RGIII 'way ahead of schedule'

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Sean50Lee, Feb 24, 2013.

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    The Redskins offense was firing very well in Dallas on Thanksgiving with Lee and Carter playing in the first half. Ratliff hasn't been the 2009 Ratliff since well 2009.

    Agree. Of course the Redskins were badly injured going into the finale as well. Having Carriker/Orakpo/Merriweather all year may have made the finale a meaningless game.

    No way, no how. The organization badly needed some sort of success, as did the fan base and we know our young players can win a "win or go home" type game. That win is going to be huge going forward

    As for RG3 being "way ahead" I'll just wait and see when he is on the field. I am not a doctor, and I don't think anyone else in this thread is either
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    That's more like it.

    I hope you keep Red running the show, and Jerry running Red.

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    I agree, except that it was Carter that went down in the second half of the Thanksgiving game. I think Lee got injured when they played Carolina and was not a factor in either game we played against them.

    I do agree that if we were as healthy as the Seahawks going into the postseason, we would have had a real chance at making some noise. I'm noticing a trend between teams which seem to constantly have large numbers of players on IR and one's that don't. Some injuries are just plain ole bad luck, but one of the major questions I have about the Skins are the training staff and how well they do at injury prevention and rehab (Arrington, Landry, Orakpo, Brown)...being glariing examples.
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    Dallas was missing 14 players by the half of that game.

    Sean lee was on ir. scandrick and carter. Went to ir after getting hurt early in the game.

    U guys beat us last year, but the reality is u were really only a posession better than us in both games, which is all it takes but u guys act like u were 14-2 and went to the Super Bowl.

    Hopefully this year we won't have Third string players on defense or Demarcus ware on one arm.
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    I agree 100%. I've been saying for years that Snyder needed to overhaul the entire medical staff, sans Dr. Andrews. Too often are players complaining about bad rehab programs, poor decision-making in how to handle minor injuries that eventually turned into major ones due to poor prevention techniques.

    Nearly every time we lose a player for the season due to a particular injury, I'm half expecting him to go down again next season with the same injury, and that notion has been right far too often. Orkapo tears his pectoral muscle, and then tears it again the next season. Landry tears his Achilles' tendon, then tears it again. The only one that surprised me recently was Hankerson not re-injuring his hip.
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    The last player I can remember having this much problem with his knee was Ki-Jana Carter.
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    Was Lee still on crutches that game? My how quickly he came back from toe surgery! :eek:
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    x 2 ;)
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    RG3 actually seems like a good kid. It is not his fault that the media went out of their way to make him God-like.

    As for the topic.

    I really think that Shanahan and the Skins ruined this kids career. The injury he had should have been season ending against Baltimore, but all Shanahan cared about was his legacy.

    It may end up being another injury to that knee, degenerative knee or even compensation injuries because of that knee but he will never be the same.
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    Man there are sure are lots of doctors in this thread. How do you guys find to post on the internet?

    Until proven otherwise, I'll take the opinion of Dr. Andrews over just about anybody in the business.

    I'll also wait and see what RG3 does on the field whenever he comes back, week 1 of 2013 or if its all the way till week 1 of 2014
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    It's sort of a compliment when Cowboy fans hope to see Rg3 get hurt.....you know and I know Rg3 anywhere near 100% is the Cowboys' ABSOLUTE worst nightmare! The beat down on Thanksgiving Day wasn't even Rg3 running all over the place, it was him annihilating your secondary for 300 yds and 4 Tds thrown, lol. He's still a QB with an arm......and that arm is rocket strong and pin point accurate.

    Yea, you all keep wishing for those injuries.
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    Some of us may be speaking from experience with blown up/reconstructed knees.

    Personally, I'm not buying what the doc is selling. If it was his first reconstruction..... maybe. But this is the second reconstruction on the same knee and now both knees have partial patella tendons. If one of those snap.... it's over!

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