Romo Is The Only Reason This Team Is Competitive

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Apollo Creed, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. Parche

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    Mmm the Between the O-Line, our "head coach" and our running game, you can pick our 1st, 2nd and 3rd biggest concerns.

    Then after that, you can throw Romo if you want. But those 3 are before Romo on my list of concerns.
  2. HappyOnions

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    Exactly, it seemed as if Kitna had better chemistry with the WRs than Romo does. Maybe my memory is fuzzy, but I don't remember any of these miscommunication issues when Kitna was the QB.

    Tony Romo is not a horrible player, but the point I'm trying to make is that his play style is not conducive to winning on a consistent basis. I feel as if guys like Kitna and Orton have a better grasp on how to manage the game than Romo does.

    A veteran like Kitna should know how to manage and play the game with all his experience, but some people around here act as if Romo is still a young player. He's had a lot of time to get things right in terms of his football IQ.
  3. Parche

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    Lets see if I understand you... Youre picking Kitna over Romo?

    Or youre picking Austin and/or Dez over Romo?

    Ive seen worse things from Dez than Romo, and Romo has played three times more games than Dez...

    (sorry for my english..)
  4. HappyOnions

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    I'm picking a "Kitna-like" player over Romo, yes.

    You must have not watched the games very carefully if you think Romo has made less boneheaded plays than Dez.
  5. Ring Leader

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    Our receivers are easily as responsible for Romo's crappy start to 2012 as is his uncharacteristically sub par play. So please consider adding a "4th" to your list.
  6. Parche

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    Youre right sir.
  7. Parche

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    I watch Cowboys games these days, and I see a man who tries to do what he can (in many plays, he tries too much and should throw the ball away) while he doesnt have a RB which you can trust on 3rd and 1 or 4th and 1, and while your O-line falls apart (when it does not draw you another false start)...

    The point is, Romos playing bad, I would say its playing really below his abilities...

    But I still say the o-line, running backs (or lack of) and head coach (or lack of) are on my concerns list BEFORE our Qb.
  8. KB1122

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    Apparently you haven't been visiting CZ much lately. There are many ways to sugarcoat it. :D

    Apparently the same coach and teammates that had so many Cowboys fans declaring Romo elite are now the reason he's been so bad. I mean, Jason Garrett has been calling Romo's plays for years, but now suddenly it's all his fault.
  9. Parche

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    The O-Line is not the same that made Romo Elite... Im pretty sure that no one on that O-Line can make anyone look elite...
  10. alsmith

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    I've said before Romo is not the problem on this team..

    It's always some one that can not do their job,

    Game won if RB Jones carries and protects the ball right, you have the lead bonehead,

    Dez, knows where he is on the field and what is going on, if he sets his *** down after the catch in the endzone,

    Garrett, he called a good game, that is not the problem, execution and keeping your head in the game, knowing where and what is going on the field, that is the problem.
  11. RoyTheHammer

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  12. KB1122

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    The thing is, if you're elite, you play well and win despite the shortcomings of your team. See Aaron Rodgers. So by definition if Romo is always henpecked by the shortcomings of the players around him, then he is by definition not elite.
  13. SkinsandTerps

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    Lots of blame being thrown around here.

    I get it, it's a deflection thread.

    The right answer is the defense.
  14. DavidAK

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    I've said for years now that Romo was wasting his time here in Dallas. If he had a better team, better wide outs, better defense, better this and better that. It's always something else that was keeping us fom getting over the hump.

    I don't know anymore..Maybe he's not as good as I thought.
  15. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage

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    So several years ago, they blamed everything on Owens. Followed by Roy Williams, followed by Roy Williams, followed by Flozell, followed by Wade, followed by Newman. But now it's not okay to blame Romo since he's been here longer than anyone?

  16. Mansta54

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    Speaking of defense, how about yalls defense? They absolutely STINK and your secondary has to be the worst in the league and it ain't even close. I think you should be on your own board talking about that. They're outright AWFUL!!!!! Just sayin!!!!!
  17. Soopcooler

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    If you sat Romo on the bench and put in Orton you will find out that the offense ran badly because of Romo and not that Romo is making it look good.

    The wide receivers have to over compensate for Romo bad accuracy. They have to be in precise spots for romo to get them the ball because thats the only way he can throw it to them.
    Orton can throw well without preset passes.
  18. popp1234

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    Give it up, my man. It's a losing battle. I came to that conclusion a while back. Romo is above the team and above blame. If you criticize him, then "you don't know football". Honestly, I have never seen so many excuses for a Dallas QB. He almost has as many excuses as he has interceptions and boneheaded decisions.
  19. bbailey423

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    The OP "gets it". Anyone who does not know how stressful it is to throw 62 times has NEVER played this game. I mean we had 3 downs to make 1 yard....and threw the ball 3 straight times!!!!!!!!!!!!! Romo can NEVER breathe a sigh of relief and let someone else make a play. Heck on the goaline HE himself had to get the yard on 4th down...after the OL and RB getting stuffed a couple of times. If Romo WAITED for his WRs to get open...he would be sacked OFTEN. So he lets the ball go HOPING the WR gets to the spot. And the WR does not get there. What is he supposed to do. Eli throws the ball up all the time and lets his WR make a play...either my guy gets it...or no one gets it. That is football 101. Romo cannot even trust for that to happen. So he has no run game. He has a porous OL that allows pressure with a 3 man rush. He has an average play caller (in JGs defense, calling plays is much harder when you cannot rely on calling simple run plays) He has inexpereinced WRs (Dez and Ogletree). He has one RELIABLE receving threat (WItten)...and that means moving the ball in 8 yard chunks....and with no running game...that means 12+ play drives....which means he will have to make a throw 8 times on a drive...and on 12+ play drives we usually mix in a penalty...which puts us in bad down and distances..which amps the pressure up even more on Romo...which allows the DL to pin their ears back...which means he is trying to get the protections set....before he throws to WRs who are not where they are supposed to be...and doing this while running for his life the whole I said...some of you simple do NOT get it!!!!

    Is he top 5? No! But I would love to see the so called top 5 QBs in the NFL do any better under these conditions I just laid out.
  20. perrykemp

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    The Packers beyond all else have provided Rodgers lots of targets to throw the ball too -- WRs, TEs, etc. Beyond that, yes, they've fielded a truly awful offensive line and RBs.

    I'd argue the Cowboy don't have a single phase of the offensive that doesn't have significant problems -- there are OL issues, the well documented WR issues with Dez, lack of depth, etc, and a RB1 that can't be relied on to be healthy.

    In other words, unlike the Packers who have at least one piece of their offense still playing well in the WR corp that they can rely on, the Cowboys have none -- and that's the major difference why Rodgers can continue to put up big numbers and Romo has not. There isn't a single part of the offense the Cowboys can hang their hat on -- it's ALL dysfunctional.

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