News: Romo can now let himself think ahead to postseason

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    -- Art

    Tony Romo can at last think ahead a little bit about postseason – after all, a win next week puts the Cowboys in.

    “It's amazing how you play every week and you don't think about what's ahead or anything but your opponent,” the Cowboys quarterack said after Sunday's game against the Saints. Despite losing, the Cowboys regained control of their playoff fate when the Giants lost to Baltimore. “But that's the only you reason really play, in a lot of ways, is to get your team into that position and to get in the playoffs so you have a chance.

    “When you get in, anything can happen. I know what. We've seen it far too many times. We just need to do the right things to get in.”

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    He can think of it this way ... our playoffs start now.

    Win and we keep playing. Lose and we go home.

    Playoffs start in DC.

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