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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by FuzzyLumpkins, Aug 7, 2014.

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    So I over the last week or so there has been a serious bout of group think describing his play in 2012 as 'okay.'
    Well, if you know me at all then you know that I hate generalizations, especially emotional ones. I get the tepid response to be just that.

    It really tells me absolutely nothing. It doesn't tell me how he deals with the power combo block on him. It doesn't tell me if he gets push. It doesn't tell me if he has any rush. That type of response, I can literally go either way on any guess and i might be right. It's lazy thinking.

    So in the pursuit of truth and with a highly recommended NFLRewind account, I decide to take a look for myself.

    Popped on the 2012 Game 1 @NYG. In case people are forgetting is what went on that season, I think of it as the beginning of the injury years that we are still in today. Ware was healthy for this game as were Lee and Carter but Ratliff was out for this game. Brent is going to get a lot of snaps this game and for much of the season.

    First drive was a three and out. He is a 2 gap NT so his job first job is to hit the center. He only played two plays but on both he got push both times and they ran away from him. the second was on a stretch play. He does to me what looks like a good job shuffling his feet to the side to not muck up the line and shoving the center backwards. They run away from him. This center cannot single block him at the point of attack. Giants try to move their linemen back and forth. 3rd down was nickel and he isn't in it.

    Second drive showed him taking on multiple blockers twice. On was another zone play where they doubled him on the move. He has very good feet and he got into position and got more push than they did. the other was the power combo, the OG had to stay home a tick before he disengaged and he managed hold his ground. On another play, he picks up the C and deposits him into Mannings lap. Manning throws it away. Manning is able to pick on Claiborne and Church on the right side for first downs but Wilson fumbles it away to us.

    As an aside, I now remember why we were so down on Doug Free.

    Third drive sees us in the second quarter, Marcus Spears and Sean Lissemore are getting snaps at NT. They get zero push but its a 3 and out nonetheless.

    I miss Demarcus Ware but i don't miss Kevin OIgletree. Remember he was our third WR. Offense is struggling with Cook being forced into duty. Romo does not like pressure in his face and he throws a bad interception in the middle of the secondary that the Giants return to our 2 yard line.

    This drive sees Brent defending the goal. First snap, he pushes the center a yard back on a run to the right side strung out for a two yard loss. Second, the center tries to submarine him but he just overwhelms it. When the run right tries to cut back, he is in the middle to make the tackle for a 2 yard loss. He is not in on 3rd and 6 but he helped get us there. Outstanding effort.

    Next drive, Ryan is doing some of his hybrid fronts on first down but second down he is back in. Does a nice job sloughing the block and chasing down the line to get in on a tackle. He isn't in on 3rd and 8.

    Bissacia puts out better ST than we had that year. Offense is just a comedy of errors. 6 penalties and Tyron is struggling to block JPP. Those days are hopefully over. Ogletree still sucks. Bryant can win on the 9 route. TD to Ogletree of all people.

    I see that I feel a visceral loathing when seeing John Mara. Interesting.

    Ryan is giving more weird looks and Brent isn't in them as time winds down. Only two plays and the half is over.

    Miles Austin seems cooked. What on Earth happened to Felix Jones? A skinny legged Bryant is making plays. Witten battling through a spleen. I get the disrespect for Ogletree but you have to at least try to cover him. Webster takes a play off and Ogletree gets his second TD. Giants are playing like poo poo.

    Coleman manning NT along with Spears and Lissemore to start the next drive. Replacement refs inexperience slowing the game down. in route on Claiborne gets first down. Brent is inserted while Collinsowrth talks about how defenses wear out and the running game can get going. That is not what i am seeing.

    Now one thing that stands out to me that Brent needs to do a better job with is use his hands. there have been a couple of snaps where he just doesn't use them. He has a great body, he is kinda high cut but he is so wide he can stay low. He is like Zach Martin in that respect. He has really long arms but sometimes he just doesnt use them. Now he is explosive and this center is not playing exceptionally well but he will get up into the center and it looks like sea lions fighting.

    Silva sucks at safety and a long completion on third down. Goal to go and the Giants run outside, the center cannot hold his block but Brent is not going to catch that and its a TD. The team lost focus and gave themselves a letdown. Claiborne is awful versus the run here. Have to make that tackle.

    Romo scrambles for the first down. Have to wonder if we see that again this year. Murray is having a good game. Witten cannot pass protect. Ogletree runs a weak route. Bailey is establishing his reputation.

    On first down, Brent fails to get off a block on an inside run. The center finally makes a play. Brent uses a very unrefined On third down Hatcher roughs the passer. Yay replacement refs!
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    Following series of downs sees Brent blow up the double team. and move the line two yards back the run is to the inside and Bradshaw has nowhere to go. The OG apparently is pissed because he just cheap shot Brent in the back while engaged. No flag. Still not in on the nickel but Hatcher makes another play.

    The video quality is poor now and I accidentally posted the OP so I am going summarize: Brent was better than 'okay.' He was our best linemen on the 3-4 front as Hatcher did all his damage on the nickel.

    Game 1 2012 Brent would be the best 1T at practice right now and its not really close.
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    I remember him being a disruptive player who played better than his stats might have suggested his last season. I recall thinking at the time of the accident that he probably cost himself something on the order of a 4-5 year, $20M extension, fwtw. That's a pretty good young player, at that level.

    Who knows what shape he's in. Since the plan clearly was for him to come back to the league, I'm going to assume the retirement gambit was suggested by the league--at least approved of by them privately on a PR basis--and that Goodell is going to reinstate him without too much trouble. I'm also going to assume he's been able to keep his strength up during this time. So the issue is rust and his cardio-vascular conditioning. I admit, I'm curious to see how his play at the one might compare to Bishop's.

    With a lot of luck, a DL rotation that includes Spencer, Brent, Melton, Crawford, and Lawrence by the second quarter of the season--with players like Coleman and Bishop and Gardener and Selvie and McClain rotating in--might not be all that atrocious. Of course, that hinges on a ton of maybes still, but at least there's some reasonable talent in that group.
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    They say he has kept his weight down.

    i just keep going back to his effort on that goal line stand. It was really outstanding. NT are not supposed to get in on tackles but he does.

    I am just getting tired of the narrative saying that it has to be about more than just football. Brent was a good player in 2012. We don't have Jay Ratliff and Jason Hatcher anymore.

    On a final note, how can no one in this conversation bring up that Miller Light is the Cowboys top sponsor? When you make your money in part by encouraging drinking, you best be thinking twice about pointing that finger.
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    I will say that I think the Giants game planned around poor NT play. They did isos and stretches. they tried to run at him but couldn't. when the combo block didnt work on the second drive they just gave up on it.

    That is game changing.
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    I think Brent is a true 1 tech thats able to garnish double teaming. The rest of our DTs right now seem more like 3tech or a hybrid. Hayden is our other true 1tech but he sucks and can easily be handled by one guard or one center.
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    Some good football conversation here, Fuzzy.

    Brent has some raw talent and is a bull of sorts. He is trainable and mixed with his talents, could be a nice addition.

    I agree with your observations...but he was heading towards a stout defender against the run and a brute rusher with some inside speed. Put those long arms with technique, and that would prove worth a look, to this fan.
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    Thank you mr. Lumpkins,
    Love the review on Brent. Quit through.
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    I think the problem (other than getting past the PR piece for the team) is how long it would take him to get in game shape, and will there be any type of suspension?
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    Ken Bishop seems to be a guy that can fill that role as well.
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    problem is that he has been away from football so long will he ever even be that good again? What is going on with McClain just illustrates what a long layoff from playing and practicing does to you.

    To be blunt the O line of the Giants was NOT that GOOD. So the fact that he played well there, not that much of an indicator.
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    If he can win a job as a starter or backup then fine; as long as the competition is fair. They expect all the DL to get some push. If he can hold his ground and get some push then he'll compete. Who knows about his shape. If he's good enough then they may allow him to get into shape in camp. If he's suspended say 2-4 games then it won't start until the season begins. If he's good enough they may decide to keep him on the roster.
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    i wouls suspect it would take half the season to get him back to form. but the pr issues aside, if he can return to form he can help ths team. but i suspect it's gonna be a long road. hard to stay in "football shape' when you are away from the game and in his case he was a bit more away from the game
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    Wonder if he could go on the PUP / NFI list, take 8 weeks to get back in football shape. But still all depends on the outcome with his meeting today with Goodell.
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    Looking at the last season Josh Brent played, I remembered him being a disruptive player on the defensive line as well. We didn't have Ratliff and the Cowboys needed someone to step up in the middle of the defensive line and I believe Brent did a solid job with that assignment. I don't think he was a pro bowl caliber player while this was going on but he did catch my attention in a couple of games back then.

    I just hope Brent can get committed to getting into football shape and take this opportunity seriously to play this game again at a high level and the promise he showed before the accident.
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    Imagine the jolt to our defense about mid season from Brent getting into shape, and Lawrence, Spencer coming back. Could be huge for a playoff run.
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    Excellent review. Thanks for posting.

    That's about what I remember from Brent also. He was somewhat of a pet cat for me in the past. He was really powerful with decent quickness.

    He would likely not play in the Nickel defense which was 61% of the snaps for the Cowboys defense last season. I would think that if he is not suspended, that they would put him on the NFI at teh beginning of the season and let him work out at the team facility until he is in top physical condition and has had time to attend meetings and learn the Marinelli defense.
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    Analysis overload on a marginal players who is rusty, is a felon and halfs bad habits.
    you could half fixed the sink, gotten more butane for the tank for this winter or looked for the farm subsidy check in the mail but you chose to spend time on Brent.
    (But the post was well intentioned and we appreciates it)

    Good lucks.
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    As a football player, the team was very high on Brent. He was far and away the best one-tech on the team. He mucked up the middle really well.

    I don't know what's left of him now.
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    You know what, this thread was full of solid football talk until this post. There's always one..
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