News: Rookie review: James Hanna

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 24, 2013.

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    Oh, not that he's anything special, but he seemed solid enough before he hurt his knee.

    I guess I was disappointed because the way it was worded, it sounds like either he wants out or the team doesn't even want him back.
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    The problem with Phillips is that Hanna has surpassed him as a receiving threat because of the vertical threat and mismatch opportunities he presents because of his athleticism. As the #3 TE, Phillips is too expensive and not a good enough in-line blocker to maintain his spot on the roster.

    I hope Woicik gets Hanna stronger so that he can be a more effective in-line blocker than most of the other top receiving TEs. Hopefully Witten's modeling of a lunchpail work ethic rubs off on Hanna. If Hanna commits himself he can become a top TE with his athleticism and ball catching skills. It'd be nice if he were a dual threat like Witten instead of just a big WR. This would help create passing game mismatches in the 2-TE offense if defenses stay in their base alignment.
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    I know it's your schtick to pretend-post like this, but I wonder: do you actually think anybody buys this? I mean, anybody? Witten-is-injury-prone?

    Even for what it is, it's not believable or interesting as far as an opinion is concerned. It's really not.

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