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    :star: Roger Thomas Staubach :star:
    QB, Navy
    1963 Heisman Trophy Winner


    Roger Thomas Staubach. . .1963 Heisman Trophy winner. . . Four-year Navy service preceded pro play. . .Noted for last-minute heroics, guided Dallas to four NFC titles, Super Bowl VI, XII wins. . .MVP in Super Bowl VI. . .All-NFC five years . . .Career stats: 22,700 yards, 153 TDs passing; 2,264 yards, 20 TDs rushing. . .83.4 NFL passer rating best ever at time of retirement. . .Four-time NFL passing leader. . . Born February 5, 1942, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

    Inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame 8/3/85
    Inducted in Cowboys Ring of Honor 10/9/83

    Super Bowl VI MVP
    6 time Pro Bowl...1971, 75 - 79

    Link to Roger Staubach's Hall of Fame Page
    Link to Roger Staubach's Stats
    Link to Roger Staubach's Home Page

    Roger Staubach joined the Dallas Cowboys as a 27-year-old rookie in 1969 and didn't win the regular quarterbacking job from until his third season in 1971. But for the nine seasons he was in command of the potent Cowboys attack, the Dallas played in six NFC championship games, winning four of them, and also scored victories in Super Bowls VI and XII.

    The 6-3, 200-pound Staubach wound up his career after the 1979 season with an 83.4 passing rating, the best mark by an NFL passer up to that time. His career chart shows 1,685 completions in 2,958 passing attempts, which were good for 22,700 yards and 153 touchdowns.

    Making Staubach particularly dangerous was his ability to scramble out of trouble – his 410 career rushes netted him 2,264 yards for a 5.5-yard average and 20 touchdowns. He led the NFL in passing four times. He was also an All-NFC choice five times and selected to play in six Pro Bowls.

    Staubach first starred as a quarterback at the U. S. Naval Academy, where he was a Heisman Trophy winner as a junior in 1963. Following his graduation, he spent a mandatory four years on active duty, including service in Vietnam, before he was able to turn his attention to pro football.

    During his finest years with the Cowboys, Roger had the reputation for making the big play. He was the MVP of Super Bowl VI and provided the offensive spark in a defense dominated Super Bowl XII victory.

    In 1972, he missed most of the season with a separated shoulder but he relieved Craig Morton in a divisional playoff against San Francisco and threw two touchdown passes in the last 90 seconds to defeat the 49ers, 30-28.

    With that performance, he won back his regular job and did not relinquish it again during his career.
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    Roger never lost a game he just sometimes ran out of time before he could finish winning it.
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    The lasting image of Roger for me will always be that last regular season game against the Redskins in 1979. Roger was simply a magician if there was time left on the clock. To this day I have yet to see a QB who could manage the clock better. I remember thinking Roger was a step above everyone else and that day was the epitome of the evidence of this. To this day that reamins my all time favorite game.
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    The strange memory I have of Staubach is his reaction when Jackie Smith dropped a fairly easy touchdown catch in SB XIII. He was such a competitor and a class act. Still my favorite football player of all time, with Emmitt Smith a close second.
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    I either watched on television, heard on the radio, or saw in person (only a couple of games) every regular and post-season snap that Staubach took as the Cowboys QB. (and all but one preseason game)

    He was truly special.
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    Yeah, that last game against the Redskins remains indelible. As does the playoff loss to the Rams a few weeks later. I remember racing home from church in 1979 to watch the game we played at Three Rivers, in which he left due to a concussion. I was privileged to catch the tail end of his career. Just wish I'd been there from the beginning.


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    Many of you are not going to believe this but as big a star as Roger Staubach was in Texas, he was even bigger in New Mexico. As many of you know, prior to playing for Navy, Roger Staubach was an Cadet her at New Mexico Military Institute. The Cowboys have always been big in NM but Roger Staubach was even bigger. As a boy playing and watching football, there just wasn't ever a better role model then Roger Staubach. For me, there was never a single event that stood out more then others. For me, it was more of a feeling when he retired from Football. I just remember thinking to myself that an era, not just in football, but in life had ended. People looked at things differently, society was no longer the same as it had been when Staubach had grown up and joined the NFL. I guess for me, it kinda marked an end of a certain way of life. Perhaps overly dramatic on my part but thats really how it was in my mind. Never the less, I enjoyed watching him play immensly. Feel lucky to have had the opportunity.
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    December 16, 1979. It was a miserably cold, windy and wet day, that just got colder as the 3rd quarter wound down, and night fell on Texas Stadium.

    I still smile when I see highlights from that day, thinking how if it wasn't for my best friend Jeff Clayton, and a really gay-looking knit cap and scarf combination, borrowed from my Grandma, I wouldn't of gone because it was "just TOO DAMN COLD!"

    I'd of truly missed the greatest game I've ever seen.

    It's funny, sometimes I see this same 30-40 second clip from NFL Films on that game, and they cut to close-up shots of fans in the stands.

    A couple of the shots have these people in shirt sleeves with no jackets, hats etc etc. I always think, "what the hell game are THOSE shots from!?!" 'cus trust me, anybody who was in that stadium, on that miserably cold day, was either dressed like Nanook of the North, or they didn't make it out of there alive! :laugh2:
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    The 1979 Redskins game was the best. I will never forget it.
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    Roger Staubach, Class of 1965. For his performance during the 1963 season he was named recipient of college football's top honor, the Heisman Trophy. He is the only midshipman to win the Academy's Thompson Trophy Cup for best all-around athlete three consecutive years.




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    Navy should have kept that helmet with the Jolly Roger flag. I've never seen that. It's great.
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    A larger version....

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    I can still hear my father saying, "Roger come back.":cry:
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    Hell, come over to my house and you'll continue to hear me say it as well. ;)
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    that was probably the best overall game of his career. even landry commented on that later on.

    i was at the last game of his career. the win vs the redskins put dallas in the playoffs. we played the rams at home. that game was at the totally opposite end of the spectrum from the redskin game. staubach completed the last pass of his career to guard herb scott resulting in a penalty.
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    Roger Staubach was the epitome of a great athlete.............a star in many sports, a spotless life style, a devoted family man, beloved by all (except the Redskins), and above all the greatest QB in Dallas Cowboy history! One of my fondest memories of Roger was in 1978 when I was transfered to Minnesota by my company. My first day at work in my new enviroment resulted being bombarded by the majority of my fellow employees that they hated Roger and Drew Pearson for cheating in the famous Hail Mary game played in MN! Roger was a rotten SOB because he threw the pass to the other SOB (Drew) who pushed off the Viking cornerback and scored the winning touchdown! Still in MN 29 years later and the mood has changed a little bit because the new Viking generation doesn't remember Roger and Drew and have new hatreds.........Aikman, Smith and Irvin! There will never be another Roger Staubach!
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    THIS is the look... silver pants and all of the blues match...
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    My thoughts exactly. Roger Staubach, is the reason I am a Cowboys fan today. Captain comeback, the master of the twilight rescue mission.

    :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

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