READ THIS *** Reminder -- Do not post content from or links to banned sites! ***

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    If you make a post and you see "******" characters in the link URL, that means the site you posted is banned and you should remove the post's content immediately and ask a staff member to delete the post/thread.

    Sites are banned for a variety of reasons and we do not always explain why they are banned.

    For example, a few of the reasons a site may be banned include:
    • The site is known to contain offensive content
    • The site is known to post unconfirmed rumor and/or click-bait articles
    • A representative or agent of the site has spammed links to their site or posted drive-by ads
    • The site has been known to show advertising that contains malware or other security alerts
    Do we ever unban a banned site?
    We do periodically reconsider site bans, but it is not very often.

    Can I give hints or instructions on how to access a banned site?
    No. Doing so will result in an official warning.
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