Rich Gannon offers to help Russell (and is rejected)

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Joe Rod, Jan 7, 2010.

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    Gannon: I won't make that call again

    ALAMEDA, Calif. -- Rich Gannon won't be offering his help to the Oakland Raiders again any time soon.

    A day after the Raiders rebuffed an offer of help from their former quarterback, Gannon said on Sirius NFL Radio on Thursday that "I won't make that call again."

    Gannon said on his show Wednesday that he had called team owner Al Davis to offer any help for the organization and struggling young quarterback JaMarcus Russell. The Raiders responded that Gannon was the one who needed help.

    Gannon won the 2002 league MVP for the Raiders, leading them to the Super Bowl that season. Oakland has lost at least 11 games in all seven seasons since -- the longest such streak in NFL history.

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  2. HoleInTheRoof

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    Wow. Nice.

    The Raiders are funny.
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    I wish the league would just step in and tell Al Davis to pick up a new hobby. The Raiders are a disgrace. Russell is the exact opposite of model athlete.
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    Jamarcus is an even easier target for ridicule than Barbie and RW by far, and I thought that was impossible. As far as the Raiders go, it just goes to show what can happen to an organization team when a zombie runs amuck. I get the feeling those five wins they get every year are inspite of themselves.
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    They are still mad at Gannion for the comments he made this year about the Raiders organization.
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    I'm sure as far as the NFL boys go, including league guys and most of the owners, Al can't die soon enough.
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    IIRC, his mom passed at age 108. He might have longevity that the NFL doesn't want to consider. Can you imagine him running that team in 2030? It could very well happen.

    At some point though, the NFL might have power in it's bylaws to force the owner out of power in the same way a majority owner can be forced out of their own company by a vote of the BOR or stockholders.

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