Romo stunk yesterday

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by bpfred, Oct 28, 2013.

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    Romo, IMO, isn't a top five QB in the NFL, and I have doubts he's in the top 10.

    Gunther Cunningham showed more fear of Randle, a fifth round RB without much speed or power, than he did of Romo. For almost the entire game Cunningham brought the safety into the box, and dared Romo to try passes down the field.

    For three quarters, Romo didn't even try. In the first quarter, with second and short, and eight men in the box, Romo ran the ball into the teeth of the defense, twice losing three yards on a run, instead of taking shots down the field with one-on-one coverage on the outside. If Dez Bryant is considered a premium receiver, why not throw it up to him, and give him a chance to make plays? Can anybody even imagine Stafford not doing that with Calvin Johnson? They showed repeated instances where Stafford has successfully thrown to Johnson with DOUBLE coverage.

    Billick, calling the game, repeatedly referred to Romo needing try passes down the field. This was on national TV, and Billick was being very tactful. In private conversations around the league, there are going to be much more disparaging conversations. For a ten year veteran QB repeatedly not to audible into plays that give his team a chance is simply unthinkable. Forget Manning and Brady, there are 15-20 QBs who wouldn't have tolerated the disrespect Cunningham gave Romo.

    Had I been coaching, Romo wouldn't have started the 3rd Quarter. And I have no idea why Garret or Wilson weren't in his face. The fact they weren't doesn't reflect well on them. They were meek. The fact Dez Bryant did get in people's face, gives me respect for him. He was right to do so, and would have been justified in doing so in the first quarter. I know I was absolutely screaming at the TV in the first quarter Romo for not going downfield. The screaming slowed down, and turned into disbelief at what I was seeing--for three quarters.

    The only question I have is why didn't Romo go downfield. Was it because of the hits Fairly put on him, and he lacked the courage? Was it because he was too stupid to get into better plays? Did he think Bryant and Williams were completely overmatched by the Detroit CBs? I really don't know...

    Romo absolutely dropped his pants yesterday, and there are going to be a lot of coaches and players around the league who won't forget that display...

    Flame away. I'm a little fired up over this, so it's possible I'll flame back.
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    I will never be accused of being a Romo groupie. Having said that, there is no way I would blame Romo for this loss. It goes much deeper than any one player in my opinion. We lose a lot of our games because of our weakness in the trenches....on both sides of the ball. Look, we couldn't run when we had to in order to run out the clock on offense. We could not put pressure on the QB to compensate for our totally outmatched and banged up secondary when it mattered most. We need DL and OL focus. These two positions on our team have been neglected for far too long.
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    Really? This is what you came up with? Dear god. Its clear we cant run the ball or stop anyone and you blame Romo, your so wrong its mind blowing
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    Did he throw two Tds in the 4th quarter to put them up by 10? How many times have you seen someone like Eli Manning play like crap all game but then throws a couple of Tds in the 4th quarter? Then the defense steps up and finishes the game.

    If anyone you should have a problem with is who is calling/creating the game plan, design of the offense. On one particular play 3-6, I saw Beasley on the wide side of the field doing an out. Dez and Williams going way down the field, more as a decoy and not getting to sticks. No way that play was going to work.

    I'm glad that you are going to deny that Romo was getting a ton of shots on him in the first half. Why not run sprint out? Why doesn't this team take advantage of blitzes by hitting the middle of the field? Why isn't Dez moved around placed in the slot to get him the ball? Yes, all of that is Romos fault.

    The bottom line is that no he didn't play great, but he did enough in the end to win.

    Did you see him pleading with Garrett to attempt to get the first down on the last drive? He wanted the ball and he wanted to win.
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    the play calling at that time was lame.....
  6. fifaguy

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    Agree; Romo was fine, and played well in the 4th. I wasn't happy to see JG take the ball out of his hands late. Ironic that we have the highest rated 4th quarter passer in NFL history, but he is not deemed trustworthy. A few epic failures leave a big impression....
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    Romo throws 3 TDs & no Turnovers & he "Stunk"? You are right. He should have totally went out there & played DEFENSE on that last Lions drive. :rolleyes:
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    Monte Kiffin's defense is not working here.

    Callahan's play calling and blocking schemes are not working here

    Garrets game management sucks and is not working here

    and you wana blame Romo? K
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    This is the truth he missed a lot of easy targets
  10. Falcon554

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    OMG, you people will blame Romo for everything, maybe he should of covered CJ? Only people on the team you cant blame is Romo and Dez and Lee
  11. Smith22

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    It wasn't his best game by far, but he had them in a position to get the W.

    This defense is god awful. They have suffered too many injuries along the DL and they have serious pass coverage issues.
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    I think you summed it up pretty well.

    Romo wasn't good, but he wasn't franchise record bad either.
  14. bpfred

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    The plays Romo made in the 4th quarter were available the entire game--that is the frustration I have with him. His pre-snap reads and audibles the first three quarters were unacceptable. Regardless of the game plan, it's Romo's job to audible the offense into a play with a good chance of success, if they face a defense built to stop the called play. Romo didn't do that for 3 quarters. As a result they were running into defenses built to stop the run--hence they didn't run well. Had Romo audibled into downfield passes earlier in the game, and connected on a couple, Cunningham would have been forced to respect the pass, and the running game would have benefitted. The running game was doing very well on first down for a good part of the game, Romo could have helped it more with proper presnap reads/audibles.

    Romo was the beneficiary of four or five turnovers, and gave up quite a few possessions because of mental mistakes on his part (my opinion). With all those turnovers the defense should have never been in a position to stop a last minute drive to preserve the win--they choked horribly, but that's a frustration for another thread.
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    The Lions were challenging us all day to throw down the field or to the sidelines, we didn't do it. Of course it's wasn't Romo's fault he's just the guy who has ultimate control. What were his stats in the first half again? 3rd game in a row he's come out ice cold. But that's not his fault either. I blame _________.

    You aren't going to have a running game until you back the DB's up, that's not going to happen until you make them pay. We don't. But that's not romo's fault.:rolleyes:
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  16. Falcon554

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    he had guys in his face all game long, it was rare when he could step up in the pocket. Plus we can not run the ball at all. When CJ has over 300 yards blaming Romo makes no sense at all
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  17. Falcon554

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    holy heck, this D is horrible and you still blame Romo, mind blowing
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  18. Smith22

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    I don't know the stats for rush/hurries/sacks in the 1st half, but I know he didn't have much time. He did try going deep to Williams and the ref picked up the flag ruling it incidental contact. Harris also had one hit his hand but I don't think he could locate the ball.
  19. CaptainCreed

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    I love Romo, but despite the TDs, he had a bad game. Idk if it was the ribs or if he was just psyched out by the Lions front four but 14-30 is not his usual 70% and he refused to hold onto the ball and scramble and make those beautiful plays he is known for. Also only converted 2 first downs on throws I believe. He needed to make more plays earlier off the turnovers and this is not even a game with a minute left. Everyone says blame the defense when Denver scores 51 because 48 should win the game usually and if they make Denver punt even once or twice Tony does not have to make plays at the end that puts him in position to throw the pic. Well, 4 turnovers should be enough. If we convert those 4 into more than 10 points and are better on third down, the defense does not have to hold the Lions to less than a TD on the last drive. It works both ways. Not saying romo is terrible or we should get rid of him. He is our only ticket to the playoffs, but he is going to occasionally have bad games and he had one yesterday.
  20. XDez88BeastX

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    I'm not blaming Romo for the loss it was a combo of things, mainly play calling (especially that last drive when they might as well have kick the field goal on 1st freaking down) don't put words in my mouth. They lost as a team but that does not take away from the fact Romo's Accuracy was sub par last night

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