News: Rookie review: Matt Johnson

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 24, 2013.

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    What he did: Not much. Johnson battled hamstring injuries the entire season. At one point, he dealt with back problems as a result of a hamstring injury. The Cowboys didn't place him on injured reserve because they figured he would return. Once healthy, Johnson practiced for less than two weeks before re-injuring his hamstring. He was placed on reserve/injured, designated to return on Nov. 17. Johnson said he was healthy toward the end of the season and was on target to practice the week after the regular season ended if the Cowboys had reached the playoffs.

    Where he fits in the future: The Cowboys drafted Johnson because of his ability to make plays on the ball. In the time he practiced during the regular season, the Cowboys were impressed with his abilities.

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    Why was this even written? I can't think of a more waist of time than writing about a guy that Zero fans even know what he looks like.
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    Judging from the title, this should be the shortest article ever written.
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    Not much to grade.

    However, this is the guy I'm most curious about this coming offseason. If he can get in the rotation, that would be huge. It seems like he could fit well in the scheme. Gotta be on the field to prove it.
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    Seriously, how much time did he actually practice? Less than 10 hours seems about right.

    Matt Johnson year in review according to me: Never got uniform dirty or sweaty.
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    :bow: :laugh2:
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    Have you guys even watched his highlight footage? Yes, it was college, and yes, he needs to prove he can get and stay healthy. But he was a 4th rounder! We need safeties! And the kid shows real talent and ability in those highlights. He reads, reacts, runs, tackles, and covers really well. The least we can do is pull for the kid.
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    The most talked about 4th round pick in history. Well at least a close second to the QB turned WR from Washington. ;)
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    I think Broddus made a great point about him. He was late showing up because he college semester lasted until summer. He missed early camps and conditioning, got behind the 8 ball physically, and was never able to really catch up. Hopefully he doesn't turn into another Stan Smagala.
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    Anyone's highlight makes them look like a beast. Have you seen AOA's highlight video? He looked like a beast.
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    Exactly ;)
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    Here's hoping for a Lee/Carter type of sophomore year coming off the injury.

    Not holding my breath, but we'll see.
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    Showed nothing and should be regarded as nothing until he shows something
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    Go watch them. It's play after play after play after play of beasting.
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    Trainer give a scouting report?
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    Shouldn't that be what "highlight" video's are for....if not they would be call "low lights".

    I hope for the kid, but we know exactly what we knew this time about him. Nothing.
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    I don't even know what he looks like. I can't even recall seeing a picture of him.
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    To help his fan club out:



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    Yes, but IIRC one of the videos is nearly 15 min long. It takes a large number of highlights to make a video that long. It is really less of a highlight video and more of a video showing how consistently well he plays. The kid looks like a safety version of Sean Lee, he has that kind of nose for the ball. I know Lee was a 1st round talent and Johnson was graded 4th round or later, but the kid can play.

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