**Redskins vs. Eagles Game Thread**

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Big Country, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. Da Hammer

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    As much as i want to blame the Eagles for this its our freaking fault for being so ultra conservative and letting teams in games which they ended up winning. Unless he plans to change his style i hope he retires
  2. Draegerman

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    Looks like all there's left now for us to look forward to, calico, is our Longhorns destroying the Trojans in a couple of days. :D


    KINGBRICE_28 New Member

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    kid, I've been here the whole time and been taking your crap so don't give me that......I'm not a troll like some that will come here later on....So treat me like it....
  4. bbgun

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    An empty win for him but very damaging to the team. We could drop several slots in the draft. The only reason we got Ware is because we lost that last game vs the Giants last year.
  5. Chuck 54

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    Interceptions, several near interceptions and poor decisions throwing into double and triple coverage, and then he lost the center snap...that's not enough for you? Detmer won several games for them last year....I wouldn't have waited so long to make the switch, but I'm sure he wanted to give detmer a shot too.

    Turnovers screwed them...they gave Washington most of their points.

    We don't deserve the playoffs anyway....The Giants and Redskins won when they had to win...the Skins freakin' on a roll for 4-5 games in a row???

    We had a shot to win the division against NY and they dominated us.
    We had a shot to get the wild card against Wash. and they totally destroyed us.

    We went 1-3 against the Giants and REdskins, barely winning the one game we won in overtime. They're in the playoffs...We aren't....sucks.
  6. speedkilz88

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    Thanks for nothing



  7. RoyWilliams31

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    Dont count on that GOOOOO SC
  8. dannywhites

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    what a bunch of whining guys.
    It was NOT Philly's fault
    Try J.JONES,B.PARCELLS and the rest of the coachuing staff,and yes the players.
    The first WASHINGTON game was in the bag,if we had won it or the SEATTLE game ,we would be in the playoffs,plain and simple.
    Parcells talks about accountability,well take a look in the mirror,BILL.
  9. Westcoasthabsfan

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    You dont honestly think Texas is going to be USC do you? Its not going to be pretty... USC romps on Jan 4th
  10. JohnsKey19

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    well good win for the skins. they didn't play their best, had guys injured all over the place and yet they still came up with the critical victory.
  11. kdog

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    How ! can you sit there and be mad at the iggles. We have no one to blame but ourselves! BP and coaching staff have ruined our chances. If we play with bp's same conservative playcalling it will be more of the same next year!

    RIddle me this! How can a team go from control the NFC east and simply collapse like we have. HEY! bp if he is here. will recruite some talent and play 80's giants football next year! HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!

    OF course some will blame anyone but BP and claim those of us who question Parcells coaching are wrong. Once again BP good GM, hopefully somewhere else next year! bring in someone who goes for the kill to compliment our up and coming defense!

    SEE you next year! cowboy faithfull
  12. wxcpo

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    Not sure how a win impacts our draft position without really looking at stuff more carefully. I agree that it willbe an empty win, but Parcells will still want the win, he won't play to lose to improve our draft position. Now I think he should try to win, but play some of the young guys and lets have a chance to see what they can do against NFL 1st teamers.
  13. Taz

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    now dallas can play for really matters draft pick order!
  14. trickblue

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    No... he effectively moved the ball... and he didn't lose the center snap... Andrews knocked it out of his hands...
  15. Westcoasthabsfan

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    Excellent Post, couldnt agree more
  16. ODawg

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    I know that the holidays are over but FFFFFFF BOMBS everyfn where damnt.....what a wasted season....reference...seattle game...redskin game in dallas....ect....ect....
  17. Taz

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    i perdict there will be more posts in HERE then in the cowboys vs ram thread!!!
  18. wxcpo

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    More than the conservative playcalling it was the direct failure of this team to bring in a kicker worth anything that cost this team. Blown kicks against the skins, seahawks and broncos cost us 2 easy wins. We'd be sitting at 12-3 at this point and won the division and resting starters.
  19. 30yrheel

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    why should i bother to watch tonight's game?
  20. MS17

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    Eagles put the ball on the ground 6 times, no chance. Enjoy your one week extension Redskins, it ends next week. Your geriatric coach, your false salary cap and your limpy QB will look good next year with your schedule.

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