Romo Calls Bull -- Underwood's a Phoney

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by tmckee, Aug 14, 2008.

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    Tony Romo calls plays. He doesn't call Carrie Underwood.
    Sources close to the Cowboys QB tells TMZ Tony "is not calling Carrie" -- despite a recent interview she gave implying that she's ducking Romo's calls.
    In fact, Tony's been spending all sorts of "quality time" with on-again-off-again-back-on-again girlfriend Jessica Simpson -- we even got the proof when they left dinner together in Malibu over the weekend.
    Unfortunately for Cowboys fans, it doesn't look like your team jinx is going anywhere
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    When are people going to stop the stupidity :bang2::bang2::bang2:

    The more people write stuff like this the more I think they should never be allowed near a newspaper and waste precious brain cells that they desperately need to live

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    On steroids.
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    Carrie takes steroids? :laugh2:

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    I thought her thing looked a little bigger :lmao2:

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    File this under the WHO @#$!%#@ CARES.
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    TMZ always has to get into the middle of everything. The comments made in the magazine were given on May 9th and at that time Tony was talking to Carrie so they are true. Tony is not talking to her now as far as Carrie says.
    June 2 WKIS 99.9 "we were really good friends but we rarely talk now"
    June 4 KASE 101 "we used to talk alot, people change things change, not so much anymore" "when you have a girlfriend you kinda just check in every once in a while and thats it". You can see that Carrie is not trying to bother Tony and Jessica. Jessica said Aug 14 in San Francisco 97.5 The Wolf "Tony said he didn't know why she would say something like that" "It was classless and not cool""If he wanted to he would be with her". Jessica run away cause Tony is fibbing to you. Carrie just answered an interview question truthfully at the time asked. Jessica remember the month of May when you and Tony broke up, he was talking to Carrie. She was not interested so I don't think Tony could have her if he wanted. Tony should fess up to the truth with Jessica and defend Carrie to the untrue acussations. Be a man and take the heat. You got caught and that is all there is to it.

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    I thought that when you find someone that you really love that you dont dare call an ex and hurt the one you love

    I am just saying.... no, I am just asking.....??
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    For crying out loud, TMZ reports the moon is made out of swiss cheese. I believe it, don't you?
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    I read the article with the quote, and I can't believe how big a deal is being made. It doesn't come across as mean spirited at all in the article. It also wasn't gloating or any kind of slam against Tony or Jessica.

    It's actually a pretty good article. I liked the way she sticks up for the women of country music.
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    Romo is like Hov. he's got a main chick,a mistress, and a young chick forget it he's the Don.
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    I didn't think it was mean spirited at all either. I do thank that Jessica's reaction in a radio interview was uncalled for. Calling Carrie classless, etc.

    She should have done what Carrie did after the t-shirt incident and just kept her mouth shut.

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