Rogers to battle at RT

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ljs44, Jul 29, 2005.

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    Looks like Rogers might not be a bust after all. All of the recent articles have said that he would be playing LT to get his confidence back. BP just stated that its him, Vollers, tucker at RT to battle out. Good news.

    I bet this was the player that Parcells was thinking of at RT that he thought no one would guess.

    Would be GREAT if Rogers won the job!

  2. Bobo

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    Yeah Rogers at RT and Pettiti at LT. Opposite of what most would think I guess, but as long as we find something that works :cool:
  3. dmq

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    What about Ben Noll?
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    Time to step up Jacob!
  5. ljs44

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    I think BP said Noll will be at Guard, but will know both Tackle spots
  6. ljs44

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    That would be a HUGE plus that no one really hoped for.

    I emailed Goose about Rogers a few weeks ago, and he replied

    I think they think Rogers is a wash. I'd be surprised if he's anywhere in the starting five. I think Allen & Adams will be the two tackles when it's all said and done.

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    Seeing as how Big Bill said no one knows what he is thinking for RT, I have a thought. Is there any chance that they think Rogers can play LT, and they move Flozell to the Right side?? I know that would put Bledsoe's blind side in serious jeopardy, but that would be a solution out of left field, that no one would consider. Now that you've listened to my non-sense, what do you think the starting O-line will be. Thanks for all the great work by the way.


    Westminster Maryland (deep in the heart of Raven/Redskin country)

    So if Rogers can step it up, that would be so great.
  7. Hostile

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    I think this is good news for the team in a lot of ways.

    #1. Larry Allen stays at LG where his strengths are obvious.

    #2. Rogers may prove himself and we feel better about choosing him.

    #3. It gives Pettiti a chance to groom for when Flo leaves. No rushing a good prospect.
  8. blindzebra

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    Actually, I'd bet they'd switch sides down the road. Rogers gets a season or two to play while Pettiti backs up both spots. Rogers moves to LT when Flo's cost/production makes him a cap hit and Pettiti steps in at RT.
  9. Chocolate Lab

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    LJ, that was a good try, but I would ask JJT or Archer or Mosley in the future. I don't think Gosselin knows anything about what Bill thinks, nor does he particularly care. He's a ~little finger raised in air ~ NFL writer, not a Cowboys one. ;)

    But yes: Rogers was the first guy mentioned when Sham asked who would be competing for the RT job. Said Rivera had really helped Rogers understand what being a good player meant.
  10. 50cent

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    After listening to BP, it just seems Rogers and Rivera have built some type of bond through the off-season. Hope it carries over to the right side of the line.
  11. AsthmaField

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    I bet you're right BZ. Pettiti seems more like a RT and Rogers like a left.

    In the mean time though, they're going to play Rogers at RT and leave Flozell where he is. I think it's a good plan personally.

    I have thought for a while that Rogers wasn't going to be a bust, unless injury just forced it. He was too good a player in college to just flop in the pros.

    It'll be nice to get a return on the second round pick we used, and if he turns out to be a good tackle, hopefully we'll have the future of our OL in pretty good hands with Rogers, Peterman, Johnson and Pettiti. All we'd need is one more OG and we'd be set... and Noll could be that guy.

    As it is, we have some very, very good depth on the OL and a lot of promise for the future.
  12. Portland Fanatic

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    Bingo...that would seem to make the most sense, but then again....
  13. SuspectCorner

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    i'll breathe that sigh of relief when i see rogers playing in a preseason game. i'm pretty surprised to hear about his apparent recovery. that would be great.
  14. Hostile

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    I consider that very good news. Rivera is a perfect type to mentor a young lineman.
  15. DLCassidy

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    Cool beans. Rivera's signing may already be paying dividends.
  16. Ken

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    Thinking the same thing.....

    Rivera could have a profound affect on all our young guys, and maybe even our older guys..... Allen in the best shape in years and FLo drops a bunch of weight. Coincidence? Maybe.

    I just remember that one of the mantra JJ and BP had when they signed was Leadership more than anything else.

    I'm liking our OL a bunch right now.
  17. FuzzyLumpkins

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    I think a lot of the Rogers bust talk started when Eskimo relayed to us some possible doom and gloom scenarios with shoulder injuries and the Boselli talk.

    Im just glad to see that he is going to let his play decide his future and not an injury.
  18. playit12

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    What is our lesson learned from who BP talks up before and durring camp?

    I get the feeling they might be pumping his trade stock a little... but who knows.
  19. da_boyz_mk

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    it raised my eyebrows when i read that rivera praised rogers' work ethic in the offseason. hopefully that will translate into success on the field.
  20. ddh33

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    I think everyone has been in way too big of a hurry to label Rogers as a bust. Everyone should know by now that Bill's guys get every chance to prove themselves. Rogers is a coach's son and, by all reports, a hard worker. He struggled with injuries last season, which was disheartening to fans and coaches, but I actually think he's going to be alright. Remember, this guy played big time college football at a very high level.

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