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    I see lots of posters coveting A. Rolle, CB for Miami Hurricanes. I believe Antonio Perkins (CB-University of Oklahoma) is a much better cover corner, and a better athlete. Perkins has good size, excellent instincts and more polished skills. Moreover, he is an outstanding kick/punt returner and, if my memory is correct, holds the NCAA record for punt/kick returns for a touchdowns. The guy has great speed, quickness and recovery. If he is healthy I think he will be the first corner selected in the draft.
  2. mullet

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    they should draft perkins. and then not let him return kicks. and they can draft three late round kick returners.
  3. Hostile

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    This is just my opinion, but we should wait until the 2nd round for a CB and take the best available.

    That said, if Rolle is available we have to consider him. He is a playmaker and we need some badly.

    That is why I think Derrick Johnson is a great pick for this team. He makes plays. Same with Mike Williams.

    Rolle is the best CB on the board by a fair margin. Perkins, Webster, and Jackson probably round out a decent class.
  4. ghst187

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    Well I'm a 2000 OU alum (national champs) and grew up in OK...couple that with the fact that I can't stand U of Miami or its punka** thugs but the fact remains that they put out more outstanding NFL athletes than almost every other program in the nation (Ohio St and Mich are about the only rivals).
    I've watched Perkins closely all of his OU days and yes he is an outstanding athlete and phenom punt returner. I've also seen Rolle play a good number of times and I have to say that your overall assessment is wrong. Rolle and Jackson are head and shoulders above all the other CBs in the upcoming draft. Rolle is great in coverage and probably the bigger playmaker but I'd give a slight edge in pure coverage skills to Marlin Jackson. Marlin reminds me of Ty Law so much its scary. You also have to remember at which college program they learned to play cb. Miami puts out good dbs. Marlin Jackson learned in the same program that Ty Law, Charles Woodson, etc did. Now there are definitely some other good cbs in coming out but I'd firmly rank them in this order:
    1) Rolle
    2) Marlin Jackson
    3) Corey Webster- better size than Rogers
    3) Carlos Rogers - bigger playmaker than Webster
    4) Miller
    5) Perkins- I just don't foresee him being a star NFL cb, pr maybe. Remember Derrick Strait last year? No NFL fans do either and Strait was the best cb OUs put out in a LONG LONG time. He wasn't drafted until like the 4th round.
  5. Jimmie

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    If I had my choice, it would be Rolle/Jackson. 1/1a.

    I like Rolle, for the same reason others have posted and also because the kids coming out of Miami make plays....

    Derrick Johnson, Rolle, Jackson, they're all playmakers. Until Mike Zimmer gets ahold of em, then they gotta worry too much about not taking the right first step, in his scheme. :(
  6. Encore

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    I've been on the Antrel Rolle bandwagon since last season. This season with the bad play I've taken my eye off of thier stars. I haven't seen much of Antrel Or Orien Smith I believe his name is. So I can't judge too much on this years play. Last year he was very good, and what stands out to me about his play. He is very pysical out there.

    This season.. I've really started to watch Carlos Rogers. He is one I hope we grab in the 2nd round. We can go DE/DT/LB in the first. Then Grab him in the 2nd.
  7. Kevlee06

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    Antrelle Rolle is a beast and is the #1 CB in this years draft. That being said if he isnt available please Cowboys take a CB that can run with WR's AND actually make plays on the ball. THAT is by far the most important skill they should be looking at.
  8. ghst187

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    If we could grab Mike Williams and Derrick Johnson with our first round picks I would do that and try to jockey with our second round pick to get carlos rogers. I think he will be very good. My guess is that he won't be as good a cover cb as Newman but that he will get more ints (which won't be that hard actually).
    I like Rolle and Marlin a alot but if those other guys are there, I think there are more good cbs coming out that impact WRs and LBs. The one thing I don't like about taking the 1st cb in the draft is the pressure that puts on a guy. If you take the second best cb, you've automatically lowered the pressure on a young guy exponentially. TNew has been under an electron microscope since the day he was drafted (and he's playing in a nonplaymaking defensive scheme).
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    Tennessee is up there too.

    Back to the topic, but kinda off topic, someone brought up the point that maybe Rolle could play safety. Maybe FS? He's a physical CB, supposed to only have average speed for a CB but would probably have very good speed for a FS, supposed to have good ball skills. I'm sure it's a long shot for that to happen, but it's an interesting twist.
  10. Verdict

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    As far as Strait goes he was an outstanding COLLEGE Cb, but I doubted he could project to the NFL due to the fact he just isnt big enough or fast enough to be an NFL cb. I was really on the Rolle bandwagon earlier in the year, but I have changed my mind on him. He is a Roy Williams type of DB...outstanding and physical. The more you watch Rolle the more you see his warts. I think he is a liability in coverage.
  11. Verdict

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    He should be an outstanding Strong safety, but, in my opinion he would be a MARGINAl NFL corner.
  12. Verdict

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    Perkins will go before round 4 my friend. Remember Woolfolk who was a 1st round CB to the titans. Perkins is better than Woolfolk, or Strait.
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    I think we need to make sure we shore up the DL first. DB's are kinda irrelevant if the DL can't get pressure on the QB, especially with the current NFL rules enforcments.

    While Rolle or Jackson i wouldn't mind, I would rather see us grab a DT or DE high. I think pretty much anyone we get other than that will make less impact because of the lack of even holding up the OL that our current DL produces.

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