Romo: A Little Play by Play

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboyFan74, Nov 24, 2012.

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    1st half breakdown:

    1st Drive:
    Props to D and ST's for excellent field position (50 yard line)

    Bad pass to Dez on sideline, if defender turns around he gets pick, instead charged with PI.

    Bad pass to Austin (thrown behind him) almost got him royally drilled by LB (Fletcher) if thrown better Austin might have had time to juke LB, instead he gets popped as he turns around...

    One good end-zone pass to Austin for TD but defender just made a good play, result is FG instead of 6....

    2nd Possession:

    Romo throws pass into blitzer (Carrigan?) instead of over him, he had enough time to adjust his throw.

    Good 17 yd pass to #17 on the sideline...

    Dez on end around runs like a man, head on hits, total stud... (Nothing to do with Romo jus sayin)

    Kill kill kill shenanigans, delay of game on Romo....

    Over throws a 20+ yarder to Witten who was about to get royally drilled.

    Drive stalls, 64 yard punt, stellar St's...

    Right before the end of the first quarter, there's Romo sitting all by himself on the usual.

    Next possession:
    Ok Romo had a couple of bad shorty's, also led 2 receiver's into a defender. To lazy to be more specific its just a bunch of bad passes left and right.

    Short crappy pass to Beasly, drive ends...

    2 min before half:

    Led Beasly into another collision...

    BFF (Witten) to the rescue dink dunk..

    Romo throws a duck to Harris on the sideline, if he led him it would have been a good play..

    Romo picked off by D Hall over the middle, another awesome pass by Oh no.

    Anybody care to help? I may be missing a few 3 yards ducks..

    Ok let me save myself some time for the second half:

    Over throw, under throw, bad pass, weak pass, missed multiple wide open receivers in stride, can't capitalize on open receivers, dink dunk, bff, dink, dunk, bff, fail.. (BFF = Witten - - Best Friends Forever-- LOL)

    (Edit: Washington went into prevent and Romo was bailed out by a big run (Major YAC) by Dez on one play and Harris on another.) Easily accounted for over 100 yards on just 2 plays..

    Not sure if Carr or Romo played the worst Turkey day, the numbers lean towards Oh no oopps-wise....

    Pick again.. (Note: those few games he went without picks is because the defenders dropped a present..)

    End of game:

    Really nice bomb to Dez at the end of the game but he drops it after defender crashes into him. Amazing because it was about 50 yards.

    The next Fail Mary goes out of bounds, #17 had one on one coverage and could have had a jump ball contest in the end zone but oh well, it got away from him and we woulda still lost by 3...

    Clearly there are a whole lot more bad passes but to busy visiting over the holidays for the second half. There were also a few good ones thanks to the Prevent Defense...

    Dez had a really long gain on one pass that brought up Romo's #'s as well as Harris #17 with some big YAC.. (Already mentioned)

    The Apologists will blame the loss on the D, which accounts for half, the other half is on Oh no and his poor passing. Just the 1st half alone was a lot by itself....

    I'm so over defending this cat, he's just not that good outside of scrambling..

    It's time to sit Romo and if you are worried about his psyche then lie to the world and take him in for "X-Rays." Lie to the entire team while you're at it but Romo is shell shocked, he's totally rattled, and he's playing scared. Dude is panicking and throwing wounded ducks left and right, can't say I blame him because he is getting abused back there. It's time to give him a breather, at least for 1 full game, I'd be happy with 2 quarters. Just sit him down its embarrassing to us fans that aren't drunk on the spiked kool aide...
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    Prepare to get stoned or waterboarded.

    I also think that if you bench Romo you may as well move on as that would be the end of him in Dallas. Sort of like when McNabb was benched in Philly.

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    It's funny how you're so willing to sit Romo but you haven't called out anyone else. People forget that this is a TEAM sport that one player’s performance or lack thereof can affect another player performance in a positive or negative way. Saying that JG should sit Romo says that the TEAM is better off without him and I'm not sure if many would agree with that.

    Tony has been having his worst year as a Cowboy by far but can you say truthfully that Romo is the problem? This year and many before it has been filled with poorly ran routes, missed blocking assignments, inability to create turnovers on DEF, lack of creativity in the playbook and horrendous play calling. If Romo is the reason why the Cowboys are so undisciplined and sloppy on both sides of the ball then one would think that this must be the easiest decision in the world and why haven't they yanked him off the roster years ago.
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    I have a question instead of sitting by himself and looking to be mooping why don't he get with his wr's, te's, backs, or linemen and talk them up or give them some pointers of what he is seeing? I was watching a show with troy aikman, emmitt and irvin earlier today (on nfl network) and was like wow. Troy is almost the opposite of romo lol #leader. Troy gets on his players and give them hints and etc on the sideline.

    For example he asked his TE i think is he fine because he was coming out of his break all sloppy and body falling any which way. Troy said I thought he was running on broken ankles the way he was coming out of his break. It was good to watch. Boy I miss those days and those cowboys. Troy got on his oline, wr's. and all.

    But tony could tell players to pick it up and tell them what he is seeing and etc. Instead when we have to punt or he throws a pick he goes sits by himself and look to be mooping.

    check this out. This is what I was talking about. Listen to troy.
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    Romo has some of the worst body language I've ever seen from a Cowboys qb. When things get bad in a game, you can tell by looking at his face. I've waited for years for him to change that but it seems to be a part of who he is.
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    yeah i know the least he could do is atleast. Own up to his mistake let the wr know what he seen and how he wants him to attack the ball next time. Instead he goes to the corner by himself isolated from the team. Its those little things that get teams over the hump.
  7. jblaze2004

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    Where was all of that leadership 1996-2000 then?

    Easy to be a great leader when you have a great team and the defense is #1 in the league year in and year out. Not as easy when the talent around you has eroded, similar to what Romo is going through now. I seem to remember Aikman's move being the dejected chin strap unclip that was synonymous with those last 4 years of his career.

    Same body language we see from Romo now.
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    Lots of new talent at QB across the league. It is time to draft our own. Along with OL of course.
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    What you didn't post was the amount of pressure brought by the defense in your breakdowns. Do all the work, not just the part that suits your bull.
  11. Dave_in-NC

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    Aikman was surrounded by talent A-Z.
    Tony not so much.
  12. jblaze2004

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    I love romo but these rookie mistakes he is making kills us. Careless with the football. We are lucky he only had 2 picks yesterday. The one ball he threw to dunbar when we were in the goal-line could of been a pick 6 if the linebacker would of turned his head. Tony rushed the throw. He had time. Instead he predetermines were he wasn't to go with the ball and try's to force it in there. He threw the ball right in london fletcher hands, gifted hall a int (ref could have called defensive pass interference though) but tony threw the ball behind beasley who had hall beat on a crossing route. Tony also has a problem not setting his feet when he is throwing the ball especially this year. What is the QB coach doing? is he scared to tell romo to set his dang on feet. How many passes off his back foot is he going to continue to let romo throw. A couple more passes sailed on him and etc because he didn't step into his throws. The oline pass blocked pretty good thursday to me so can't blame the line.
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    anyone who THINKS Troy could duplicated the success he had in the 90s with this team...with these players...with this head coach....with this offensive coordinator....needs to have their head examined. Troy....without question in my opinion....would look WORSE than Romo....with these conditions.
  14. Dave_in-NC

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    he wouldn't have made it this far into the season. He wasn't an escape artist at all.
  15. bbailey423

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    we can hate on Romo all we want....but with no running game...with dumb WRs...with a TERRIBLE offensive line...with an average offensive coordinator...having to THROW guys open 60 times a game....Romo looks like a defeated man. Because he KNOWS going into a game....and during the game....that nothing is going to change this year.
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    so everything bad in the first half was Tonys fault and everything good he did in second half was gifted to him? should be embarrassed by this ignorance of a thread
  17. Dave_in-NC

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    Preaching to the quire my man. I don't see a QB in the NFL that would do better with this team, I really don't. I can tell you that my friends of other teams all admit that Romo is the best thing we have going right now and they hate the guy.
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    This Romo hate has become ridiculous. I realized after last year (especially the first game against the Giants last year) that if its not Romo, someone else will screw up. That's just the way players on the team are. Poorly disciplined.

    Now I agree that Romo is having a bad year this year but other things are holding this team back also. No run game, lack of turnovers on defense, blocking, defense fails to win games for us... Fix a couple of those and we could be a winning team.
  19. Dave_in-NC

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  20. Dave_in-NC

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    You left off the most glaring problem. An O line made up of scrubs.

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