Rodney Harrison suspended 4 games for HGH..

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by juck, Aug 31, 2007.

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    New England Patriots safety Rodney Harrison will be suspended by the NFL for four games because he admitted to federal investigators that he obtained Human Growth Hormone, sources told on Friday.
    Harrison had a hearing with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Friday, the sources told ESPN's Chris Mortensen. The Patriots could announce the suspension as early as Saturday.
    A league spokesman said the NFL had "no comment" about Harrison, who also could not be reached. Efforts to reach the Patriots were unsuccessful.
    The admission by Harrison has never been made public but his name was among those known to federal and New York state investigators that conducted a two-year investigation into an Internet pharmaceutical distribution ring for steroids and other performance enhancers such as HGH.
    Investigators have discovered several athletes across many sports whose names were linked in the probe. Sources say at least one NFL assistant also has been questioned.
    Chris Mortensen is an NFL analyst for ESPN.

    wasnt this guy out alll ast year tho too?Belechek could throw my cat in a position and make it work i dont understand how thy do it year after year.
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    This probe could get ugly for all sports leagues and sports entertainment companies

    the WWE suspended 10 wrestlers that were named by these same prosecutors
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    Not that big of a deal for New England, they just plug somebody in and keep on going.

    I agree with you, I dont know how they just throw anybody out there and all of a sudden they are a freaking all-star. :mad:
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    The WWE suspended someone for steroids? That's like the Miss South Carolina pageant suspending someone for illiteracy.
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    All of those injuries he has sustained... I know now why he has been able to come back so relatively fast, or even come back at all.

    He wasn't doing it to get stronger so much as heal his injuries like Luis Castillo when he was drafted.

    But I like Luis Castillo unlike Harrison. Rodney Harrison is a cheap player who puts cheap hits on people. I think he is an a**-hat.

    Goodell, suspend him now. yay

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