Romo lovers & Haters, come clean!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Clove, Jun 9, 2013.

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    First off, let me introduce myself, I'm Clove. Which stands for Cowboy-love. I've been here since 2004, but was only a spectator. I finally joined in 2005 and was one of the first persons who wanted Romo to start and take over for Bledsoe.

    I haven't started a thread in probably 6 or 7 years. Today, will probably be my only thread for another 6 or 7 years if I'm not banned. :D

    I went from loving Romo to hating Romo as the QB of this team, and it's cost me a lot on this board. It's not popular to dislike a player everyone likes.

    So I pose a question to the lovers, the haters, and the on the fence fans. I fall under the haters category.

    First preface who you are by saying hater or lover or "fence" first. We all have a right to be on the fence about Romo, a pure lover or a pure hater. Don't be afraid to admit who you are.

    I want all the haters to tell me 4 things you like about Romo and 4 things you dislike about Romo, not as a person, but as the QB.

    I also want all the lovers to tell me 4 things you dislike about Romo's game, and 4 things you like about it.

    Same with the "on the fence" fans.
    And lastly, if you are a hater, tell us what it will take for you to become a lover? And with the lovers. What will it take for you to completely lose faith in Romo?

    The reason I'm doing this is mainly because Romo lovers never admit when Romo sucks. They always talk about how great he is even when he throws 5 interceptions and destroys a game.

    And on the other hand, Romo haters never give him props when he has an amazing game, like the San Fran game where he took cracked ribs, came back in the game, and threw the winning set up play to a scrub receiver to help us win a game.

    Can the most hated Romo fan have the guts to admit when he's great?
    Can the most devout Romo fan admit that he's terrible at certain things?
    Can the "on the fence" fan give us their unbiased opinion on Romo's good and bad qualities? We shall see.


    likes -
    1) The guy is a very fun player, very likable.
    2) Sometimes he's like a living highlight reel. With magical escapes, it's breath-taking sometimes.
    3) He has an uncanny ability to be clutch down the stretch coming from behind, it's pretty remarkeable.
    4) He puts up monster numbers, 300 yard passing games are nothing for him.

    Dislikes -

    1) His fans are nauseating with the continual making of excuses.
    2) When he throws an INT sometimes, he drops his head and completely loses it after that instead of collecting himself, and pushing forward.
    3) He whines on the field if he throws an interception, blaming everyone but himself.
    4) He can't win when we need him. Very unclutch in big games, someone who I don't think can take us anywhere important, and Iv'e been right about that going on 5 years now.

    If Romo would ever become a tough minded person in crucial games and administer a cool knock-out punch, get in the playoffs, and make life miserable for opponents in the playoffs, at least taking us to the NFC championship game and the Super Bowl, I will sing his praises from the roof top.
  2. Eddie

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    I was a big Romo fan until the moment he threw that final INT against the Skins.

    I then came the realization that he just doesn't have it.
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    Always been a Romo lover. He's upset me a few times with big turnover games in playoff clinching games, like last season. But he's also been very clutch in big games, only to have the defense give up an 80 yard drive in 80 seconds. So, I don't know what the problem is. It almost seems like we just have horrible luck. I can't put my finger on it. But Romo is far from the problem. He's an elite talent. Always has been. I'd only trade him for 3-4 QBs.
  4. SHAMSzy

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    I was making my list, until I saw your #1 dislike. You dislike him, because of his fans? :bang2: :bang2: :bang2:
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    Was a lover, now a hater.

    The love started Thanksgiving game 2006. The dislike started Lions Game. Bobby. Carpenter. The hate was Washington do or die 3 INT.

    The ability to extend a play is what I like and hate about him.
  7. Arkyvarminter

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    I am a fan of Romo and know that he has more people divided than any player in the league. I think he needs someone to take some pressure off so maybe the costly mistakes won't happen as often. I'm hoping Callahan can help here with a better running game. I have always thought that Garrett puts Romo in bad situations with his play calling. If he leads the league in INT's this year and makes the same costly mistakes at terrible times, I may be looking/hoping for a change....
  8. 5Stars

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  9. Gemini Dolly

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    I do not expect you to understand. Youre on THAT side. :p:
  10. JoeyBoy718

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    It's funny. Parcells originally replaced Bledsoe with Romo because of his ability to extend a play. This was because of a poor O-line which Parcells hadn't yet had enough time to fix. Fast forward 8 years, it still hasn't been fixed and Romo is still extending plays. Just because Romo had the ability to extend the play didn't mean it was ideal. Parcells knew this. But he was gone before he could do anything about it.
  11. 5Stars

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    I just did not understand why you would hate Romo for extending a play or love him for it. I can understand you hating him for losing the team a game here and there, but to hate him for his ability to extend a play?

  12. TwoDeep3

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    Not sure I can answer your questions in the way you posed them. But I'll try.
    I like Romo. I do not love Romo, nor do I hate Romo.

    Like is where I am, but I don't believe that is a fence sitter.

    What I like about him.

    1. His toughness. The kid brings it and will play through pain. That is an admirable trait for a football player.

    2. Football intelligence. He has an understanding of the game now that puts him in the elite category.

    3. Scrambling ability. This is a combination of awareness of where he is on the field and the people surrounding him, married with his quick decision making.

    4. Competitiveness. He is like any top flight quarterback in that he does not want to give up, and thinks all games are winnable until the final gun.

    Thing I do not like about Romo.

    1. Class clown attitude. He is calming that down a bit, but his demeanor sometimes is incongruent to the weight of the circumstance.

    2. Decision making - this is a two edged sword for me. His competitiveness drives him to want to win, but it also puts him in a position to lose. As much as he did in the Skins game he also lost that game. Just like the Jets game, the Chicago game.

    He gets in a zone of competitiveness that he reacts without assessing the win/loss of the moment. The pick in the skins game was the same pick Pierre-Paul made in the Giants' game. The Pick in the Jets game with Revis is the same pick he made twice in the Detroit game that same year.

    He gets to a point he either ignores danger or believes he can make any throw.

    3. His inconsistency with passing. While people will scream stats, Romo is either deadly accurate or woefully off. Too many times he throws behind crossing routes and causes the very problems people try to defend him from. When he's on he is on. But the passing percentage also has a great deal to do with his scrambling ability. He holds the ball so long people get very open.

    But when he is off, that game is in the balance immediately because I cannot recall one Romo game where his consistency was off and he pulled himself back together.

    4. Romo's gaming the game. He goes to the line of scrimmage and then farts around until the last second. The defense knows this.

    I appreciate he has talent. With talent comes control, and controlling the game.

    He doesn't always use both of those aspects.

    He is the reason the team wins. He is also the reason they lose sometimes. But to hear some around here he is never wrong.
  13. Muhast

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    I'm Pro-Romo.

    1.He makes some plays that just make you say wow.
    2.He is very tough. Gets destroyed by defenders and hardly ever draws a roughing the passer call, but gets back up. The SF game was amazing. When Romo left, I felt the air leave the team. When he started throwing on the sideline, I felt we still had a shot. Little did we know, that SF team turned out to be one of the best in the entire league. That's a clutch moment.
    3.He is a very very good No-Huddle QB. I prefer his playcalling over Garrett.
    4.I feel we are rarely out of reach with him under center. He has made some big comebacks, even digging himself out of holes to carry the team back to a position to win (NYG,WASH last year)

    1. He does get mopey at time. I get frustrated watching him hang his head.
    2.He does make poor throws at inopportune times. He doesn't always make a bad throw at bad moments like people tend to think that he does, but there are moments when I question what he was looking at.
    3.He isn't a very accurate passer on deep balls.
    4.He wears his hat backwards! (J/K on this one)

    Overall I think Romo is a very good QB, who has way to much on his plate. He's had 1-1000yard rusher in his career. We haven't done a very good job protecting him in the pocket, and I think our lack of creativity on offense has really hamstrung the team overall. I don't think Romo is a top 5 QB, but he is in the 6-12 range.
  14. PA Cowboy Fan

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    I suppose I would be a Romo hater now although I don't hate the man just his being QB. I was very pro Romo at first and then went to the fence and now I just don't think he's ever going to lead us to a championship. I hope I'm wrong. Romo has many good qualities. He is a good QB who can make big plays. He keeps us in a lot of these games. He is a tough guy who isn't afraid to play hurt and he's an all around good guy whom you want to root for. On the other hand when he tanks, he goes all out. I have no confidence that he can bring us from behind. Even in that Redskin game, I was waiting for the interception and sure enough it came. If Romo ever starts leading the Cowboys to championship games again then my opinion of him would change . I have to see him do something in playoff games.
  15. RS12

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    How bout this category= Fan/ non believer. Love watching him play, the most entertaining Cowboy QB I have seen. But when the chips are down and the lights are brightest, I never have the feeling he is going to pull it out. I just dont have any confidence in him in those situations, which is why I would not have extended him.
  16. BoysFan4ever

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    Non-believer but he's their guy so..

    I hope for the best.
  17. arglebargle

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    Tony Romo is my favorite Cowboys QB, ever. Not necessarily the best, but the favoritest, for sure.
  18. cml750

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    :bang2: SMH Romo is not the problem with this team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People want to blame him for us not making the playoffs when the truth is we would not even have sniffed the playoffs without him. Most all of last season, the offense was stuck in neutral while Garrett was calling the shots. We would fall behind and go into hurry up offense with Romo calling the shots and we would start putting points on the board. I for one think Romo will have a great year, possibly his best ever, now the the Red Headed Idiot is not calling plays.

    I am really excited about our new defense and Garrett's reduced role in the offense.:starspin
  19. CowboyFan74

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    Romo needs a better supporting cast if he's ever going to lead us to a Super Bowl. My short answer is that Romo is good but not good enough because if he was truly elite like the stats portray, he would carry this team to multiple playoff wins instead of throwing picks when we need him the most.

    He's one of the best scramblers to ever play the game and he extends plays when most others would fail but a lot the time when he releases the ball it can go either way, good or bad.. Romo's like a bipolar girlfriend, you never know if she's gonna kiss you or bite you, especially in the redzone and during elimination games..

    I would not have given him that contract so put me down as hater if you must but love him or hate him he's our man, so to me there's no point in beating a dead horse. My focus now is on improving the O-line and building up a better supporting cast around the franchise QB in order to succeed, and hopefully carry us to the promise land..

    To me the thing that killed this team last season was:

    1) Injuries
    2) Players trying to play injured (Specifically the O-line)
    3) Turnovers
  20. DejectedFan1996

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    Was very pro Romo, now on the fence after Washington last year.


    1. He went from undrafted to stardom which is something I doubt he predicted coming out of Eastern Illinois.

    2. He's very exciting to watch. He can turn a play that looks hopeless into an extremely positive play with his escapability.


    1. Whether fair or not, he proves his "haters" right with the untimely mistakes. It's hard to defend him when someone claims "he chokes in big games", and then with the division title on the line throws an ill advised INT, regardless of what the excuse may be.

    2. "If losing a football game is the worst thing that can happen to me, I've lived a pretty good life." As a fan, I hate the fact that he said that. But as a person, he's completely right. When its all said and done, if he doesn't win a chip, his life has been a lot more than he expected with being undrafted. But as a fan, a comment like that makes me think you could care less about losing the division title to a division rival.

    Romo doesn't have too many dislikes for me, but Washington last year just rubbed me the wrong way. I was in Brazil and was sporting my Romo jersey and the game happened to be nationally televised throughout Brazil and now everyone thinks he's a choker and they don't know a damn thing about football. But I honestly have no defense so that did piss me off.

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