News: Romo Not Worried About Appeasing With Balance

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    Rowan Kavner Staff Writer
    IRVING, Texas – Balance on offense isn’t Tony Romo’s primary concern.

    The Cowboys’ quarterback is more worried about winning, and he doesn’t mind if the team passes 51 times and runs just nine times in the process. That’s what occurred Sunday in a 27-23 win against the Vikings.

    “If you’re just thinking, ‘Boy, we better get to 15 runs, 20 runs, just to make sure that we appease everybody, that’s just silly,” Romo said. “I think what you find is we won that football game last week. We’re moving on to the next one. Maybe you only throw it 17 times the next week, maybe you only throw it 25 times, or whatever, so it varies.”

    Even the 51/9 ratio is a little skewed. The Cowboys technically ran eight running plays and 55 passing plays. Three times Romo was sacked and another rushing attempt came on a scramble by Romo after the play broke down.

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    Every team is different. Sometimes you should run a balanced attack, sometimes you shouldn't. Unfortunately, we don't run block well enough to be successful when we're evenly balanced between the run and the pass. Certainly, there's no secret formula for winning in each and every case but ordinarily, it's best to go with what you do best. It just happens to be passing most of the time whenever your OL isn't very strong at run blocking. That's our situation in a nutshell. It'd really seem to be in our best interest to develop an OL more adept at run blocking at some point in the not-too-distant future. Maybe the guys in the war room will respect that fact in the next draft. Otherwise, we'll probably be left to do much the same in 2014. Balance only helps when it works. As it is, we'll continue running a small fraction of the time just to keep 'em honest.
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    This team will never win consistently without a balanced attack. More 8-8 records. It might look exciting but it won't win any SB's.
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    This is the issue ... There is a reason why teams run the ball. To prevent your offensive from becoming one dimensional and to take pressure of your qb. If Romo wishes to burden the load by himself he should be ready to take on the critism . There is no I in team

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