year. Blah, blah blah.
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    Bruce Smith part II?

    On a serious note...I think strahan has a couple more seasons in him.
  9. Yeagermeister

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    Maybe Synder can send them some ice cream. :D
  10. BrAinPaiNt

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    He can attempt to kick a tub of vanilla ice cream through the goal posts.:lmao:
  11. BouncingCheese

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    Of COURSE he is in the Redskins crosshairs. Strahan is a once great player in the twilight of his career who wants one big payday and doesn't really care about winning or playing hard but just wants the dough.
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    Priceless! x2
  13. CrazyCowboy

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    They want everything...........
  14. dogunwo

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    The Giants would make out like bandits trading Strahan to the Skins.
  15. bbgun

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    Snyder's a name collector. No big surprise.
  16. Jarv

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    Yep...and I'm sure the Skins would give him his last big payout he is wanting.

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