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    Again... The coach doesn't have to give him the pass option.

    And some people act like every team with a big lead trying to run out the clock doesn't face a stacked box. Do people really think we're the only ones who see this late in the game? You run the ball anyway because your first concern isn't scoring or even moving the ball. It's making the other team fight you AND the clock as much as possible.
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    I agree with you on limiting options. JG deserves equal blame too.

    I thought they should have forced the run regardless of the pre-snap read, but I've also seen Romo ad-lib on his own outside of the intended play. 2010 vs Houston comes to mind and that ended up as TD to Roy Williams.

    Lets just hope that Linehan can be that change.
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    I have wondered aloud here many times if Romo is changing plays to pass plays and why the coaching staff don't limit his ability to free lance.
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    I simply don't know why.

    What I do believe is that the staff has come to the conclusion that they will live and die with those decisions made on the field. Romo gives us the best chance to win and that is what the coaching staff is betting on when they allow him to make those decisions.

    It's not like Romo is the sole reason that this teams falls short, but to say that he hasn't played a role is not true either. He can make magic out of a broken play but he can also torpedo a play too.

    How much you limit Romo is such a fine line because it really can go either way with his body of work.
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    I've always said you play to win. Sometimes that means sitting on the run and killing the clock, sometimes it means balls to the walls 80 yards in three plays. Johnson was a master at knowing which situation he was in against any given foe. Thats what made him so good, and the players ability to execute what ever path he chose (thats a key part too, if you cant run the ball, no sense in trying to run the ball). Johnsons Cowboys could do both at will.

    Man I miss them Cowboys.
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    Probably because they thought it was at least not a bad call or even the right call?

    I don't have a problem with Romo calling his plays. With a great O line, his decisions will look a lot better going forward. Romo is not an idiot when it comes to football and X's and O's.
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    Heres to hoping with the improved Oline this year, this will change in a big way. At least on the offensive side, Cant say if the D will be better or worse, hard to replace Ware with a bunch of 7th rounders and actually get better.
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    Yeah I know, our best bet this year is to let Romo rack the points up early then finish the game with ball control. Chewing up the play clock with the run game. But in regards to the D I think it may be solid this year mid of the pack but nothing special. I would rather have a group of young guys with a question mark than a group of vets with a question mark. Also hopefully next year we will draft a few studs on the dline and some how find a rangey safety.
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    Depends on the circumstances. Parcells was right going ultra conservative with a wide-eyed Tony Romo with less than a full season starting under his belt against the Seahawks in that playoff game.

    Garrett would be wrong doing the exact same thing this year. The hand is different. You shouldn't play it the same.

    With these cards you attack, attack, attack on offense because that's pretty much all we've got. We can't win a field position battle.
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    And you could have the goods in the days before a salary cap - or you could after the Vikings gave you a crazy return for Hershel Walker. Post salary cap is all about craptastic parity ball and you have to be very good and very lucky to have a dominant team.
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    You have to know your team to make those decisions. As a fan who watches every game very carefully, I can tell you that over the last 3-4 years, I have zero confidence in our O Line getting a running first down outside of one yard. 3rd and 2+ was a passing down because the line just couldn't be trusted to get it done. That was not the case in the 90's. Hopefully, with the new picks on the OL, that will change and we can actually have a balanced offense. I find it very hard to believe that JG doesn't want to run more, especially on short yard situations, but I don't think he could up to now. We will see if that changes if this OL is as good as it should be.
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    This particular coach doesn't seem to have to worry about consequences of doing his job poorly. That helps.
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