Romo lovers & Haters, come clean!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Clove, Jun 9, 2013.

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    Romos' uncanny playmaking ability.

    He is smart.

    He is athletic.

    He lives football.


    NFLs' undisputed #1 Choke Artist for 8 years running.

    His own cleat marks in his teeth.

    His deep ball leaves a lot to be desired.

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    I would say that is pretty remarkable given the duress of that play, you could come to that conclusion.
    That situation was borderline impossible
    No Dez
    No Miles
    No Harris
    No freaking blocking
    No run game
    Full on. Busted blitz pickup

    He almost anyone would in that situation and some of you on that pick like he should have driven the down for the problems.
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    Honestly, this is kind of where I am at as well. Some guys have the ability to play big in the face of pressure when it matters most, I have yet to see that from Romo. In fact I think it is the opposite, he tends to make critical mistakes in elimination games that he normally wouldnt.

    I think he is really good, but not a great player.
  4. kristie

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    i've been a fan of romo's since he took over for bledsoe, & i'm still a fan.

    my signature says the line from the beyonce song "sweet dreams"("you can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare") is because romo is that way. he can blow you away with how great he is yet he can also piss you off with some of the dumb stuff he does. yet i have never believed him to be the main problem with the cowboys. i feel that the problem is greater then just him. the blame needs to go around to everyone from jerry jones to jason garrett. none of it is all romo's fault. sure he gets some blame, but all of it? that, to me, is going too far.

    even after all of that, i am still a fan.
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    I can't let that go, still. The stage was set up for him to give the middle finger. He blew it.
    We dont have a stellar D that can save him. We dont have an outstanding O. We dont have a solid run game. All the more reasons why Tony cant be giving the damn ball away.
  6. Idgit

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    Surprised, though I probably shouldn't be, how many 'lovers' have become 'haters'. Other than when he's had injuries, like the broken hand or the broken ribs, Romo's performed pretty consistently throughout his career.
  7. kristie

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    i agree with you on that.
  8. pupulehaole

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    Tony Romo is a choker. I supported him early and good lord was i chastised for it by all my good friends cause i thought he had it! He doesn't, he always throws the errant pass when we need him most. I don't think he sucks i actually think hes probably top 10-15 but hes a choker.
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    I'll do this later.
  10. RoyTheHammer

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    Except that, that is not the truth.. at all. Only a huge assumption.
  11. RoyTheHammer

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    He was pretty inconsistent last year, so yea, you probably shouldn't be suprised after a year like that.
  12. Ren

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    There's no gray on this board is there you either love Romo and blame everyone else for his shortcomings or you hate him and blame him for everything that's wrong with the team.

    Reality is right there in that gray zone that no one wants to look.

    Romo is good, really good and a lot of the time he carries this entire offense on his back, but this team relies way to much on him and it's burned us time and time again. He's not the great elite QB that his cult builds him up to be nor is he the worst QB to ever play with a star on his helmet. He's a really good QB who's needs to be on a good team. He's not in the Brady or Manning league where he makes the team around him better but he certainly isn't dragging them down either (except for those 2-3 games a year where he that does)
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    The last couple of years signifies 2011 and 2012 for me. I'm not speaking in terms of the entire season, but the "win or go home" games. Tony has always been considered a solid regular season QB, but when it comes down to it, he hasn't delivered in those final games in 2011 and 2012.

    I'm sorry, but down 21-0 at halftime VS NYG with the division on the line? I'm not giving him the "injury" excuse anymore. He wasn't injured. Okay, he was hurt, but just about EVERY player in the NFL is hurt, especially at the end of the year.

    2012 is pretty self explanatory. 3 INT's with one of them being the worst INT of Romo's career, for me at least.
  14. RoyTheHammer

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    While i think your last sentence in this post is pointless to the debate.. i do agree with alot of what you said here. I, too, think we've only ever had one or two seasons since Romo has been the QB where we've had a solid enough team to be able to contend for the title.. and like you said, it happens all the time where great QB's are in that situation and more times than not, they fail to win it all.

    However, i would say that just as much as i hear the old "Man, if we just had such and such here.." i also hear the line, "Man, if Tony left and went to such and such team, he'd win multiple super bowls with that team."

    Both statements are a bunch of mularky.
  15. RoyTheHammer

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    On the contrary.. all you have to do is read over this thread to see that alot of posters are in that "gray area" you speak of when it comes to Romo.
  16. RoyTheHammer

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    Actually, its exactly a difference of opinion. You may think yours carries more weight than others, but it really doesn't when it comes down to it. Falling back on the old "people who understand football, blah bla.." argument really doesn't help your case, either.

    ..and lets be honest.. he's not great. I would be one of those who would say he's a very good QB, but greatness is reserved for those a step above him, imo.

    He's no doubt one of the better QB's in the league, but even as this thread seems to show, those who hate him still realize his talent. Its just the fact that he hasn't been able to get us over the hump despite being in position multiple times throughout his tenure here that has some people on the fence. You could say that he needs a better supporting cast around him to contend for the title, and you'd be right in saying so most years he's been here, imo.. but by saying that you're also taking him down a peg and kind of admitting that he's not a guy that can carry a team to postseason success.

    Which is right about where i put him, honestly. Very good QB, can win you some games almost singlehandedly, but will come back and sometimes also lose you games almost singlehandedly. Its that gunslinger type of mentality he's had.. which hopefully he'll grow out of in his older years now. He is a guy who's going to need a very solid D and a substantial amount of help on offense as well to be able to win the big games. I feel like this season, more than ever, we have everything around him that he should need to be successful deep into the postseason. Let's hope he finally proves the "haters" wrong this year. I think all of us fans will be happy if he does.
  17. RoyTheHammer

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    Big Den is a Romo "lover". Naturally, he considers Romo "haters" to be misguided and annoying.. just as the "haters" consider the "lovers" to be whiny and full of excuses.

    The reality is.. you're both kind of whiny and annoying.. and that's why i like what clove has done with this thread. If you follow his guidelines, it forces you to look at both the good and the bad of Romo and hopefully allows at least a few people to be more objective when talking about his play in the future. Sadly, i think this is as close to a rational discussion about Romo's strengths and weaknesses as we will ever get on this board.
  18. Ren

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    This thread is the exception go make a someone in the media said something about Romo thread and see what happens
  19. TwoDeep3

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    Here is the dichotomy of the Romo conundrum for me.

    I see fans staunchly hold fast to the comments that this is a team sport and holding Romo personally responsible for the losses is completely wrong.

    Then in the next breath states emphatically that if it weren't for Romo this team would not be 8-8.

    So two things come into play here for me.

    Which side of the 8-8 applies? Just the first 8?

    And do all 51 other players and coaches lose the game despite Romo's heroics?

    Because that sure does look like what the Romo defenders are saying.

    I think at times, and a lot of times he is perhaps one of the top three quarterbacks in the game.

    I also think there are times he shoulders losses more than anyone else when the ball goes from his hands to a defenders hands in the waning seconds of a close contest.

    Somehow because I am willing to discuss both sides, I am a hater.
  20. Eskimo

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    Did you see how swollen his hand was?

    It's a miracle he could throw a football that well under the circumstances. I think he only played because it was an elimination game and we had zero chance with McGee out there.

    My guess is he had to take a huge shot of local anesthetic just so he could grip the ball. It is going to have a huge impact on your ability to throw the ball.

    BTW, we were down 21-0 at half so the defense didn't show up.

    On offense, the Giants defense was just outstanding at the end of the year. After they finished with us they went out and shutout the Falcons on the road, beat Aaron Rodgers on the road, beat the 49ers on the road and beat Brady in the Super Bowl. We just happened to catch a buzz saw at the wrong time.

    By far the biggest problem in that game was poor pass protection, poor running game and poor defense. That is why the Giants beat us at the end of 2011 - they were a better team. It wasn't because Romo choked.

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