Refs give game to Eagles

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by dthahn, Dec 2, 2013.

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    I was watching the 4th quarter of the Philly v. Arizona game. Late in the 4th quarter with Arizona down by 3, Foles throws a pick deep in Eagles territory. However, the pick was nullified by a penalty called on an Arizona DB for defensive holding on the other side of the field. They replayed it and there was barely any contact at all by the DB. What slight contact there was appeared to be within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage.

    Later in the 4th quarter with Arizona trying to score, Philly DB's twice bumped Arizona WR's 10+ yards down the field. The contact twice prevented the Arizona WR to catch the ball. However, no call both times.

    Man, I wish the Cowboys could get calls like that. Some of the worst officiating I've seen barring the replacement refs.
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    I'd rather just see no teams get calls like those. One of the big downsides of parity is that so many games, and now seasons, are coming down to a handful of plays that are wide open for interpretation. We're going to see championships decided by that space in between the grey areas at some point, soon, if we haven't already (cough, PIT v. SEA).
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    Works both ways. Eagles lost a 37-yard run on a block in the back where Avant basically touched the back of a player. DJax had a punt return TD wiped out on a call that happens almost every time a ball is punted. Hell, it seems every game these days has some messed up call. Go see how the people on the Skins boards are *****ing about last night's game. How many times have the refs screwed up a call in a Dallas game?
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    It was all Eagles until the 4th quarter. Refs were terrible but I'll tell you what, the game was much better when they were screwing Pillthy. Taking the Jackson touchdown off the board was great. He was taunting as usual and then comes the flag. I still think the Foles interception was a terrible call, but so was the punt return.
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    Not really worth it's own thread, but on the topic...

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    It's become a league of engineered results. Those billions in gambling money aren't going to sit idle. There are simply too many people with big motivations to rig games...whether it's from within the league...or influences from the outside.

    But I seriously doubt there is a pervasive anti-Cowboy agenda to the NFL's "curious" officiating.

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