RG3 wins Rookie of the year

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by 5Stars, Feb 2, 2013.

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    A trade of firsts does not equal giving up a first. What pick was Griffin ?
    You don't get that they gave up a first ? Hmm...

    But it is nice to see you defending him.

    2 firsts and a second.
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    Ok so they used a first rounder to draft him, gave up 1 current and two future first round picks and a second round pick as well. So all in all they traded 4 picks to move up what, 6 spots in a draft?
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    The point was 5 stars claimed the Redskins DON'T have 3 first round picks for a while

    This is incorrect. The Redskins don't have a first this year (number 24 pick overall) and won't have a first in the 2014 draft.

    Luckily the Redskins *do* have 7 picks in this draft and as of now 6 picks in the 2014 draft.

    If Shanahan can find another Alfred Morris type player late (whose play is such a bonus since he was a 6th rounder) the Redskins will be fine.

    In fact the key contributors in the 2 wins over the Cowboys this year were RG3 (great in both games, in particular on T-Giving) Aldrick Robinson (6th round pick) Alfred Morris (6th round pick), Garcon (free agent pickup) Niles Paul (5th round pick) Rob Jackson (7th round pick). Its clear right now the Redskins as a complete team and organization are in far better shape then the Cowboys and won't have to rely on the one man team the Cowboys have had to the last few years

    The big holes are at RT/LG, CB and S. Although I expect the team to load up a bit more on the offense and develop a more bend but don't break D in the redzone that also is able to force turnovers

    Now here is a fun question: Ask a St. Louis Rams fan what they would rather have right now

    Sam Bradford+ 2 additional 1st round picks


    RG3 who already has more division titles and playoff appearances then Bradford
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    Do you beleive that the Giants overpaid when they used 2 firsts, a third and a fifth for Manning?
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    I'm not taking anything away from Wilson or Luck, they are both extremely good QBs with above average scrambling and throwing. However, Wilson has the luxury of playing behind one of the league's fastest and most dynamic defenses while Luck plays in a lack luster division outside of Houston (many of the Colts wins this season came against sub .500 teams .....just stating facts here).

    RG3 on the other hand plays in the black and blue NFC East and won the division right off the bat on basically ONE LEG. You all think about that for a second; the worst thing for the Cowboys franchise is not the ineptitude of Jerry Jones. It is RG3 at or near 100%.

    In hindsight, exchanging 1sts, and trading two additional 1sts and a 2nd for this QB was like stealing a R.O.Y. and future MVP.
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    I wouldn't sleep on Bradford yet. I thought he had a good year, especially considering the talent around him. People rag on the guy but I think he has the potential to be a top tier qb.
    Check his 2012 stats:

    82.6 Passer Rating
    3702 Yards
    21 Touchdowns and 13 Ints

    those are solid numbers for a 3rd year QB, especially considering his situation. I mean, can anyone even name one of his WRs or TEs other than danny amendola? Steven Jackson is a solid vet but he is definitely in the twilight of his career.

    Not sure what there is to debate about what RG3 cost. If the skins didnt trade for RG3 they would have ended up with 3 first round players and a second round player instead, so that is what he cost..

    I still think Russell Wilson should have won ROY, but you won't see him complaining about it.
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    Dear God, for the Googolth time.....

    1. Exchanged 1sts
    2. Traded two additional 1sts
    3. Traded a 2nd.

    Say it with me......only 3 picks were involved in the deal for RG3, not 4!! Cowboys fans of all people should understand the importance of an above average QB. You take Romo away from Dallas and the train wreck for what it REALLY is will get exposed. A solid QB can hide your other flaws on both sides of the ball (ask Green Bay, New Orleans, and definitely Dallas).
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    You used 4 picks on him.

    1 to get him ...... and 3 traded away.
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    3 traded away.....which isn't 4 traded away, LoL. Now we're on the same page.
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    And worth every pick. It was a steal honestly with how he changed the franchise in his rookie year. I wonder if Fisher calls Shanny asking him for more picks now :)
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    In hindsight, we fleeced St. Louis for the rights to RG3. As long as he makes a commitment to protect his body moving forward, he can add multiple MVPs and at least one Lombardi Trophy to his Rookie of the Year accolade. Leading the way to a Division Title on one leg is the first chapter of many to come.
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    Man, Sk*ns fans are unbelievable. They don't even know how amazing they are in their natural habitat. Nobody make any noises, or you'll scare them off. :D
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    Appreciate the hospitality here, enjoying the stay so far, lol. Every board needs to have ambassadors from the rival team present.
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    Skin fans will never understand that. simple math 1 + 3 = 4

    thats what it cost them.
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    The problem with some of these visiting perspectives is that they fail to be self-critical of their own team specifically with respect to RG3.

    The giant elephant in the room is that RG3's style of play left him a gimp in the post season regardless of a very good rookie campaign.

    Looking at this critically speaking, I would be VERY concerned with not only the previous and current damage to the said knee but also with the style of play and context that created such injuries in the first place.

    As evidenced by taking foolish hits earlier this season and by defiantly challenging defenders through the continuance of reckless situatedness, RG3 will either be forced to adjust his style of play or continue to take substantive punishment that very well could shorten or end his career.

    If adjustments are made, to what extent will this frustrate his future success? If being honest, this should be a substantial concern going forward, though having Cousins as a back up plan could prove fruitful.

    The psychology behind, which directly corresponds to the overstatement of hope that RG3 brings to the Redskin Nation is understandable, their franchise has been in the basement of the NFC East for some time with little to no hope of change primarily due to the lack of even average QB play.

    To win the NFC East finally this past season, is much like a Super Bowl win for Redskins fans because from their perspective RG3 was the primary catalyst for such change, even though most everyone else knows the emergence of Alfred Morris makes even this possible.

    I do not blame Redskins fans for their enthusiasm and hope, however, it may be wise for them to actually engage in critical reflection with respect to RG3 before overstating his case.

    RG3 may be their current hope but his style of play may also be their doom and possible franchise undoing, it may go well with them to critically reflect before going over the edge of reason.:eek:
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    This is pretty much a long winded version of what I (a Redskin fan) said a couple posts before. RG3 will experience a long and prosperous career "IF" he makes a dedicated effort to protect his body and always remember without him we are a struggling franchise once again.

    Most rookie QBs have a learning curve of executing and running an offense. In RG3's case, he doesn't make many mistakes and operates our high scoring offense with ease. His specific learning curve is to make sound decisions involving his body once he crosses the line of scrimmage and into the lion's den of LB's and Safeties looking to blow him up. Pain is the greatest teacher I believe, enough concussions and banged up knees will educate the young man on respecting defenders and their ability to inflict pain if you are careless with your body beyond the line of scrimmage.
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    There isn't a Redskins fan with half a brain that isn't at least a little worried about his knee.

    Even though I have no idea what this means (I am going to assume that it was an Emmitt-ism and leave it at that), his "style" is overly analyzed and criticized. Yes, he needs to learn to slide faster. No, I don't like the number of designed runs. You know who you never hear any of this about? Russell Wilson or Colin Kaepernick. ESPN nearly wet itself when Wilson was throwing blocks for Lynch...

    Griffin's knee injury was a fluke injury. He was already on the ground with hs leg in the air when Ngata hit it. Beyond that -- you know what injury rate is in the NFL? 100%. Everyone gets injured. So many want to point to Griffin's running. Yes -- that adds an incredible dynamic to his game -- but he is an outstanding passer as well.

    Ultimately, I am not overly concerned about his knee, long term. Griffin is a worker. He will work to get better. He will work to become an even better passer. He will take less risks. He's a smart player -- he will only improve.
  18. Rogerthat12

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    Actually, this previous post penetrates the critical questions that should give you pause, the "IF" described is a HUGE factor and must be explored.

    Though a small sample size, RG3 was defiant during the season and it cost the team in the post season.

    He demonstrated a lack of wisdom and proper adjudication, with a veteran coach that clearly wants to win now, no matter the cost.

    To what extent will future adjustments frustrate his success?

    Michael Vick has not found an answer to this question and may possibly be permanently out of work.

    The previous retort you describe only acknowledges this fact on a surface level, then proceeds to overstate the accomplishments as most of us would expect.
  19. Idgit

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    I agree. A little friendly teasing goes both ways.
  20. SkinsHokieFan

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    That is what people tend to gloss over.

    The knee injuries (on the Ngata run and in the playoff game) and the concussion vs Atlanta were on designed pass plays from the pocket

    Where was RG3 safest? In the pistol on read option runs.

    The pocket is incredibly dangerous and has taken a full season from the likes of Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Carson Palmer, and even Randall Cunningham in 1991 who tore his ACL in week 1 while in the pocket. Aikman's career was cut short on a designed pass play where he rolled out. However most of his concussions up to that point took place, in the pocket. Theisman's career ended, in the pocket.

    Where RG3 has to adjust his game is 3 fold.

    1) Not every play will succeed. Holding, holding, holding the ball and then rolling out trying to make a play won't work in the NFL. Sometimes the best play is to just throw the ball away and try again on the next down

    2) When he runs he must get out of bounds or dive/slide quicker. He was much better about this later in the season (in particular the finale vs the Cowboys where we he was basically untouched while running the read option, but was hit in the pocket)

    3) In the pocket he has to become better at "climbing the ladder" which is a skill that Andrew Luck already has and is tremendous at. What happens when RG3 drops back is rather then stepping up in the pocket, he will roll outside the pocket and expose himself. If he improves at stepping up in the pocket he'll see he will be able to throw the ball downfield to some wide open WRs. He missed several easy TD passes this past season because he would roll out, rather then step up.

    I am not worried about his body type or "playing style" mainly because he is an excellent passer and I think the team will further take advantage of that skill. He passed very well vs the division teams in 1 of the 2 games (first Giants game, first Eagles game, Thanksgiving vs Cowboys) and has the skillset to make all the throws.

    His adjustment and improvement will take place within the confines of the pocket and how he moves about. When the Redskins do run the read option, which they should continue to do since it is so damn effective, he needs to do what he was doing post Cincinnati, either diving quickly OR throwing his hands up and circling backward when he gave the ball to Morris.

    I have no doubt he'll do more of the above 3 next season and will be even more effective.

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