Romo says he will get better in the future

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CrazyCowboy, Jun 11, 2014.

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    I could tell in that Green Bay game. Like I said he doesn't do it in every game but you just know it's coming sometime.
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    Regardless of his late -game blunders, no other qb besides maybe peyton manning or aaron rodgers would win anything significant with the roster we've had the past 4 seasons and this coach. Romo is a top 10 franchise qb, playing in a poorly run franchise.
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    and it goes that way for all quarterbacks. in aikmans 1st 9 years, he threw 110 int's. romo, 101. aikman, 129 td's, romo, 208.

    the biggest reason for the 3 superbowls was the team, not the qb. if anything, we rely on romo *too* much and yes, he makes bad plays but when you're forced to make a majority of the plays, it's not a reach to say he's simply got a higher % of making said bad play cause he's about the only one we have out there making the plays.

    now, who's the maroon that is saying i'm comparing romo to aikman. i know it's coming. so no, i'm not. i'm just pointing out some numbers from our own qb over the years and when we had a better *team* we had much more wins and fun.

    that's all.
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    But let me guess, in the game winning 4th qtr drives on the road in far more important games at New York and Washington (not to mention Minnesota) you did NOT have the certain gut feeling he'd throw a pick?

    Just curious which key game moments you "know" it's coming.
  5. iceberg

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    well as soon as it happens, he knew it was coming. but if he does well, it doesn't matter. he knows the bad man is coming sooner or later.
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    Ha. The project in my sig is taking up way too much time for me to figure that one out. I'll leave that to @percyhoward .
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    I dont think he would have been labeled choke artist....there were too many former baseball players in front of him to ever see the field
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    I don't think ppl have to make up imaginary interceptions for romo. Denver, Green Bay ring a bell? Tony has done something only chuck Norris has done before him. He has his own line of jokes in his honor. For example, "Tony Romo threw his iPhone 5 down in frustration but it was intercepted and returned for a TD." I didn't say they were clever.
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    All I have to say is it still cracks me up when I hear that Romo's "too reckless with the ball."

    He had 10 INTs last season (to go along with 31 TDs) and his career INT% is 2.7. That's better than Aikman's INT% of 3.0. Was Aikman too reckless as well?

    I know, I know... the stats/facts don't matter. And something about a lack of leadership or "doing it when it counts." Right?
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    I think this point creates a large part of the disagreements between fans when it comes to Romo. I clearly understand that this a a team game and that excuse gets when it is used to defend every game that Romo loses with the late game turnover. Some fans expects a QB to step up and carry the team when the game is on the line and the opportunity presents itself. Some QBs can do it, some can't. I am reminded of some if the quotes that came from Roger's teammates where they said that they always knew that Roger could win the game for them if they could just get the ball in his hands in the final two minutes. They believed that Roger was going to make the plays needed to win the game. Sure, it didn't happen every time, but Roger's teammates believed he could put the team on his back and win the game. In all honesty, I have a bad feeling that a major screwup is about to happen when Romo has the ball in his hands and a touchdown is needed to win. If the game is against one of the better teams in the league, it is a Prime Time game or it is a win or go home type of game, the result is a heart breaker. If Romo's teammates shared their honest opinion on Tony's late game blow-ups, it would change the opinion of many of the Romo defenders on this board.
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    Another one of the dumbest posts you'll ever read on this board. Have you ever had these "bad feelings" during one of Romo's 19 game winning drives? I think you're confusing your Taco Bell indigestion with you actually having a clue about what's going on the TV screen. You and your hero ufc are repetitive bores.
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    As long as JG is the one in charge of writing the script, you may be right.
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    And you can still use a similar line of logic here, nonetheless. I'd bet Brady's Pats were not facing a "tied or leading by 7 or less" ( the actual parameters stated) near as often as the Cowboys have. Dallas was rarely up 2 scores or more in the last five minutes, while I imagine it was somewhat common for the Patriots. Less opportunities, yet still only one less int.

    Now turn your sarcasm meter on. I am by no means saying anything negative about Brady. I'm just pointing out what should be obvious---Romo isn't nearly as bad as some would have you believe.
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    outstanding work
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    I wish I could like this more than once! Well put!
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    Romo is fine just hope is rehab works and he's 100% healthy.
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    That is just an excellent post. You're right about Roger and what those around him thought. I'm sure the fans felt the same way too. I know a lot of fans, even major fans of Romo who always have that filling in their stomach that something bad is going to happen. If we feel that way, then how does his teammates feel?
  18. Ntegrase96

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    Who knows. Sometimes you just have more faith in your teammates because you see what they can do each and every day.

    We had a guy like that. Played CB and got burned a lot for some big yardage and scores. Outsiders didn't understand why he was still starting, but for us who practiced with him every day, we knew that he was probably the most talented player on the team.

    We had faith in him no matter what, because we knew exactly what he could do.

    For teammates, sometimes you're just so close you know the circumstances and that everyone else is wrong. Sometimes as fans, you're just too close to see the obvious.
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    And this belief in Staubach not only raised the offenses level of play but the defense would raise its level of play as well in order to get the ball back to Roger, best example of this was the Larry Cole stop on Riggins in that great 79 game......thats why stats dont tell the whole story and why each championship team usually has some sort of strong leadership base which propels them to greatness.
  20. PA Cowboy Fan

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    I always believed the team had a chance when Roger was QB. One of the best comeback QB's ever.

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