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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by 50cent, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. 50cent

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    These guys have to be replaced next year:
    1. Jacque Reeves or Nate Jones - There has to be someone that is more valuable at ST and in our nickle defense than one of them.

    2. Al Singleton - Just doesn't do anything special, period! Fujita is coming on and a Singleton just sucks.

    3. Kenyon Coleman - See Al Singleton! Plus Ratliff can play end. Tag team of Spears and Ratliff sounds good to me.

    4. Eric Obfhshfgu - See Kenyon Coleman then multiple his non- production times 2 vs. Al Singleton. Kalen Thornton is better suited to spell Ware.

    5. A-Train - A year of exprience for TT and MBIII makes him expendable.

    6. Keith Davis or Willie Pile - One will have to go, with a must upgrade at the position! Berry-O will have alot to say about this one, if moved to FS.

    7. Ben Noll or T. Tucker - Petteti has RT locked down and where does Noll really fit into the long term picture. Quality depth is needed to back up, like Gurode at C.

    8. Terrence Copper - I just can't see him taking up another spot for playing the gunner. See. Reeves/Jones. Give me 4/5 real Wrs and put a DB or Safety at gunner, guys that actually get paid to hit. And I don't mean crowder.

    Bottom line, we sit pretty in cap space to fill some holes and hopefully will get some nice picks in the draft, but these guys must go!
  2. Wolverine

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    Coaching replacements. If Capers is fired say goodbye to Mike Zimmer.
  3. Qwickdraw

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    I say keep K. Davis as the ST gunner plus he can backup the Safety spots in a pinch and bring in a real FS.

    And if the cost weren't astronomical, I wouldn't mind Arrington coming in to man some OLB after cutting Singleton and Obogu.

    Capers would be great as well but I think it will be Pasqualoni.
  4. 50cent

    50cent Well-Known Member

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    Wouldn't mind but I think Zimms contract will have something to say about it!
  5. 50cent

    50cent Well-Known Member

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    I agree on the Davis take. Bring in a real FS and let Daivs gun. Cut Cooper and we kill 2 birds with one stone. I don't know if Arrington is disciplined enough to play for us. Now if we plan to unleash him at the Qb every play then great move, but if we ask him to think, then bad move. Arrington flunked thinking in kindergarten and its hurt him in life now.
  6. Qwickdraw

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    I'm not all that high on Arrington and was really just speaking as a passrusher.
    He seems to fit the 3-4 OLB mold well but is a liability in coverage, etc.

    Really, I just like the idea of the Skins shafting him only to have him sign with DAL and face his old team twice a year and maybe wreak some havoc.

    All Ive heard out of WASHINGTON fans over the past few years is Lavar this and Lavar that. They all own his jersey and yet, he doesnt even play. It would just be funny if he came back to haunt them as a Cowboy when their coach made him dispensible.
  7. 50cent

    50cent Well-Known Member

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    I love his talent, and would love to have a healthy Arrington making plays behind the line of scrimmage. A 80% Arrington iis better than Singleton, but is that better than Fujita. If not, then I don't think we invest money into a player that is equal to Fulita. If so and he can learn to play within the system, I'm all for it. Although when your Dc calls you the most undisciplined player he has ever coached, a red flag goes up to me. And I'm speaking of MArvin Lewis, the guy that built that Ravens D. He knows alittle about talented players that by into the system. I'll take his word for now.
  8. zagnut

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    I agree with 2, 4, and 5. Maybe 7 too.

    FS is a clear problem. Depth is a problem too. Beriault looked really good and I still say he would have been the starting FS by week 8. Davis and Pile are strictly very good special teamers and serviceable backups.

    I'd like to see a reserve CB brought in that also is the primary return specialist.

    We do really need to bring in some youth at the OL. I feel Tucker can eventually move inside to Guard in place of Larry or Rivera. Noll, I've genuinely never seen play a down, good or bad. He's a non-entity. I really liked the Peterman pick, but he's not shown anything. I would not mind drafting a stud Left Tackle (there will be many this year) and moving Flo inside to G for the remainder of his career.

    Also, why would you need 5 legit WRs? Parcells will only play 3 of them. In my opinion, Copper is a real WR. He was plenty good last year at WR and he's a very good special teams guy as a bonus.
  9. Bob Sacamano

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    "would not mind drafting a stud Left Tackle"

    I'm all over that idea

    Peterman is basically a rookie this year, not only is he basically a rookie, he has to beat out Marco Rivera while he's learning, so you can see why we aren't seeing anything from him
  10. 50cent

    50cent Well-Known Member

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    We dress 5 Wrs as it is right now and one of them gets a spot for STs. Id much rather have 5 WRs fresh and give the ST duties to a DB/S. They are used to hitting and Cooper serves no purpose other than being able to play gunner.
  11. Waffle

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    Yeah...he's doing a hell of a job down in Houston!! :confused:
  12. Bob Sacamano

    Bob Sacamano Benched

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    yeah, I don't like Caper's style of running the 3-4, believe it or not, it's less imaginative than when some of y'all were bashing Zimmer, alot of zone-blitzing
  13. Cowboy4ever

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    1-5 i agree with. Not ready to give up K Davis right now. I think he has the talent to play the spot. But if by week 8, he is still making the same mistakes, i will revise my thoughts. But right now, I think we should give him some more time to learn the spot. I wouldn't cut him though, regardless. I think Justin B will move into that spot next year if healthy and KD is a killer ST player. I Say keep Pile too, seems to be doing a decent job in coverage and if you cut nate and reeves, it gives added depth to the DB spots. I think we could pick a good Tackle, my favorite is Marcus McNeal of Auburn, but mainly cuz i am a huge Auburn fan. But I wouldn't spend a 1st or 2nd round pick on an OL, good ones can be found in the middle to late rounds. I think we should go after a stud WR with our 1st round pick. Key and Glenn are both getting up there and Price is gone at years end. Bring in a young stud, let him learn from Key and Glenn for a yr or two and then we have Crayton and him starting in 2 years,, sounds good to me. Second round, we go after a QB. I dont think drew H is the answer, i hope he is, but i haven't seen anything that would say he is. third and forth rounds we go after OL or LBer. We dont' have that many holes right now, and cap looks good. This has the making of another 3 out of 4 or better run real soon.
  14. followthestar

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    a quick look at the roster is telling, when you consider the type of ball Parcells prefers. we need to further upgrade the OL - it all starts there. we need LBs - big strong ones and big fast ones. the weakness of our 3-4 is in LBs. we need a FS - a true centerfielder. we need a kicker - Cortez is not a clutch player. we could use a true blocking FB. we could use a Center of good size. we could use a young massive NT. we could use a new mascot...
  15. TruBlueCowboy

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    I think guard is more important at the moment. Both Larry and Marco could go at any minute. It's too risky to depend on an unproven Peterman to replace two All-Pro offensive guards. Guards are easy to find as well.

    Next year, I think the priorities would be:

    - Starting offensive guard
    - Starting receiver (Key/Glenn = the Larry/Marco rationale)
    - Starting free safety
    - Nickel back (Glenn ain't going to last much longer either)
    - Backup QB (someone young to build behind Bledsoe and probably replace Henson if he doesn't shape up soon)
    - Linebackers (need depth everywhere!)
  16. Hiero

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    2 OL in the draft mid to late rounds.
    1 fs 2nd or 3rd round.
    2 LB's one very big trotter like lb please!
    1 QB cut romo
    1 WR cut copper hes gone next year.
  17. junk

    junk I've got moxie

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    Not just depth at linebackers, I think the team needs one or two starters yet. One ILB (maybe) and one OLB (probably). Kind of depends on if Burnett pans out and where he ends up playing.

    I like LeCharles Bentley in FA for the very reason you mentioned. I believe LA has some roster bonuses due this year as well. If LA returns, simply plug Bentley in at center.

    I also believe Chris Hope and Will Demps are FAs next year. Potential FS options.
  18. TruBlueCowboy

    TruBlueCowboy New Member

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    I agree, when I write need depth everywhere, I mean, everywhere! LOL Starters, backups, replace 'em all. I think at least half of the current linebackers on this team are gone next year if they don't start improving quickly.

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