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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Edge, Apr 22, 2012.

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    Draft Day: Belichick has fallen in love with Brockers, sees Brockers developing
    in the Seymour mode. Goes againts their draft tradition and trades up giving the
    boys 27 & 31 for 14 straight up.

    1-27 Peter Konz C

    Teams weakest link, ask yourself, do you want to go to NY on opening day
    with the likes of Costa,Kowalski,etc. constantly landing into Romo's lap?...I thought so.

    1-31 Coby Fleener TE

    Witten's still got it, but he's got alotta mileage even at 30.
    Games all about mismatches and Fleener at 6'6" with 4.45 wheels
    in the slot, kick'm out wide would
    provide just that. Phillips is just not the same since the injury.

    2-45 Jared Crick DE

    There is no doubt that Rat needs help, and it didn't help any when Brent got
    hurt and Coleman was a non factor, he just simply wore down, no one on the front
    4 really scares anyone except Rat, Unlike whe Jay played next to Canty
    Crick will for sure help the rotation and provide some edge rush sorely needed.

    3-Brandon Brooks OG

    Finish what they started with Tyron Smith and Peter Konz. Plug Brooks in next
    to Free and watch Murray and CO. do some major roadgrading, Break a pool stick
    over your knees and let Livings and Bernadeau fight it out for LG.

    4-Josh Norman CB

    Love his swagger, plays agressive sorta in the A.Samules mode. Locked it
    down at the Senior Bowl.

    4-Cyrus Gray RB

    Good size and bulk plays with good vision, patient runner with nice speed & cutback ability with some power to boot,
    Y'know you just can't trust Murray and Jones being staying healthy for 16+.

    5-Hebron Fangupo DT/NT

    Help on the interior Dline, big and ox strong 2 down run plugger.

    6-Chris Greenwood CB

    Could be a nice development Corner, had a good pro day buzz. Like Garcon
    might be the next divIII player to make good.

    7-Kelcie McCray S

    Excellent size with good speed, played more SS but has good
    intermediate coverage skills, could further his tecnique with some coaching.

    UDFA's in no particular order:

    Nicolas Jean-Baptiste DT/NT
    Competition for Fangupo plain and simple.

    Emil Igwenagu TE/HB
    Might make a nice HB

    Antoine McClain OG

    Cory Harkey TE
    One of the better blocking TE in this years pool.

    Drew Butler P

    Johnny Thomas S
    Could he have turned out better than Markelle Martin if he stayed in school?
    red flags? maybe

    Darron Thomas QB
    Sleeper Pick
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    Solid mock. Haven't seen a lot of Crick but between he and Reyes, who is better.
  5. xwalker

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    1-27 Peter Konz C
    1-31 Coby Fleener TE

    Yes, I'll take Konz + Fleener over Barron.

    2-45 Jared Crick DE
    I personally prefer Reyes or even Derek Wolfe over Crick.

    3-Brandon Brooks OG
    He probably gets drafted in the 2nd.

    4-Josh Norman CB
    I know he was good at the Senior Bowl and has the agressive attitude that I like; however, it is hard to play CB in the NFL if you don't have the speed.

    4-Cyrus Gray RB

    5-Hebron Fangupo DT/NT

    6-Chris Greenwood CB
    Good pick.

    7-Kelcie McCray S
    Reasonable pick in the 7th.
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    Reyes played DT in college and that's where he'd play at
    The next level, stout against the run with some pass rush
    Potential up the middle evidently displayed at the senior bowl.
    Crick will give you DE pressure off the edges. If Crick did
    not get hurt so early in the season and at least duplicate
    His previous stats for the last 2 years, there would be no
    doubt he would be in 1st rd conversations.
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    i would not be surprised to see a wr or rb picked in the fourth round. i bet we will trade the first fourth round pick for a early 5 round pick instead.
  8. brooksey1

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    Nicely Done, I would be happy with that draft.
  9. xwalker

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    On a 3-4 team, Reyes would be a DE.
  10. cowboy_ron

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    It's kinda dried up
  11. ghst187

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    sign me up, I'd take it.
  12. xwalker

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    Well your draft much like NE might get us an unstoppable offense, but like them we would watch our defense allow 38 points per game. :eek:

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