News: Romo declined chance to be featured in Fox Sports 1 promo to focus on rehab from back surgery

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    By Barry Horn / Reporter
    10:11 pm on July 12, 2013 | Permalink

    Around the fifth inning in Tuesday night’s baseball All-Star Game, Fox will air an elaborate, 90-second promo for its all-sports cable network — Fox Sports 1 — coming Aug. 17.

    Fox, believers in the Big Bang for Your Buck theory, spared no expense in putting together the promo when it hired from the outside an award-winning director and stunt coordinator. It shot at six different locations across America over a 10-day span.

    Oddly, Fox did not make it to Dallas for a contribution from one of the network’s crown jewels — the Cowboys. The Foxies did want Tony Romo to fly to Los Angeles in mid-June for a video shoot at the Coliseum, but he declined because he didn’t want anything to interfere with his rehab following back cyst surgery. Super Bowl champion Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens appears in the Romo role.

    Read the rest: http://cowboysblog.**************/2...omo-to-focus-on-rehab-from-back-surgery.html/
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    All business (for the most part) this season.

    I'm sure he and others would have done it here in Dallas, as it would not interrupt rehab.

    They have a chance to break through to some degree this year and they all know it.

    Of course, most of the other teams probably feel this way too.
    Cannot wait for this season to get started!
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    could you imagine the mediots if he did fly to LA? they would have been all over him....Tony can't win...he made the right choice, but it will get spun that he doesn't support the new network or some nonsense like that...

    good for you Tony

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