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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Cowboy from New York, Mar 6, 2005.

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    Just posting him because his name has been coming up with Dallas and draft plans.
    I don't like him where Kiper has us taking him at #20 but if he falls to us in the 2nd then it would be a good pick.
    Does anyone know if this guy has a pro day coming up where his stock could go up? He seems to be under the radar with Williamson and others shooting up the charts. Which sucks becuase while I like R White in the 2nd, I'd go love Williamson at 20. Thats what I'll be holding my breath for on draft day from picks 12-19.

    Wide Receiver
    6'2 | 205 | 4.45*

    HOME TOWN: Charleston, SC
    HIGH SCHOOL: St.James Island

    *Estimated 40 time, AP Photo
    QUICK STRENGTHS: Speed, Size
    QUICK WEAKNESSES: Release, Routes
    NFL COMPARISONS: Big guy who has lots of talent, but just needs some polish much like the Buccaneers' Charles Lee.
    One of UAB's all time leading receivers, White has played a role since his true freshman season for the Blazers when he was also used as a return man. Became the full time starter as a sophomore and started there all the way through his senior season.

    White is a big, sturdy target who has been productive throughout his collegiate career. For a bigger target, he has really good deep speed. He doesn't have the quickest first step, but once he gets going, he's able to run by defenders. When the ball is in the air, the does a nice job of going after it and he catches the ball with his hands. He does have some moments where his focus wanes and he'll drop a ball, but for the most part, his hands are solid. One area where he can improve is route running, his routes tend to be a little sloppy and he could work on sharpening his breaks. His release is only average for a player his size, and he needs to do a better with his hands and with getting off the line quicker. He has great strength and downfield blocking should be one area that he excels in, although he doesn't always dominate his man like he is capable of doing.

    White has the tools to become a go to receiver at the NFL level. He needs to refine his game but he has the athleticism teams look for. He should go no later than the mid 2nd Round and could go as high as the early 20s.

    Year Team Rec Yards TDs
    2000 - Fr UAB 14 236 2
    2001 - So UAB 39 580 3
    2002 - Jr UAB 39 844 7
    2003 - Sr UAB 41 886 9
    TOTALS 123 2576 21
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    I dont know why they make the comparison to Lee in TB. There's about a 30 pound difference.
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    2nd rounder at best, otherwise someone overpaid. I definitely like Williamson, Clayton, and Murphy better any pick after 19. I think Murphy is a good value in the second. I think he'll be better in the NFL than at A&M, not used that well there.
    Honestly, I like the kid from Arkansas, Matt Jones I think, better than White. Jones is a BIGGER and better athlete IMO.

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