Roethlisberger: "Steelers are the world's team."

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NeonDeion21, Dec 12, 2012.

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    Maturity, intelligence, etc. Sure, I'd say that's what defines a good fan. And just for the record I think I'm somewhere in between a good fan and a bad fan. There's a lot about the team I don't know. I'm not trying to call anyone out. There are people on here who blow me away with all they know and how they never give up on the team.

    I don't think acknowledging flaws makes anyone a bad fan. If that's how it sounds I'm not communicating well enough. How you handle yourself and the things you say about the team even when they're losing is where good and bad start to separate.
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    The raper should shut the heck up. World's team? Yeah, if you include the refs who helped the Squeelers win those Superbowls.
  3. the kid 05

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    no the world hates our football, they love their "football"
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    I don't know who is a kool aid drinker. I'm certainly not one. A kool aid drinker would say this team is going to the Super Bowl no doubt about it. A realistic fan like me says this team is 7-6 in the thick of a wild card or division title with 3 weeks to go and still something to play for. While this team does have something to play for then I will be rooting for them to WIN. Not rooting for a higher draft pick or we can't win if such and such isn't playing.

    As for celebrating small wins, LOL what the heck is a 'small win' in this league. That doesn't exist. Wins are extremely hard to come by in this league. Just keep telling us how great Parcells was while he was here and I'll keep rooting for my favorite team to win.
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    I get the feeling that a lot of people aren't familiar with the origins of "America's Team". It seems like most believe that it's a moniker created by the Cowboys.
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    No offense to you, but I've grown weary of the "real fan" phrase. There's a better than not chance that if you're posting on this board, you qualify as a "real fan". Just because someone doesn't agree with your point of view on something, doesn't make them any less of a fan.
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    I don't know that Ed hates the Cowboys, he probably does, but like most Pittsburgh writers he types his articles in between waving his terrible towel.
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    Homer turning into a realist I see. I'm proud of you. With that said.. Homers or Realists are both "Real Fans".
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    Yea I have read him plenty of times before.

    Its a small town, small town media always pulls for and on the side of the team.

    No big deal.
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    The amusing thing about Pig Pen Ruthlessraper's comment is when Bob Ryan of NFL Films dubbed us "America's Team" it was because he had been traveling all over Europe and everywhere he went he saw people wearing Cowboys stuff.

    So while he thinks it was clever it was actually wrong. No matter what other country you go to, you're going to find more Cowboys fans than Steelers fans.
  11. tomson75

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    Not to intervene in the "Homer vs. Realtard" debate...

    ...but I think it's great. They can have the world....I hear it's a messed up place anyway.

    Yay America! Booo world!
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    What a mental midget, I hate the Steelers and there holier then thou attitude with a rapeist under center. Dallas Fans better not sell tickets too these idiots or its going to be one embarrassing day.
  13. RXP

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    Too late. Look for half the stadium to be Steeler fans.
  14. Irving Cowboy

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    Ummmm, no. Never, in any statement has Bob Ryan ever said it was because he saw people in Cowboys gear in Europe. It was because he saw so many people in Cowboys gear at Cowboys' away games that made him come up with the moniker.

    How many people do you think were wearing Cowboys gear in Europe in 1978/79? You shouldn't have to use more than one of your best friends to count how many. The fact he even dreamed that one up really is an insult to what little intelligence I have.
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    Do people outside of the US even watch American football? Isn't that why NFL Europe folded?

    And as I've said before, 1 playoff win the last 16 years yet we're always on primetime and one of the highest rated teams every year. Networks aren't stupid. They know. This is not even debatable.
  16. tomson75

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    There are hundreds of thousands of americans abroad. Military households alone could easily make spotting Cowboys gear an infrequent occurrence....even in the 70's.
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    No one across the globe knows who he is. But, the 2 women he paid off after they accused him of rape do. They also think he's a super creep.
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    I don't really hate Steelers but I hate Ben Rapelisberger with a passion.

    If we win against Atlanta on Sunday, I will seriously root for Dallas to whip this guy's butt.
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    a little shout out to the fake fans. you're goats & pigeons.
  20. Hostile

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    If you ever travel down to Mexico the Cowboys have a huge following there. I wish the old Dallas Cowboys Weekly newspapers were online somewhere archived. That's where I first read the article about Bob Ryan's nickname. All that old nostalgic stuff would be fun to look through again.

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