Romo clutch this year

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by supercowboy8, Dec 17, 2012.

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    Sanchez will never live downt he butt fumble. :lmao2:
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    I love Romo, but I hope you are not including the -2 yard field goal possession as a game winning drive.
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    Do you watch football? Romo has played in 4 playoff games and is 1-3. :toast:

    Romo only had 189 yards passing that day and completed less than 59% of his passes. Julius Jones was the main force on offense for the Cowboys in that game he had 22 carries for 112 yards. He averaged 5.1 per carry. Regardless that Romo drove the Cowboys to the 2 yard line late in the game he couldn't get them in the endzone. They had to settle for a FG attempt and his botched hold is all anyone remembers from that game...HELLO!

    All Romo had to do against Philly in the playoffs was manage the game. Philly never challenged the Cowboys that day it was a blowout. Felix Jones was the main force on offense rushing for 148 yards including a 73 yard TD run.

    Where did I say Romo lost that game? I dare you to find a post where I said he did. I double dare you! lol Romo didn't lose that game but his 3 turnovers that included 2 fumbles contributed to the loss. Take the sacks but don't fumble! Are you going to tell me Romo had absolutely nothing to do with that loss?

    Look who's talking the guy that doesn't even know how many playoff games Romo has played in. :laugh2: Did you forget the playoff loss to the Giants in 07? I suggest you start watching some football and do some research while you're at it so you don't look so foolish. :toast:
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    We are about an inch or two from claiming an amazing win over the Giants that would have ended up pretty much eliminating them from playoff contention by now. And a FG miss away from claiming one against the Ravens.
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    LoL you got me, I forgot about the Giants playoff game.

    But we'll start from the beginning, the Seahawks game. In what is widely considered the toughest place to play in the NFL, with the game on the line, he marched his team down and put them in a position to win. Obviously a TD would've been nice, but they only needed a FG. Regardless of him dropping the hold has nothing to do with the argument. As the QB he put his team in a position to win. Forget about the fact that Parcells refused to attack the Seahawks secondary that was weak.

    We'll go to the Giants game next since it was his next playoff game and I neglected to mention it :) A few bullet points on this one. A lengthy drive before the 1st half ended with a Cowboys score, and the Giants responded and got a score of their own in less then a minute, demoralizing. Then we had the famous Patrick Crayton drop on a wide open pass, and then again Crayton not running all the way through his route. People can point to the INT to end the game all they want, but that was a 4th and 11 desperation heave. Sure he didn't lead the Cowboys to victory, but sometimes other guys need to do their part as well. This loss isn't on Romo.

    All he had to do was manage the Eagles game? So we'll give him no credit for the win because he didn't have to win it. Felix Jones' 73 yard TD run made it 34-7. That more so put the game away rather then was the driving force.

    Vikings... Oy vey lol. This game just sucked on all accounts, we already went over this. Maybe you didn't say he lost it, but what I was getting at was basically the way it went down, there was no way the Cowboys were gonna win this one, even with Roger the dodger QBing the team.

    So to get to your point that at some point in time a QB must carry his team in the playoffs, I agree to an extent, I just dont agree that Romo has failed to answer the bell. There is only so much one guy can do. It takes an entire team to win.

    For arguments sake, if Crayton had ran all the way through his route and caught that TD pass late in the Giants game, would that mean Romo carried his team in that playoff game? Even though he threw the same exact pass just that someone else actually helped him?

    I'm sorry I was so condescending, but it's tough dealing with people who just spew blind hatred for the guys just because that's the perception. If people can't see just how much carrying Romo does, then I question their football knowledge.

    Also, a lot of Romo's playoff experience came early on his career. I think we can all agree that he's matured a lot as a player. It sucks that the Cowboys have been in such disarray that he hasn't had the opportunity to atone for it.
  6. percyhoward

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    Last 14 Dec-Jan games...
    27 TD 5 INT

    Dallas defense
    8 INT 21 TD

    Romo has continued to be clutch, but we've been winning *this* December because the defense has also been clutch.
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    don't bother. KJJ is probably just slightly less of a Romo hater then ufcrules is.
    Facts will not make a difference.
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    Fact is that in 2007 late in the game the O line collapses and still Romo put the ball in Crayton's hands for what should have been the clincher. He dropped it. Then quit on another route that very well might have scored.
    Then remember Fasano also had a critical drop.

    Seattle has already been mentioned and destroys the arguement that Romo as the QB failed. By the way the NFL changed the way balls for kicks were handled after that game. Why don't you ask why KJJ?

    Minnesotta- I defy you to find any QB that could have done better with the total collapse of the O line that day. By the way the D played lousy as well. Convienent memory for some.

    only someone LOOKING for a reason to blame romo would talk about those games as his fault
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    As someone has already pointed out, Romo would already have a Super Bowl appearance (maybe a title), if it wasn't for PAtrick Crayton. Yes, we would've beaten Green Bay fairly easily in the NFC title game the next week.
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    And you know this how?

    The Cowboys could have easily lost that game. We just don't know, unless someeone has a crystal ball that reveals alternate realities and just isn't sharing it with us. :laugh2:
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    just this year?
  12. KJJ

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    I've been defending Romo all season you're agenda is beyond tiring.
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    To be fair, if the Packers played as poorly against us as they did in the game against New York that actually happened his statement is pretty safe.
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    You'd think that would be obvious if you assume everyone here watches all the Cowboy games.
    Somehow it's not.

    I've always said that for some, a badly timed Romo incompletion or pick equals about 10 compared to other QBs. It just sticks in some people's minds and they can never let it go. They almost don't even notice the great plays if there is even one or two bad (or even just not good) ones. And heaven forbid if the guy misfires or even one pass in the 4th qtr of a close every other qb on the planet does at times.

    I was at dinner with a large group last night and one guy who always bashes Romo could not even give him credit for the obviously great play he has had the past several games. All he remembered was that T Newman could have had a pick vs Dallas two weeks ago and didn't. Amazing.
  15. KJJ

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    If you're going to argue with me better know the facts and not forget about anything or I'll have you flinging your laptop across the room like a Frisbee. :)

    Romo played an average game vs Seattle his numbers were well below what they were during his peak performances during the regular season that year. Romo's bobbled hold of the FG attempt is the only thing that game is remembered for....FACT! The reason Parcells didn't attack the Seahawks secondary is because Romo had 10 turnovers including 8 int's in the month of Dec heading into that playoff game. Romo had thrown a pick in his last 5 straight regular season games including multiple picks in 3 of them so naturally Parcells was hesitant about having him attack Seattle's secondary.

    Romo was a young QB who had just taken over and Parcells being a 4 yards and a cloud of dust coach wanted to be safe and keep the ball on the ground especially with Julius Jones having success. Romo clearly didn't play a great game and was aided by Julius's 112 yards rushing. You're not going to score any points for Romo being "clutch" bringing up a game in which he's remembered for botching the hold on the potential game winning FG...nuff said!

    Just like the previous season Romo entered the playoff game vs the Giants in 07 with his game in a tailspin. He had 5 int's in the month of Dec including 3 straight games with picks to finish the season. His numbers in Dec were way down from what they were just a month earlier. His passer ratings the last 3 games of the regular season were 22.2, 81.2 and 34.9. He was in a slump as was the team. The Cowboys LIMPED into the playoffs and faced a Giants team that was ascending while they were descending.

    The Cowboys recognized Romo was struggling entering the game so they devised a game plan featuring Barber who hadn't started all season. Instead of attacking the Giants through the air like they had in both games during the regular season they ran Barber who had over 100 yards in the first half. Running him kept the game close and it eventually burned him out and he ran out of gas in the second half. When the game came down to Romo having to make plays he wasn't sharp. He only completed 50% of his passes that day which was way down from his season average of over 64%.

    He passed for only 201 yards and his passer rating was only 64.7 which was down from his 97.4 season average. It certainly wasn't all Romo's fault the Cowboys lost that game but he was clearly off that day and had been the final month of the season. He looked nothing like the QB who put up over 600 yards, 8 TD's and had passer ratings of 128.5 and 123.1 during the 2 regular seasons meetings vs the Giants. The defense couldn't stop the Giants on key 3rd downs that day and there were mistakes by Crayton. No one for the Cowboys played well that day.

    Romo played a very good game vs Philly in the playoffs but all he had to do was manage the game and pick his shots because Philly never challenged. Philly never challenged the Cowboys that season going 0-2 during the regular season. Romo certainly didn't have to carry the Cowboys in that playoff game they were led by a solid defensive performance and by Felix Jones' 148 yards rushing.

    That game did suck on all counts and Romo was part of it. The OL was dreadful that day which hampered Romo's performance but that doesn't excuse his 3 turnovers. He made a poor decision on a pick and fumbled twice. Like I said take the sacks but don't fumble! You can't turn the ball over 3 times in a playoff game on the road and expect to have a chance. That debacle was a total team effort.

    Romo has only answered the bell once in the playoffs. The Cowboys have had a pass first offense under Romo so he has to be on his game for the Cowboys to win. In his 3 playoff losses he failed to answer the bell. He never came close to playing his best football in those games and his stats back that up. Romo has played in 6 do or die games where it was do or die for both the Cowboys and their opponent and he's had 8 turnovers in those games. These games include 4 playoff games and 2 season finales in which a playoff birth was on the line.

    I'm not putting all the blame on him for those loses but he played a significant role because he's the QB and he turned the ball multiple times in 3 of those games. Turnovers especially ill-timed turnovers have been Romo's nemesis. He didn't make one single mistake against Philly in the playoffs and the Cowboys won and won easily....coincidence? All it can take is one MISTAKE to change the momentum of a game.

    I don't spew blind hate for Romo I've been defending him all season research my posts. I'm honest about his positives and negatives and FANS like you who are apologists try to spin that I hate him. :rolleyes: I get lumped in with fans who truly do hate Romo that never have anything good to say about him. You can question my football knowledge all you want but I've been following the Cowboys and the NFL a very long time probably much longer than you and you wont find anyone on this site who's more objective and does more research on the team and the NFL than I do.
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    Fixed it for you. But your point is the same.
  17. Picksix

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    Hey, if Eli can count the playoff game against the 49'ers last year, than Romo can count this one. :p:
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    How about we count neither, and rely on 4Q passing stats or something as our clutchness index instead?
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    Only fools see Romo as a problem for the Dallas Cowboys.
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    True, and "Choke" is the lazyman's "catch all" word for lack of success that idiots misuse 99% of the time when they are unable to articulate for themselves.

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