Roy Williams vs Emmitt Smith hit video?

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by jesus88, May 18, 2006.

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    The real question is, does the -1 yard get added to his total as a Cowboy?
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    So back to the original question, does anybody have a video of it?
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    While I didn't like seeing Emmitt get hurt, (he is my all-time favorite player) it was only right in the grand scheme of cosmic energy, or kharma or whatever you want to call it. The only team he didn't gain yards against in his career is the Dallas Cowboys. The only team that he had negative totals against is the Dallas Cowboys. It was bad enough that he wasn't able to retire a lifelong Cowboy, but it would have been blasphemy to rush for yards or score touchdowns against the Dallas Cowboys in Texas Stadium. So maybe God does watch through that hole in the roof.
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    What? He's been to the last 3 probowls. Is that not good for a guy that's only been in the league 4 years?

    No, he isn't. One of the greatest, yes, but not THE greatest.

    Regardless, it doesn't change the fact that he was NOT a cowboy when Roy knocked the p*** out of him.
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    I have a highlight video of the whole game, let me upload it real quick.
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    I respected Emmit and I can understand him being a little mad when Dallas released him, but at that point in his career he was only average, so for him to look down on his ex-teamates like he did p***** me off. Don't get it twisted he was a great player in his PRIME, but by that time in his career he didn't have much left in him.
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    To be honest, Emmitt CHOSE not to be a part of this team. Jerry Jones tried restructure his contract and make his cap hit more palatable. Emmitt wanted no part of it. He chose to tarnish his image by going to to the sh*tiest team in the league and trash the Cowboys on the way out of town.

    I was thrilled that Emmitt had the worst rushing day of his career when he came back to Texas Stadium, and that the "trash" that surrounded him knocked his *** silly.

    I love and respet Emmitt's contributionas much as any fan, but Emmitt (by choice) turned his back on us, his teamates, and the franchise and spit on it all on his way out the door. i'm over it and have been for a long time. Emmitt's contributions have bought him collateral. But as a COWBOYS FAN (not an Emmitt Smith fan) I was as proud of Roy Williams that day as I have been for ANY Emmitt Smith performance.

    And, don't even try to pull that "real fan" crap with me. A real fan is a fan of the DALLAS COWBOYS. That's where my allegiance stands!

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    Your boy:

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    you might need therapy
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    All you have to do to see that clip is go to and watch the Roy Williams Greatest Hits commercial they have on there.
    Its in the video... and its a better angle than the one shown in the video.

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