[REQ]: Hurd Block on Archuletta *.gif movie file

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TunaFan33, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. FCBarca

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    I watched it off of youtube instead...Hard to really blame Watkins on that one...Henry cut inside while Patrick was looking to create room on the outside...It happens, those situations are unpredictable really
  2. AmericasTeam31

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    I wasn't blaming him, I just got a kick out of it, because he looked like newman at first and I just saw him bolt out of the picture....
  3. daboys79

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    That was sweet
  4. BouncingCheese

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    That BIGG block was so sweet. It just makes you say oooooohhhhh damn!

    Archuleta had such a crappy game; he got pwned on so many plays. He should have stopped Barber there.

    Hurd killed Archuleta. That will be on all the highlight reels.

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