Romo is Engaged

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by irvin88, May 7, 2008.

  1. irvin88

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    Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo Engaged

    Jessica Simpson and her boyfriend Tony Romo have reported confirmed that they are engaged. Sources say friends of the couple were heard toasting their news at a party thrown by P. Diddy last Friday. "I have never felt better," Simpson was overheard telling friends. "I am really excited."
  2. trickblue

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    I hope it's true so they can quit the speculation and distractions by the paparazzi...

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    nope... thats it... no rant.
  4. dogberry

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    Will this let her come to the games, or does the curse still exist?
  5. Chief

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    I wonder if he'll "rue the day."

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Didnt she go to about 5 games where he went 3-2 or something... there isnt a curse... its just the media dribble
  7. theogt

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    I believe we were 4-1 at one point with her at games. Might have ended up 4-2, if she came to the playoff game.
  8. bbgun

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    And her little sis is reportedly knocked up out of wedlock. Tony, you're marrying into the Spears family.

  9. Brandon

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    Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony.........What is WRONG with you!
  10. sago1

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    Geez, I hoped Romo was smarter then this. You better believe he'll live to regret it. Don't know what kind of life he envisions he's going to have with her desire/need for the spotlight.
  11. Yeagermeister

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    Chief breaking out the reuage :lmao2:

  12. theogt

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    Right. Cause marrying an extremely hot, extremely rich chick is definitely a bad move.

    As opposed to his quiet and reserved life outside of whoever he's dating, as the Cowboys QB.
  13. timetopass

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    This is insane all this stuff. Last hard they were split as of Vegas weekend & interesting all the pics at P Diddy's there was no site of Tony nor was there a mention he was there. lol I thought he was with his dad & golfing last weekend. lol

    I don't know people but as much as I like this couple & I can see if something like this was announced before season starts that some of the haters may settle in & just go with the season & leave these two to just figure the rest out for themselves. Like get out of there buisness.
    I took the remark as taken out of context(what a surprise) & that excited meaning maybe for her new CD or her sister & never feeling better only that she is very happy. Toasting to her happiness was just that a toast that she was finaly happy. That may make too much sense though for these mags. Each changes it just a little bit for there own take on things. I just would like it all settled out either way. Some specualtion Carrie is back in the pic too or has been in Texas all week so have at it. lol
    Nuts just nutty stuff!! lol
  14. Dallas

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    which means absolutely nothing Tony.
  15. Rampage

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    do you have a source?
  16. irvin88

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  17. WoodysGirl

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    Hard Knocks tease

    Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo doesn't want to talk about his private life, meaning his relationship with Jessica Simpson. But what happens when HBO's Hard Knocks come calling for some info. After his U.S. Open local qualifier on Wednesday, Romo was asked if the reports are true that he and Simpson are engaged.

    ''I don't talk about my personal life,'' Romo said. ''You have to watch Hard Knocks to get that stuff.''

    Ah, already a viewer tease for the Cowboys fans. HBO Sports boss Ross Greenburg and NFL Films president Steve Sabol scoffed at the idea that the Simpson-Romo relationship will be played prominently in the show.

    Romo would like some privacy, but he is DATING JESSICA SIMPSON.

    ''I am trying to keep some stuff private, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen this year. It will be fun and I know that the Cowboys are a big draw for everyone nationally so it will be a good thing for fans. The rest of the NFC fans probably won't like it.''

    - Rick Herrin

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  18. timetopass

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    Ok one report says he had a huge grin when asked this question & told that a person has to watch Hard Knocks. LOL Then we get HBO that says she won't be part of it.

    Woodsygilr is it you saying Tony wants his private life & he is dating Jessica Simpson or was this part of the article?? lol Is he saying obviously his private life has not been private this year but he is trying to take it on the down low now & won't discuss it but we may see something on Hard Knocks. lol

    Why does Archer think Jessica won't be within 100 miles oF Oxnard when her parents live in Encino. lol Is it becaus eof a media frenzy??

    This is bizarre to say the least but it's also a polite way for him to say BUTT

    One could throw this out there will all this crap that they have split is he going to make it about taking his hard knocks to be with her & people won't like it or just the opposite. Tony is pretty good with spinning this stuff
    How many weeks to Oxnard 6??
  19. the kid 05

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    well...isn't that cute?
  20. kristie

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    i believe that this is all just rumors. i smell desperation on her part because of her sister's engagement. jessica wants the spotlight all to herself.

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