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    relevant: bearing upon or connected with the matter in hand

    Merry Christmas fellow Zoners. Hope you and yours have enjoyed the holiday and today's game as much as mine have.

    There is so much smack I could talk but for whatever reason, I'm not in the mood. My team has taken most of the words out of my mouth, by doing their talking on the field. I just want to start one quick thread to make a point.

    This past week, indeed this whole year all I've heard from Cowboy fans is how irrelevant the Eagles are. They have no weapons. They can't run the ball. Their window is closed. Brian Dawkins is washed up.

    Football is played on the field, even more so in the trenches, and as far as all that goes the Eagles have been very relevant. How relevant? If not for a handful of unlucky bounces against the Giants, the Eagles would have swept the NFC East. That is relevant.

    The window is open. Wide open.

    Brian Dawkins is not washed up, he's cleaning up.

    I look forward to what will be a very entertaining NFC playoffs, with possibly 3 closely matched NFC East teams. And I look forward to a NFC East with alot of competition in the future, a future where the Eagles are a very relevant team.

    I recieved alot of comments before the game on my signature. Alot of you were looking forward to me updating it after today's game. I hope you enjoy it.

    Have a happy new year.
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    Irrelevant : never winning a Super Bowl (much less 5)
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    Congrats on the win. Now on to the Tournament.
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    O.K. Let's just say you're irrelevant when it comes to the playoffs, where your team has NEVER been succesful.
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    I have been called that before but I assure you that a true troll would not stick around after losses like I do, and would talk a lot more smack.
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    Glad dallas could be your version of a superbowl AGAIN this my count, thats 4 Superbowls that dallas has now givin to someone......SWEET.
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    Why trash talk....we are doing plenty of that ourselves. :)
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    I actually enjoyed your was real and mild compared to what we probably deserve after our team's performance.

    The Eagles will be relevant to the NFC as long as Andy Reid is the coach...11-4 against the Cowboys? and that includes two losses last

    This game was won and lost in the trenches...Andy Reid uses first day picks, and often first round picks, every year on the OL and DL...he knows where games are won, and when your OL and DL play like yours did, it covers for a lot of other areas that could be problems.

    I, for one, admit that Brian Dawkins is better than any safety on the Cowboys roster...only Darren Woodson even compares in modern times, imo.

    I hope Dallas can perform better in the playoffs, but I don't see how that can happen with our DL and OL.
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    Hey, your a stand up guy and you have earned the right to talk a little smack. The Eagles took us and tore the Cowboys a new one.

    It ain't over yet. But hey...great win by the Eagles. You guys really do seem to want it more than the Cowboys.

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