Report: Sherman Was Told by Recruit's Mom He Had Been Fired

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Aikbach, Dec 2, 2011.

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    Texas A&M has become such a low class bush league school.

    They have been found wanting.
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    Absolutely false. A&M called Sherman off the recruiting trail on Wednesday night and he met with Byrne, Loftin and the board of regents hours before the termination of his contract was made public and he was told that a vote was going to be had and that he was likely gone, after which he went to contact A&M's commitments and tell them of the news. This is just another case of the Longhorn dominated Dalls media casting A&M in a poor light, they even took Sherman's press conference quote out of context. The A&M friendly Houston media has cast this process in a completely different light.

    I'll be the first to admit that Sherman is a class act and I HATE that he didnt work out, but 99% of the crap coming out is nothing more than bitter "A&M is leaving the Big XII so we're going to smear them" BS. Sherman himself was nothing but class and went on and on about how much he respected and supported the A&M administration in his press conference today. He didnt have a bad thing to say about the school.
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    This is absolute garbage. Straight from Sherman's mouth:

    “I was on a recruiting trip, going to a home visit with a great young man who will be a phenomenal player here at Texas A&M,” Sherman said, adding that he was “almost in the (recruit’s) driveway when I got a call from our athletic director informing me of termination.”

    Frankly I am disgusted with the way this is all playing out. I think Toole was right when he called Loftin a putz. Byrne wanted to keep Sherman but Loftin and the board of regents are making a political move. Byrne is expected to be on his way out as well. Sadly, I think the Aggies are about to deserve they crap they are going to get from the SEC. This sucks.
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    huh, didn't see this part of his quote that is in the story on KBTX, which is here in aggieland.
    "It was disappointing, because my family found out before I did, because it was released (through a media leak) sooner than I was told," Sherman said. "That's disappointing, because I think we're better than that."
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    so he was driving to recruits homes to tell them he may be fired? :laugh1:
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    Very classless.
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    Byrne had to notify him ASAP because of the media leak. Better to find out over the phone than hear it from a recruit as was previously rumored. I am disappointed in the school and how it has behaved recently but I'm not going to stop cheering for the kids who wear the logo.

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