Redskins Once Again in Free Fall!!!!

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Star4Ever, Jan 29, 2008.

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    Just when you thought the Foreskins were making SOME progress in regards to the laughing stock they've become, Snyder strikes again. Don't you just love it!!!!! Getting rid of both coordinators, after your headcoach retires (again). This just sounds like a Greek (or Geek) tragedy. The Foreskins are old, way over the salary cap, have a QB that now has to learn a new system, etc. Just classic. The Skins' slogan for 2008? 5-11 Here We Come, Again!!!! The funniest thing is TR1, Bubba, and the rest of the Idiot Pack are still talking about how we're in decline and how we're losing all our coaches. Let's see, we're keeping our headcoach and both coordinators, but we're the ones in trouble because we're losing our coaches? Stupid is as stupid does.
  2. BraveHeartFan

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    Wishful thinking on the part of Skins fans.
  3. Star4Ever

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    The one fault in your post is that most Skins' fans are incapable of producing valid thoughts. They just fall in step with the Leader of the Idiots, TR1.
  4. Star4Ever

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    Deep down I understand the defense mechanism rearing its ugly head by Skins' fans. We're coming off a 13-3 season, have a record 13 Pro Bowlers, are the 4th youngest team in the entire league, and have 2 first round draft picks. All they have is words, stupid as they seem. Deep down, they know. They know.
  5. Star4Ever

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    By the way, for those of you that think I'm being harsh, please visit ES and read for yourself. I do ask that all Cowboy fans refrain from posting on ES. If none of us argue with TR1 and Bubba, they'll simply explode. Please, do us all a favor and let them simply post to themselves. I'd love to see the results.
  6. thewireman

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    I wish Cowboy fans would stop posting on that site. Its obvious TR1 and Bubba are attention whores and if no one would post in there threads they would probably go crazy
  7. Yeagermeister

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    I have only been to their site a couple of times and never felt the urge to even register.
  8. Tyronosaurus77

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    I live in VA and maybe have been to ES twice and thats becasue its a friend of mine homepage. If I want to battle wits with skins fans I can easily throw on any Cowboys apparel and go out into public. I mean honestly it gets old, who cares about frickin Redskins fans, they should take a look at their crappy squad before commenting on ours.

    I mean for a pretty crucial coaching search they got going on there and its pretty laughable. I mean we may have lost Parcells guys to Parcell in Miami. However we are adding coaches with a great amount of NFL coaching experience. I mean correct me if im wrong but we have 5 previous Dcoordinators and 3 previous head coaches on our staff, along with an Ocoordinator that was offered 2 coaching gigs.
  9. Star4Ever

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    I agree 100%. There are some Dallas fans that kiss lots of *** over there. It should cease.
  10. hizzle

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    (skins fan here)

    like every teams' fans, we fall on a spectrum. there are the ones who think every year will bring a ring, and the ones who (esp after 2000) wouldn't buy the hype if they were getting cash back.

    i think most skins fans are pretty embarrassed by this whole affair (i know i am), and i can't think of anyone who honestly believes we're in a better position for next year than y'all are. can't blame us for hoping tho!

    anyway, just wanted to offer a delayed "thank you" for the support you all gave us a couple months ago. when i saw this board decked out in b&g, i just about lost it.


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