Romo 1-5 in win or go home games

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by JoeyBoy718, Dec 26, 2012.

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    Romo is a different style of QB than Peyton Manning he relies on his athletic ability to slip defenders and get outside the pocket to extend and make plays. It becomes more difficult for those style of QB's to avoid defenders and get outside the pocket the older they get. Manning does his damage from within the pocket where as Romo isn't very good within the pocket.

    Pocket passers usually have more longevity than QB's who rely on their legs and athletic ability to get it done. McNabb's career started fizzing out at 33 because he couldn't move around as good as he did in his prime.
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    Romo rarely has a pocket. The last couple of weeks he has and look at the numbers he has put up.

    Try again!
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    No, no, no and no.

    2006 is calling and wants that Romo back. Just because he's still great outside the pocket doesnt deminish his excellence in it.

    Romo relies on superior instincts and pocket prescence to avoid hits and escape the pocket. He seldom outruns anyone.

    You have completely bass ackward, he particular skill set is likely to have him playing past 35.
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    Let Me Say This For The Umpteenth Time And All In Caps: Football Is A Team Game; Why Not Say, "how Unfortunate That A Great Qb Like Romo Was Doomed To Play On A Mediocre Team That Was Not Good Enough To Win." Too Many Of You Have Given Your Brains To Espn And Nfl Network--take Them Back And Think.
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    Correct! Like Archie Manning, Dan Fouts, Warren Moon, Zorn, ect..
    Team game, not like golf and tennis.
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    People always say Romo relies on his escapabillity for his greatness. It simply is NOT true. Romo statistically is far better when he has a clean pocket and doesn't have to run around. He has to run around simply because the oline is horrible.
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    Exactly. He slips away from coverage. He doesn't do it by outrunning anyone. Age shouldn't be an issue for his style of gameplay.
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    I honestly hope all of this lights a fire under this team and it burns HOT! The idiotic coronation of RGIII, the mindless and never ending storyline of Romo being a choker, and a guy like Victor Cruz making the Pro Bowl over Dez.

    It is time to put a beat down on those Ronald McDonald arse clowns. I'm starting to get worked up enough to play myself. There should be no nervousness for this game, no tension, only anger.
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    Romo has to beat Washington this week and win a playoff game to silence some critics.....Period! Losing to a rookie QB for a 3rd Win and In game will haunt Romo into his 33rd birthday. I don't envy his position or situation.....AT ALL!
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    Nice post! I agree 100%.. we need to have fire and I would be fine with talking smack too. I remember last year when we played the Giants they were talking smack before the game and you didn't even hear one peep out of our team. Then we went out there and played them scared. I want our team to get motivated, confident, loud, have high emotions, etc. Go smack this team in the mouth and take the NFC.
  11. ufcrules1

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    You can only fail so much before you just don't care about failing anymore. Romo has been in this type of game a ton of times. Time for his balls to drop and go out there and win.
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    A lot of Redskins fans are really underestimating Murray as if he doesn't exist.
    He's pretty much like Morris except much faster[I believe had one of the fastest 40 times for a RB]

    I like that we're the underdog. No team plays better than a team that has been **** on.
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    Surprised the Mods allow a title that is incorrect to remain.
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    On ESPN First Take just now, some idiot said Romo has been horrible in the 4th quarter. When he got taken to school on how many comebacks Romo has had just this year, the subject was quickly changed. :facepalm:
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    So if Romo throws for 400 yards and 4 touchdowns with no interceptions on Sunday night, but the defense gives up 40 points and we lose will ESPN and the media still spew this nonsense?

    I guarantee they will.
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    We're more concered about Dez.....dude can flat out embarrass an entire secondary by himself. I totally see him having 150 yds and 2 Tds Sunday Night. I also fully expect both teams to score 30+pts in a shootout affair.

    As far as Murray and Morris.... Murray is indeed faster and more agile, but Morris is a bulldog who runs angry and doesn't go down after 1st contact.
  17. DuceizBak

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    What do you think Murray is? Lol. Murray doesn't go down by first contact.
    Morris is a great running back and has had a much more productive year than Murray and has greater durability[as of now]

    I never said Murray would be your biggest factor. But him missing last game with you guys kind of made it worse.
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    Why is football so difficult to grasp by some people?

    There's a big difference between bad team play and bad quarterback play....:eek:
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    You're right we should have just lost those does not matter
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    That's how it is everywhere. It's the landscape of football. QB's get all of the blame, but they get all of the credit. The diehard Romo loyalists give Romo the entire credit when the team wins, but complain that he gets all the blame when the team loses. It's completely hypocritical.

    I just try to judge things for what they are. If Romo deserves blame, then he deserves blame. If he doesn't, then he doesn't.

    But, the Romo apologists will get furious over anything said negatively about Romo. At least I've seen the Romo critics give him credit from time to time. Even if their criticism tends to be irrational, they do occasionally give him some credit for good play.


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