Repeat of 2012?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Blitzen32, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Blitzen32

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    Lets talk about something other than Garrett and Jones for a minute.

    Just looking through the schedule for next season, it looks like it's going to be tough to win 10+ games. Like this season, the only way into the playoffs might be through winning the NFC East. Just looking at the top teams in the conference right now:

    Almost guaranteed to make it:


    TIER 2/Will definitely improve:




    Two wildcard spots could easily be sucked up by any of those teams. There's some parity in the league, but the good playoff teams (GB, SF, ATL) have been pretty steady for a couple seasons straight now. Barring catastrophic injury, I don't see any reason for that to change, so that leaves 3 remaining spots.

    It's not too complicated. IF the changes Dallas is making aren't good enough to win the NFC East, we can likely kiss the 2013 season goodbye as a lost cause.
  2. links18

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    NFC East will go through DC as long as RGIII stays healthy......
  3. dragon_mikal

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    The Washington Redskins are far from a lock even if RGIII is back to start the season. (Which he probably won't be.) They have major areas of need, especially on defense, and very little cap space to address them.

    RGIII will not be the same player anyway IMHO. No way they use him the same way as last year with his knee the way it is. One more time and he is done for good.

    No, expect a much more traditional offense from Shannahan next year and the way RGIII looked when he couldn't rely on his scrambling against Seattle...well...I'm not worried.

    I think the division will go through New York or Dallas next year with Washington being a wildcard.
  4. hornitosmonster

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    RGIII will never be the same.
  5. dadymat

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    there are numerous reasons im not concerned about this....after injury ,Shanny will be more careful with him, they will reign him in some, every defensive coach in the league is gonna spend all off season figuring out this RG, Wilson, Kaepernick thing, and much like the wildcat, Mike Vick and every other form of trickery that has ever been implemented in the will get stopped.....hopefully we will be one of the teams that figures it out....
  6. SkinsHokieFan

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    You are a doctor now huh? ;)

    RG3 at 90% will have us in contention for the next decade
  7. xwalker

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    Why does a Skins fan have almost 2000 posts on a Cowboys message board?
  8. Super_Kazuya

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    Nothing's guaranteed... at least one of those teams will fall off, it happens every year. Record doesn't really matter because the division plays the same schedule save two games. The NFL will send the Cowboys on the road in Week 17 once again and I'm sure the stakes will be high. No reason to believe different.
  9. Blitzen32

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    Oh for sure. I just think that week 17 will be for the division, and not a wildcard spot.
  10. 187beatdown

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    The NFL is different every year. We may end up being the #1 team in the NFL, or could go 2-14.
  11. dragon_mikal

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    You guys are scared. Admit it. It wasn't overly bright trading away so much for a quarterback with an injury history such as his and it was even more idiotic for Shanny to keep throwing him out there when he knew the kid was gimped.

    As far as your better hope so. Because if you think Mike Shannahan is going to risk RGIII getting injured by exposing him to the hits he was getting last season you're crazy. IMHO you're jumping the gun a little too early anyway. We'll see how RGIII does his 2nd year in the league.
  12. Lonestar94

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    Never understood why people do that. Sure as hell wont see ME on a redskin board!
  13. cannonball44

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    the schedule is tough next year, the competition for playoff spots will be brutal. wouldnt be surprised to see another 10-6 team not make it. Additionally, im not sure if the Cowboys can get 11-5 against our 2013 opponents. but anything is possible.
  14. DFWJC

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    :laugh2: :lmao: :lmao2:
  15. Pokefan1

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  16. dstew60105

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    RG3 was the most over hyped rookie in NFL history. He had a decent year and didn't deserve to even sniff the pro bowl. IMO, he will never be as great as the media already thinks he is. Not worried at all, especially considering the Redskins don't have a first round pick for the next two years.
  17. DBOY3141

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    Let's wait and see what we do in FA and the draft before we start determining the NFL playoffs for 2013.

    Fix the OL and stay healthy and we can compete with anyone.

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