Roughing the passer

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by lurkercowboy, Sep 26, 2005.

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    What are the rules for roughing the passer these days? This year, it seems that defensive players are getting flagged for touching the QB at all, even if they are within two steps. In last night's Giant game, there was a flag when Manning got hit and it looked like the defender was a split-second away from hitting Manning when he threw it, and there was a penalty. It is not just in Dallas games.
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    any contact to QB helmet draws a flag i think. This totally sucks !!!!!! That play last night was awful, the d linemans hand hit the side of QB helmet while he is being held up by the O lineman. he was just reaching to grab the qb, it wasnt a punch or hit or slap. this rule is bad IMO
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    It's pretty simple. You give the QB a cross look, and you'll spend eternity in damnation. Gotta be fair.
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    Yhea, I think there is a place for Roughing the Passer, but it is getting a little carried away. Way to much ticky tacky stuff.

    Take the skirts off the QB's.

    That is the way it is being called though, and I do not see it changing. The players have to know that UMP already has his hand on the flag, and he is looking for any reason at all to throw it.
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    My own feelings is that these calls by the NFL is a joke, I'm all for punishing late hits on the QB but seeing guys try to get their hands up to block the pass and then barley touch the QB is a complete joke of the rules. Thankfully they still let them play football in the NCAA

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