Romo would've won it

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by bleedin' blue, Dec 29, 2013.

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    Who honestly knows??????? I mean do I like our chances with Romo as opposed to Orton of course but smh... This team just seems to be cursed right now!
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    BOOM....................truth bomb just dropped on this thread..............looks like the time of possession angle the Romo haters were working on turned out to be a dry well also.......................LOL................they must be so depressed today.
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    Average starting field position for our opponent going into the game was their 27.

    Last night, their 29.
  4. Oh_Canada

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    I'm not sure how that's a "BOOM"? You're arguing a backup who hadn't played in two years vs. the seven year starter in the same system who produced a half point more at home vs an NFC opponent. I really didn't see much difference between the two obviously Romo is more talented but I actually liked the way Orton ran the offense better. Romo is the starter whether we like it or not for the forseeable future- my only hope is that he took some of the things Orton did in the offense and applies it to his game.

    How many times in this game did you see the play clock LEGALLY run down to one second before snapping the ball? For one I would like to see that change it really helps pass blocking and gives the offense a lot more rhythm.

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    I just don't get any of this. Romo Haters? Really? This sounds just like the Quincy days.

    What is the purpose of this thead? "Romo would have won!" Well, no he would not have because he's on the IR. Orton played a good game IMO and that's the end of it. The Defense played a good game and that's the end of it. We lost and the season is over but Romo was never going to win that game because he's on the IR.

    What's the point?
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    I don't agree with this. Kyle got rid of the ball faster than Romo. Romo didn't look so good against the Eagles last game.
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    I agree. I was very impressed with the way Orton ran that offense. It was completely different than Romo and in a good way. I loved the way he got rid of the ball so quickly. He choked at the very end of the game but gave us a good fighting chance for most of it. 358 yards and 2 tds is pretty solid IMO.
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    At some point you have to question the play calling. We just saw Romo throw the same pick against Green Bay. Every time Austin fades up the field giving up position and expects the ball to be put high over the top which as a hot read with a blitz is a just not an easy throw with the angles and the pace needed on the ball. The risk is too high to call that play in these situations or to have that route option to break upfield, if it is an option. Sure, if you execute it perfectly you can hit a big play, but you're chances of doing that are very low from what we have seen and the typical result when it is not executed well is an interception which ends the game. It seems like every game the defense dictates the matchup that they want, knowing the system and hot reads and we try to challenge the other teams best players one on one. That's not a reliable winning strategy, that's 50-50 football, I don't care who the QB is. The reason Romo works better in some of those cases is because he sees the matchup is terrible and instead of forcing it, he extends the play into something else. Of course that is only sometimes, other times due to pressure he goes where the offense tells him to go with the football and it's low percentage, high risk due to other teams knowing where the ball is going and being prepared for it at that point in the game.
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    I love the "on the road" thing.

    ..and yes, not having Miles Austin this year has proven to be ultra traumatic for this offense.
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    Oh just stop SD. Romo doesn't do anything for us that Orton can't do. Even their stat lines looked remarkably similar, right down to the late game INT.

    ..and that's with Orton coming in cold, not having started a game in i think a year and a half. Give him normal reps with the first team and play him all year, and i'd almost rather have him running this offense than Romo.

    Orton definitely makes quicker reads and gets the ball out quicker, and Romo is definitely better at avoiding pressure in the pocket. But when you get the ball out early in the WR's routes, you don't need to dance in the pocket as much. Orton made throws that Romo just couldn't or wouldn't this year. The offense looked smooth and all on the same page just as much as any other game this year, tonight. I wouldn't mind at all seeing him play the first chunk of games next year while Romo recovers to 100 percent.

    Romo is only light years better than Orton in your mind.
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  11. RoyTheHammer

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    Wasn't Foles concussed for part of that game before he went out?
  12. Gameover

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    I believe miles played
  13. Gameover

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    like Detroit, san diego, kc, these very eagles, gb to some degree.. revisionist history much

    romoites, let's not act like we weren't 8-7 with romo.

    romoites, lets not act like room hasn't benifited greatly from turnovers and good returns. see redskins game last week
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    No. His concussion came on the play when he was scrambling toward the sideline and his head whipped back and hit the ground. In the NFL these days the first sign of a concussion he would've been benched immediately.
  15. dware94

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    Not taking sides, but even Brees couldn't overcome a 32nd ranked defense last year finishing 7-9.
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    Romo would have thown 3 picks and exited as usual, saying "WE have to get better."

    He'll be 34 in April????

    What a waste of Jerra's money. What a waste of our time with Romo.
  17. RonSpringsdaman20

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  18. slomoxn

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    One thing Orton did that I liked is he stepped into the pocket on his throws instead of running out of it. There were a few times he had to get out but for the most part he hung in there. O line played a hell of a game last night and I would have love to see what Tony could have done with it.
  19. slomoxn

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    II don't think Orton has an accuracy problem, I think two years not playing and not knowing his receivers hhurt him. If he had played a few weeks or were a starter I think he nails those deep balls. No feel for it yesterday but the offense performed like a well oiled machine other than that. If it weren't for our idiot coaach (and I wanted him) calling plays i would have thought I was watching a different team.
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    Not to mention that Garrett pulled the offensive aggressiveness back from Orton on a ton of 3rd down plays and in the red zone. Garrett did not have Orton attack the end zone like he does with Romo, and I suspect that it's because Orton threw and earlier interception and, the rust from not playing, and the fact that he just wanted points.

    Orton didn't have the deep ball chemistry with any of the receivers because he never plays with them. The Austin interception, in my mind, was because of lack of chemistry with Austin. He simply misjudged Austin's speed and the way Austin makes his slants. He hit that same pass earlier to Dez that ended in a touch down. So, I'm just saying that Orton is basically equal or possibly better than Romo, given time with the 1st teamers.

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