Romo will never best Aikman until he brings us three rings

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bleu Star, Dec 6, 2012.

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    Sure wouldn't hoit.
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    Just what we need...another thread in which football is discussed as a one man sport.
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    Looking to blame one man for all the team.

    It actually makes sense....I think?:confused:
  4. Bleu Star

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    Once again, the intention of the thread was never to cast blame. It was to encourage discussion around Romo's legacy and what it will take for him to elevate the conversation about him once he has finished playing. Nothing more. Nothing less.
  5. Bleu Star

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    Sorry you weren't able to hit the back button on your browser before being compelled to provide nothing to the conversation.
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    Obviously an improved line would help Romo immensely. Would it not be a strong move for him to make his displeasure with the quality of the offensive line heard loud & clear by GM Jerry during contract nnegotiations? I don't think it's good enough to just negotiate new terms without having that discussion out on the table. After all, we are talking about what would be his last chance to get a ring or two and ultimately his legacy.
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    lol... at least he is consistent.
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    I like how the OP responds to others and manages to overlook this particular post. Maybe he was so busy typing his agenda he just didn't see it?????

    Does it prove that Romo is better than Aikman or Stauback? No it doesn't. It simply states that Romo has achieved a lot for himself with less talent and has done it all in a little over 6 years. Not bad for a undrafted free agent.
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    PercyHoward hits it out of the park...

    Romo's teams compared to Aikmans teams...the comparison is not even close.

    I am sure that when Romo sits down with the Dallas brass the future direction of the team will be a high priority.

    Have to laugh at the Romo is not accurate comments, The guy consistently puts up top 5 % of completion numbers. He's currently tossing at a 67.1% rate. Aikman in his best year never even came close to that and Romo does it while on the run and under supreme duress...something Aikman never had to deal with.

    Aikman on todays team would be just above Bledsoe level, Romo on the 90's teams wins Championships.
  10. Bleu Star

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    I wasn't aware that I needed to respond to it. I'm not a fan of menial stats. The rings matter more than anything else. That said, Percy made a strong case with his post but it still doesn't really speak to the conversation of what it will take for Romo's legacy to be elevate above that of Troy today. Hope this response helps alleviate your concerns around my alleged agenda... If not, I have an appropriate door prize for you.
  11. Bleu Star

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    Romo's accuracy pales in comparison to the pinpoint accuracy of Aikman. This isn't even debatable. Regarding Romo flourishing in the timing based offense that Troy thrived in.. My opinion is that Romo would not have been able to hit half the incredible throws that Troy hit consistently.
  12. rags747

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    I think if Romo gets on one Championship run it puts him in the ballpark but obviously would still fall short of Troy's Championship accomplishments.

    One ring for Romo seals his place in the ROH and would put him right there with Staubach and Aikman as all time Cowboy greats. Zero rings for Romo and he probably goes down as Danny White which would be unfortunate.
  13. Bleu Star

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    I completely agree with this.
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    Aikman was a great QB, but he only won SBs when he had a great team around him. Staubach, on the other hand, could and did will lesser teams to win many many times....look at the 75 Cowboys. So I think that Staubach is the best QB in Cowboys history. Put Staubach on a team today and his numbers would be crazy good. Romo has NEVER had the team to win the SB, with the exception of 2007 perhaps, and his all around skills are better than Aikman's (even Aikman admitted this). Build a good/great team around Romo and he will win a SB. A good o-line and consistently healthy Demarco Murray is all that stands in the way of the the Boys right now.
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    Interesting. When I saw the thread title, I thought my commentary would be geared towards defending Romo.

    Full disclosure...I like both quarterbacks. I love Aikman and he might be my favorite Cowboy ever. I dismissed Romo early in his career and was obviously wrong in that assessment.

    However, even though Aikman is a Hall of Famer, I don't think he gets the due he deserves. I hate the idea that he succeeded just because he had a great line, Emmitt Smith, Novacek and Irvin. I think you can look at the other side of the coin and argue that a lot of their success came from Aikman. Novacek was a cast off free agent until he came to Dallas. That OL had quite a few castoffs and undrafted free agents on it throughout the years. He was a great QB who excelled in a system that fit his strengths.

    Romo is a great QB too, but he is going to be judged on Super Bowl wins. That is the black mark on Marino's career and it was the knock on Elway until he won a couple late in his career. Great QBs are judged by Super Bowl wins.

    I think Romo is superior in the pocket and better at making something happen when the play breaks down. I think he makes more mistakes than Aikman though.

    Aikman had the benefit of being on a great team, led by a great coach operating a system that maximized his strengths. I think Romo does a great job all things considered. I don't think the supporting staff or coaching staff is as good. Seems like a better collection of individual talent than a team.
  16. rags747

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    Romo's accuracy is right there with Troy's imo, maybe not in Troy's timing based offense though. Troy did have at least 3" on Romo and he did have possibly the best OL ever put together and the best rb ever.

    The only thing that Romo has over the Troy led teams is Witten and Novachek was no slouch. Every other player of the Troy led teams starts on our current team pretty much without question. Even Ware would be sitting on the bench with Haley on the team...what does that say about our current talent leven compared to those 90's teams.

    Troy would be cannon fodder behind Livings, Bernadeau, Free, and I cant even remember who is starting at centers name.

    Troy was great no doubt and if Romo wins one ring he will go down as a great Dallas Cowboy QB as well...especially where his #'s will wind up.
  17. Bleu Star

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    Yeah. I went a little overboard with the title and a few here have wasted life disputing it instead of taking the time to read the following up commentary. Thank you for taking time to read. Reading is truly fundamental.

    If Romo gets one title, it will cement his legacy as one of the greatest Cowboy QBs ever.
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    funny how in the Romo vs Aikman threads Aikman had one of the best Olines ever but in the Emmitt vs Barry threads Emmitt's Oline was overated.
  19. Bleu Star

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    :laugh2: The real truth is always somewhere in the middle.
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    You guys make it sound like Aikman played behind an OL comprised of all first round draft picks. The Troy vs Romo comparisons aren't even close. I'm a huge Romo homer but he doesn't compare to Troy and I don't think it's close. Football was a different game back then, not this watered down product we see today. Defenses could still play D without fear of a flag every other pass. CB's could mug the receivers and the safeties were patrolling the field waiting to take a WR's head off if he came across the middle. Back then, they made rules to slow the offenses down by trying to negate Irvin's physical play, as well as that of Eric Williams.

    I'm wondering if those people that think Romo is better were really old enough to watch Aikman in his prime.

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