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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by UnoDallas, Apr 19, 2010.

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    I saw some of it on si fi channel - I read the books long long time ago - I remember I could not put it down - of course I have always been a big fan si fi books - read Dune
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    I watched part of it, looks ok. I will watch the rest this weekend. They had actually made a movie of this a few years ago but never finished the story. Now I guess this one completely retells the whole story.
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    I watched some of it also. The phrase, poorly produced boring dumb crap springs to mind.
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    Well, it is the 'SiFy' channel. They have no clue what science fiction is anyway. When you peddle a product without even knowing what it is, you don't do so well.
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    It is about budget they are cheap look at their history they do produce some good series but they cancel even with good ratings because of money.

    Far Scape was still it's highest rated show but the cost to produce and pay the actors went up so they ended the series despite the high ratings because they are cheap

    StarGate took it over from showtime canceled after many seasons because of budget cost despite some of it's better ratings on the channel

    Stargate Atlantis same about season 7 cost a little more see Farscape as an example cancel series despite still having good ratings.

    Then they like to produce low budget films Mega Prahan is all you need to know about the Syfy channel.

    You also realize they changed the name from SciFi to SyFy because they could not brand the name SciFi.

    So any movie produced by the SyFy channel will be low budget bad acting it is how they operate since their inception
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    I was wondering what that was. I watched a few minutes but it looked pretty bad so I switched back to Family Guy.

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