Rumor: Ndamukong Suh may be traded

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Texas_Pete, Feb 12, 2014.

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    my comment was regarding how Garrett thinks. I am not the decision maker at this time. I don't think he fits in the organization as he is building it. and plus, if he is so good, then what's happened to the Detroit defense? they have a few top picks on the DL and they were 28th in sacks!!!! actually below the cowboys and their rag tag DL!!!! their defense ranked 17th overall. yes they were good against the rush.

    now, would I sign him? first we don't have enough cap room. he will demand a lot of money on the market, which will handicap your team. looking at the past few superbowl winners, very few of them had locked up their money on a few top end players. yes, perhaps a peyton manning, or Rodgers. but if you do it with four or five players, then you better be damn good (and lucky) in the draft like Seahawks because you won't be able to bring anybody else in except for street FAs.

    and I don't think our defense is one DT away from being good. we need quite a few pieces on the DL, in fact we need 4. is he a nice piece? yes. but we need several of those and I am not willing to spend a lot of money on one DT....
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    I wouldn't trade a #1 pick....because you have to turn around and give him a ton of money. if anything was proven over the past few years on the teams that found success in the playoffs and superbowl is that you have to be good in the draft and not tie up your money in just a few players.....and plus suh, fairly, ansah and I don't recall a dominant Detroit DL. the giants had some nice players and their DL was dominant a few years ago.....the rest of their defense was average but the DL made them click. Detroit is not the same......they had less sacks than the cowboys
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    He'd probably turn out to be our version of Albert Haynesworth in Washington.

    There are no quick fixes. Build through the draft and hope the owner changes one way or the other.
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    You can either pay top money for FAs or use high draft picks. But using both gets you into trouble(think RWilliams). The only way to trade for a guy like Suh would be to negotiate an extension before hand, but it still would cost too much. Let him hit FA next year and go from there.
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    Love to have him on the DL but it's too expensive against the cap. Throw in the fact you'd have to give the Lions something valuable like draft picks and it's not a good move. I'd be curious what Linehan or Marinelli have to say about the idea. I think Rod would just as soon use that money and picks to re-sign/keep guys he has and draft some guys he can coach up. Linehan likely has a good inside scoop on what Suh was like to have on his team. It probably reinforces not going after him.
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    I read that they are cap challenged here. This article openly questions if the Lions could afford to keep Suh. I'm hoping that they will not. I know we have our own cap problems, but I really want to see the culture of our defense changed.

    This dude will bring an attitude and a swagger to our front 7 that we haven't had since Jimmy Johnson was patrolling our sidelines as HC. We need to bring some of that swag back if we are to turn around the worse defense Dallas ever had statistically in history. Going out and getting a proven player like Suh would send shock waves throughout the NFL IMO.
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    I heard it was so big that he had like $60M guaranteed. No wonder they are strapped - ha ha. I know it's Megatron, but man, that's a lot of dough to a non-QB.
  8. Texas_Pete

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    Maybe he will be like Fat Albert, maybe not. However, I seriously doubt Jerry Jones changes. We should have had a real GM like 2 decades ago and I doubt we ever will.
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    Why so Jerry can be fleeced by the Lions again and give away half the draft? Only Jerry could manage to get taken by one of the worst organizations in sports.
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    Build through the draft.
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    And a lot of money to tie up in a WR when you have a bum at QB.
  12. casmith07

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    They're dumping Suh most likely because Ansah's ceiling is probably at least as high as Suh's and with a 100% better attitude and coachability factor.
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    Oh brother.....
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    I'd take him in a heartbeat if they could find a way to make it work.
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    Won't happen, but if there was any way, I'd do it in half a heartbeat.

    I would trade whatever and put Suh at the 1-tech and then use our first (which I'd make sure to keep) and draft Aaron Donald and stick him at the 3-tech spot... and then I'd watch the wonderful chaos they'd make in the middle. Marinelli would love it and it would change our entire defense overnight.

    With Suh next to him, Donald would get a lot of single blocking and he would tear it up.

    Pipedream... but a nice one.
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    I can't see any realistic way we could even afford him.
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    I'd love to have someone of his talent. He would make an immediate impact. However, given our cap situation, I'd doubt there's any way to make it work financially. I would also worry about his character issues and if he would be a cancer in the locker room. I wish we could draft someone exactly like him minus the character issues.
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    No indication on twitter that this rumor of him being traded has any merit. The beat writers in Detroit sound confident that the Lions and Suh will get something done.
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    Hope is our stragedy with Jerry now?

    We're in worse shape than I thought.

    I guess there is always a chance.
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    I think it just.....moved right there. :D

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