News: REPORT: Jerry wants TO *merged*

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by REDVOLUTION, Feb 25, 2006.

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    Him wearing an Irvin jersey doesn't really mean too much. Irvin did show support after the whole fiasco with McNugget, so that could be a reason why he wore the jersey. I don't know if he hates the Cowboys organization but I wouldn't put it pass him to sign a lucrative offer from Jerry...Hopefully, if we do sign him, it'll have a clause in there that will void the contract if acts a fool and that is that. After all, what team would sign him without something like that...
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    You can pretty much ask all of his former teammates in San Francisco and Philadelphia. He was not a universally despised individual.

    Many players from both teams still call him friend. But it is much easier to say that everyone feels like the two "victims" Donovan McNabb and Jeff Garcia.

    Since nobody really says it, I will.

    You want to know why Michael Irvin and Terrell Owens get along so well?

    Because they are just alike.

    They both are flawless competitors who want to win football games.

    I don't know about the rest of you. I would take the Playmaker on my team every single day of the week.
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    I'm sure Deion "hated" the Redskins too till they showed him the money.
  4. Alexander

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    James Washington "hated" Washington.

    Ken Norton "hated" San Francisco.
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    Dooms, a lot of this part of your opinion is wishful thinking I think. I know you can't stand the guy, but the reason teams haven't touched him thus far is they think they can get him for less of a cap impact (i.e. with no March roster bonus) and for no compensation to Philly at all.

    Whatever anyone feels about his antics, he did not "destroy" the Eagles nor did he "destroy" the 49ers. What a joke, those teams were in a personnel and front office freefall in the case of the 49ers and poised to take a step back in the case of the Eagles. Philly based their entire season on McNabb's ability to pass 70% of the time and McNabb got hurt-- it's as simple as that. Add to this that the Eagles offseason did not effectively replace Corey Simon, address an aging defense, or add any pass rushers and it's clear why the Eagles declined.

    There is a lot of sensationalistic backlash against Owens right now, but those teams did a good job of hurting themselves in spite of Owens.

    Bottom line: TO is going to play for and elevate a team in 2006.
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    The Eagles screwed the pooch big time this year. They let Derrick Burgess and Cory Simon both walk off the fields with no compensation. Thats half the starting Dline gone in one year. The also mishandled the Owens situation. By saying we will not consider redoing Owens deal, they gave Owens the middle finger. Owens is a top three WR in the NFL period, I can certainly understand him wanting to get paid as one.
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    It's all wishful thinking.

    Nobody knows the "truth" behind everything in Philadelphia. Nor do they know it all about San Francisco. They know what they read that has been made nearly legendary by the hype. Couple that with the antics on the star and there you go.

    Just be honest.

    If you hate Owens, say it. Don't make excuses. If you don't like him, fine.

    But the majority of this "factual" evidence people based their opinion on isn't factual in the least. All we know is that he wanted to be paid like he was the best in the game. And that he did not appreciate poor QBing. And that he called out his QBs publicly.

    They were ripe for the downfall. Owens' behavior was not the root cause of the downfall. It was already there and festering.

    No, he's just rip that team to shreds and leave total devastation in his demonic wake.:rolleyes:
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    Teams do pull off trades even for guys who they know will get released so they don't have to bid aginst others. Sorry I don't agree about his impact he had on 2 teams I don't think it is accident and I don't think it is the fault of the team. In the case of Philly TO wanted so bad to go to Philly and Play with McNabb yet his slanders him on ESPN sorry I don't need that kind of player on this team. Evidently some of you don't care what a player does myself I do care because it can have an impact on the team. I may be old fashsion when it comes to football but I still believe as Tom Landry did and that is you cut problem players and you don't go out looking for them.

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    Although I disagree. I respect your opinion on the matter.
    I must admit that MORE SB's and MORE than any other team(which I feel we should be already) is pretty much all I care about.

    To me its the NFL not the MFL(Moral Football League).

    Dallas Cowboys - 6 Time SuperBowl Champions, 7 Time SuperBowl Champions, 8 Time SuperBowl Champions, 9 Time SuperBowl Champions, 10 Time SuperBowl Champions

    That is all I care about.:star:

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Ah, yet another reasonable & sensible post.
    (applause, applause)

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    My thoughts...

    • I think Deion will always consider himself a Falcon.
    • I think he would sell his SB 49er ring.
    • Deion will always treasure the The Dallas Cowboys experience more than any other team he was on....
    • After all... being a man of god and then getting the opportunity to play on God's Team 'Nuff Said!
    • And the Redskins... well it was pretty obvious he went for "show me da money" - Even told those guys that Dallas ALWAYS thought they could beat them. Just to pish them off. LOL
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    And this is the bottom line of the whole T.O. debate.

    It's a matter of whether you want to win with a character like T.O. or not win without him.

    Many posters believe that character, attitude and team chemistry count, others do not.

    I would love to have a talent like T.O.'s minus the divisive attitude. We don't know whether he will definitely act up, but given his track record you can't blame his critics.
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    Owens wasnt the only reason those teams demised, but he was a large part of it.

    Owens was constantly *****ing in SF. It was a fact. I lived there whne it was going down. SF also was in alot of cap trouble, and they had some injuries to key players (Hearst, Garcia) so that lead to it as well.

    In Philly, Owens didn't help a bad situation. Philly didn't run a balanced offense. They let a key defensive player go (Simon), and did nothing to replace him. FOr a team with like 13 draft picks, they sure did a good job not hitting on any of them.

    I think TO brings alot of **** onto himself, but he isn't soley responsible for the teams he was on falling apart. Though it's a bit more than a coincidence that 2 teams he was on are in trouble now.

    I dont like his attitude off the field (including the sidelines). I dont deny his talent, his fiery competitiveness, but also dont deny his idiocy. He just doesn't know when to shut up. And his feeling that it's world against TO is his own fault. When he was a 3rd round pick, playing behind Stokes and Rice, he was all about No Sir, Yes Sir, now he's doomed himself.

    I dont want him.
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    That's good from a moral stand point, but honestly, I seriously doubt anyone will look back on this team twenty years down the road and say, "Those 2006 Dallas Cowboys were a bunch of losers, but they sure as hell lost with class...."

    People only care about Superbowls. Winning does a lot for the image of a team and a player. Ray Lewis could have been left alone with a 3 year old girl after the Ravens won the superbowl and nobody would have raised an eyebrow. Deion was all "Primetime" during his superbowl runs. The same goes for the 90's Cowboys, 80's Forty Niners, and 70's Steelers. Everybody remembers the glammer but never thinks that every one of those teams had players with serious issues, but they were playmakers, and is why they will go down in history as great "legendary" teams.

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