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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by slotshot, Mar 12, 2009.

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    This is a pass happy league and we have a 1 gap systems teams just don't run on first and 2nd downs then pass on thirds. He's virtually useless the idea or notion of this guy is ludicrous because the only role I seem him playing is short yardage/goal line and thats really pointless.
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    idk, I can see him taking a slide on draft day

    he wasn't impressive in college

    or at the Senior Bowl (unless you consider chasing a busted play to be impressive)

    or at the Combine (unbelievably lethargic)

    combine all that w/ a potential back-problem, and I see him taking a Gabe Watson dip to the 4th round

    I agree though that if he's a 2nd rounder, we probably don't take him anyways
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    When you put it that way there is just so much to be excited about. I now see where it all comes from..........:D
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    To be honest I think Miami takes him with one of their 2nd rders. I like him as our 2nd rder but if some of the premier safeties are on the board or if someone drops I can see us going the other way.

    With any great defense the very first thing you must do is stop the run. This alone is worth taking him with our top pick because it allows our backers to make plays. Then once the opposing team is in long yardage, we let the dogs loose. Our rotation would be sick. He will never get the stats but what he will do is allow the defense to get the stats like #1 against the run and ultimately #1 overall.
  5. RS12

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    I'd rather have Scott from Clemson.
  6. silverbear

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    I'd rather have Chris Baker from Hampton...
  7. BAT

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    I'd rather have Hill from Stillman. Perfect Project Pick: Huge upside, High Character guy.

    No more idiots or underachievers.
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    Really? So the core value of stopping the run first and foremost is no longer true in the NFL? It may be a pass-happy league right now, BUT who are the successful teams; teams that make the playoffs? Let's look at this past season's playoff teams offense-wise...

    1. Colts Run - ranked 31st; Pass - ranked 5th
    2. Eagles Run - 22nd; Pass - 6th
    3. Cardinals Run - 32nd; Pass - 2nd
    4. Titans Run - 7th; Pass - 27th
    5. Chargers Run - 20th; Pass - 7th
    6. Dolphins Run - 11th; Pass - 10th
    7. Steelers Run - 23rd; Pass -17th
    8. Panthers Run - 3rd; Pass - 19th
    9. Falcons Run - 2nd; Pass - 14th
    10. Giants Run - 1st; Pass - 18th
    11. Vikings Run - 5th; Pass - 25th
    12. Ravens Run - 4th; Pass - 28th

    Look at last season's playoff teams. 6 of the 12 playoff teams were ranked in the top ten rushing-wise; 5 of the 12 were ranked in the top ten passing-wise. It's even between the "run" teams & the "pass" teams; So please don't make it seems like stopping the run is NOT important; it's just as every bit as important as generating heat on the QB. You may not like Brace as a prospect but your idea of a run-stuffing NT who can control the middle being "useless" in today's NFL is just plain wrong, imo.
  9. 5mics

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    Yup, ignored! Didn't fit the agenda..... :)
  10. 5mics

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    Yup, you're right, it's not unanimous about Brace being a 2nd-3rd rounder; I don't think I ever stated that it was the case. Some have him rated lower, but that can be said with most prospects like Beckwith, who you currently have as a 2nd rounder. Some have him rated lower as well.....
  11. DaBoys4Life

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    I don't understand what your stats are trying to prove.
  12. 5mics

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    I'm just saying that successful teams (ones that make the playoffs) still employ the running game as their first option. So teams still need to stop the run first and foremost which is why I think we need a big, blocker-occupying, run-stuffing clogger in the middle of our D. I understand that the league is a pass-happy league but half the teams that made the playoffs utilize the running game as their main weapon.
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    Their numbers weren't even close.

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