News: Romo is no longer the everyman that Dallas adores

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    By Mike Pielluci
    No one is surprised anymore when Tony Romo screws up. Not really, not seven seasons into the accumulation of a lowlight reel that is spectacular, in the word's most literal sense.

    Some over-caffeinated announcer usually has the courtesy to bellow his way through a call of feigned bemusement whenever it does happen, but he's seen the fumble in Seattle and the interception in Washington, and the other snippets of Romo's inadvertent ingenuity in these situations; he doesn't shock easily. The announcer knows what we all know, which is that crushing, often reckless failures occasionally arrive in concert with the frenzied, hopscotched mania that has made Romo into one of the league's premier statistical quarterbacks, while doubling as one of its least protected.

    In a more charitable world, that would be classified as taking the good with the bad. Cowboys fans could be -- and, for a half-decade after Troy Aikman's retirement, were -- at the mercy of far sloppier hands. But that's not how things work in our inflamed news cycle, and so instead, the same hackneyed conversations cycle back to the forefront, with talking heads yammering on about Romo's clutch gene, while radio shock jocks splice his golf scores and playoff record together, as a supposed barometer of work ethic. The ledger of his celebrity dalliances, so meticulously kept and curated, will be dusted off and recited for added measure. It is exhausting to listen to; it is also the only vein of thought anyone has about Romo anymore. And none of that is likely to change, not for a 33-year-old who's freshly dead-bolted to a mediocre roster with a shiny new contract.

    That isn't to say that Romo doesn't still have pockets of support within the Cowboys fan base; he does, particularly among numbers-savvy fans who can contextualize and appreciate his considerable production.

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    Interesting read, though I hardly agree with any of it. Tony is just as, if not more, relatable as any high profile QB out there. The author completely fails to mention the fact that, when people would see Tony and Jessica at the theater, it was before he had a wife and kid. Big difference there.

    The city, and Cowboys fan base, has largely turned on Tony, so why would he even want to be out in the public eye?
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    Because there are more casual Cowboy fans that get their opinions from the idiots at ESPN and other national media outlets than real Cowboy fans who know that Romo is more than capable of leading a good team to the Super Bowl.
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    The casual fan is often foolish and allows their own opinions to be shaped by fans of other teams who bash Romo because he's a Cowboy and ESPN who bashes Romo simply to make money.
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    They also praised him incessantly simply to make money.
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    This article was unreadable. Not the content ... the flow, structure. etc.
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