Remember all the Eli Manning, Drew Henson comparisons last year? LOL

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TruBlueCowboy, Sep 30, 2005.

  1. TruBlueCowboy

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    Was watching some tape of the Giants/Chargers game my buddy taped, and man did Eli look nice! Kid came back from almost a 21 point deficit allowed by his defense, and was eventually shut down in the second half, but just the fact that he was able to pull the team back into contention with no turnovers was impressive. Almost 400 yards, 0 interceptions, and 2 touchdowns in a game in which he was forced to play catch-up ball almost all 4 quarters. All in front of a hostile crowd that would crucify the kid if they had a chance. I hope we don't have 2 franchise QBs in the NFC East now. :mad: I'm sure Manning will have his "learning games" but dude is improving at the same pace someone like Aikman did.

    Remember the stat junkies throwing up Henson and Manning's numbers last year? They said Manning was getting too much hype. :rolleyes: Meanwhile, Henson is struggling to be the #3 QB on this team, while Manning is growing up fast.

    *cough* Leinart! *cough* Leinart! Memo to Jerry and Bill: Grab a legit 1st round QB, no more projects!
  2. Nightshade

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    manning had a year of starting time to stink up Giant stadium. Henson hasn't played more than 1 pre-season game total. I wouldn't stick a fork in Henson yet.
  3. Rack Bauer

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    It's too early to judge Henson.

    That said, I never figured him to be as good as Eli anyway.
  4. Idgit

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    I figured him to be better.

    I also watched Eli's first games, and Henson IMHO was a better player early. Since that time, there's no appropriate comparison to be made.

    I don't need to watch Leinart struggle the same way to know I don't want us to pick a QB in the first round next year.
  5. NorthDalal

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    What a sorry bit of condescention.
    So one guy gets spoon fed by his NFL QB father and superstar brother and then forces his way like a spoiled baby-- to be drafted by the team of his choice, then force-fed into the lineup while the rest of the vets on his team seeth in 2004, because he claearly wasn't ready, and he stinks it up for awhile and then looks mildly sucessful, and the best you can do is come in and throw up gloating post because our guy is still working on his game.

    Well I've got a substantially better record as an NFL starter than your boy Eli.
    I'm 0-0.

    But here's a better one: Drew Henson passer rating 2004: 61.8
    Eli Manning " " " 55.4

    All this proves is Coughlin takes orders from his ownership and Parcell's does not.
  6. Nightshade

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    OUT-freaking- STANDING !!! :bow:

    :hammer: :thankyou: :yourock: :bravo: :clap2: :flagwave:
  7. MarionBarberThe4th

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    Lets compare Chris Leak to Dan Marino
  8. TruBlueCowboy

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    Brother, spoon fed by an NFL father has nothing to do with any of this. If you had been forced to drudge your career on a horrible Saints team when you had the talent to lead a team to the Super Bowl, you'd probably look out for you kids too. Just because his kids are in the NFL with million dollar salaries, and your kids are anonymous doesn't make it any different. A father is a father.

    Eli is the better talent. Accept it and move on. I think it's safe to say that if Henson was on his way to franchise QB stardom in the same mold as Aikman or Staubach, that he wouldn't lose his backup job to an undrafted free agent rookie who only has one more year of experience in the pros.

    Show me your QB ratings all ya want. That has to be one of the most useless stats in all of pro sports. And the fact is that Eli progressed, and Henson regressed, that's what 1st round QBs hopefully do. You draft a bonafide starter instead of a project and your odds go up.

    Face it folks, Henson being demoted does not look good for his future. No one , including me, says he has to be the starter now, but we can expect him to get better in the depth charts.

    Most important, this is not a dig on Henson, this is a dig on Jones and Parcells who continue to draft projects. Let's grab a 1st rounder please. Yes, 1st rounders can bust, but man oh man, do they have a hell of a better chance of succeeding than these fellas who spent years in the minor leagues.
  9. blindzebra

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    Henson is what he is, a guy that was 4 years removed from playing, that through his sheer physical talent, actually played last year. Who also had his throwing motion revamped, that IMO, had just as much to do with him not beating out Romo as anything Romo did this year.

    We don't yet know what we have, but the expectations and wide sweeping comparisons are really pretty silly.

    Henson is in a unique situation and none of us, at this point, can say who will be the better QB two years from now.
  10. Big D

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    I would be happy with a 2nd or 3rd rnd qb pick but I agree we need change our approach to the QB position.

    No more Bargain basement QB's!
  11. Sarge

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    Manning looked as bad as bad can look last year. Perhaps you are forgetting all the heat Coughlin took when he named Eli the starter.? Even some of the Giants players were not happy.

    The bottom line is, the Giants were willing to sacrafice for a period of time and let Eli learn the game ON THE FIELD. They chose not to take a stopgap vet for 3 years and thought more about their future, long term.

    There sacrafice last year and perhaps this year will leave them ready, presumably, for the future.

    We, right or wrong, have a different philosophy, clearly.
  12. adbutcher

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    With the football season in full swing I thought we moved past these types of post..I guess the time between games poses the same problem as the off season...boredom. This one is too early to call and before we anoint Eli let's see how the season unfolds first.
  13. Dave_in-NC

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    Your right, most of what you said is right. He didnt play last season because of his "sheer physical talent". He played so Parcells could shut Jones up. And after on half of a football game thats what took place.
  14. Qwickdraw

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    cough cough Eli sucks.

    cough cough Leinart is overrated.

    Cough cough who cares about Henson right now. Bledsoe is #3 in the NFL and #1 in the NFC in QB rating.
  15. Eddie

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    I think I could have endured last year's 5-11 season with a young QB learning at the helm instead of ol' Vinny the Dinasaur playing back there.

    At this point, we still don't know what we have. Bledsoe is nothing more than a stop gap and we'll be lucky to have him for another year or two.

    Then what? Bring in another dinasaur for 2-3 years? What a way to run a franchise.
  16. Jarv

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    Good point Eddie, Vinny playing those last few games last year was, well...Frustrating. It accomplished nothing is the bottom line and a black mark on the franchise for last year.

    By the way, test your new DirectTV connection yet ? Watch the NFL channel.
  17. TruBlueCowboy

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    Just giving Eli his props, and calling out the quarterback talent experts on the board, including myself. Not that it's a surprise. If we were any good at spotting talent, it's safe to say we'd be working for the Cowboys, not writing on a message board about them. ;)

    Folks have to put aside their bias and admit that was one hell of a game for a second year player. Sort of reminds me of some of Aikman's early breakout games. I'm just saying it's about time the Cowboys went early in the draft for a QB. These projects have failed. Who knows, Henson may be a franchise QB one day, but anyone who isn't a homer knows it ain't looking good to be demoted from #2 to #3 after a year of experience and the same competition on the depth charts. Henson can't beat out a Bledsoe, but he sure as hell should be able to beat out a Romo.
  18. TruBlueCowboy

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    Bah... Warner was terrible last year even if he had good fantasy football stats. Dude has been washed up for a while but people still want to proclaim him the savior. This is his last year in the NFL, as he leads the Cards to an 0 and forever record.

    I wish we had someone on the boards (Adam, where are you? :D ) who could break down ever play in a Henson and Manning game. Their stats may be similar, but I wonder if they truly were the same. In other words, I wonder who was better at reading defenses, hitting their hot routes, and finding their open man. Parcells went with a rookie QB before (Bledsoe), so you can't tell me he's a senile old man who doesn't realize all Henson needs is playing time. If he thought Henson would be throwing for 350 yards, 2 touchdown and 0 interceptions in his second year, he'd probably have been playing ahead of Vinny. Just my two cents.
  19. Trophy#6

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    If Henson was as good, he'd be a starting NFL quarterback by now. He wouldn't have went to baseball, he'd be a starting NFL quarterback by now. He wouldn't be #3 on a team light on depth at the position, he'd be our starting NFL quarterback by now.

    Give up this pathetic fascination with "boy-wonderlic"...he'll never be a starting NFL quarterback.
  20. BrAinPaiNt

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    I love it when someone tries to dig up stuff from the past in order to gloat or for whatever know like another person on here does on a regular basis...Really love it.

    Ok...that is a Lie...I don't love it, kind of find it annoying...but this is a message board and people are entitled to their opinions and to talk football. :cool:

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